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Do you need help with your bestman's speech?

Best Man speeches require a balance of humor, sincerity, and brevity. They should entertain, highlight positive attributes of the groom, and not embarrass or offend anyone. Avoid inside jokes and long speeches. End with a heartfelt message to the bride and groom. Preparing well and delivering a memorable message is key.

Not everyone has a natural talent for creating that ‘killer speech’ and if you’re not one of those robots, get a speech writing robot to write your speech…. no one will EVER know!

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Here's where the magic happens

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We’ve teamed up with Speeches AI who have put together a machine learning algorithm which has read through thousands of  the ‘best’ batsman speeches to be able to create you that ‘killer speech’. 

It will ask you the right questions (it’s not like ChatGBT where you have to know what to ask), this robot prompts you in order to be able to make a speech that will bring the roof down.

All this for just £19.99 – WRONG with DesignaVenture’s special secret code, you get 10% off!*

*If you’re not happy with the outcome you get your money back.

This is not a pantomime you know.


So without any further a do, get yourselves over to Speeches AI and make a best man speech in minutes, actually it’s seconds, it really is quite incredible.

So, head over to the Speeches AI website and don’t forget your discount code: SAVER