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Kissed By A Cheeky Beggar

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014

In a recent article published on the Mirror’s website reports on a Chinese stag partygoer asleep in the park and getting kissed by a homeless man!

This story and images have gone viral all over the world, and the poor stag party member was named as Yong Mai, by people who knew him.

According to this article the homeless man was very gentle and he didn’t want to wake Yong Mai up, however when he did come to, apparently mumbling his girlfriend’s or wife’s name, realised what was going on, stood up immediately and started shouting insults at the homeless man, before hurrying off.

This is without doubt a great advert for not going out and getting so drunk, you pass out, even on a stag do!

Stephen Hawkins Poses In A Strange Stag Do Picture

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

According to an article in the Daily Mail, Stephen Hawkins features in an amazing picture.

Think 9 stags dressed up as Bananaman, with Stephen Hawkins posing in the middle, what a memorable picture that must be for the stag Chris Hallam.

Apparently they were looking for a bar in Cambridge and they bumped into the super professor.

Follow the above link to see this amazing image.

Predicted Top 5 UK Stag Destinations For 2014

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

North Wales - Bournemouth - Bristol

In 2013, we saw thousands of stags flock to many of our popular UK destinations, however 5 destinations really stood out with popularity and positive feedback.

Bournemouth saw a huge rise in interest from our stag parties, mind you, every year since we started (established in 2003 btw), Bournemouth has been an extremely popular stag and hen destination. Fantastic nightlife, choice daytime activities and a holiday atmosphere every weekend is guaranteed.

In 2013 we found Nottingham see a revival, as more stags picked Nottingham as their number one destination.

Bristol is another Stag Do destination hitting sixes with our customers, great activities, amazing nightlife and an almost 100% 5 star rating from our clients.

If you are looking for adventure stag weekends, North Wales will not let you down, This stag destination features high again in popularity with our stags. Year on year North Wales is hugely popular with stag parties wanting full on activities and the option for a chilled out time.

Lastly but not beastly is Reading, with fantastic hotels, activity ideas good enough to rival any respecting stag destinations and nightlife easy to navigate and celebrate, Reading is a sneaky pleasure.

The above top 5 stag destinations have been compiled not only from sheer volumes of stag dos, but also from the positive feedback we have received from our stags on their return.

Spanish Stag Party Celebrates in Swansea

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

A Spanish stag party travelled from the sunny climes of the Basque Country in Spain to celebrate their stag party in Swansea.

We all know Spain is a massive magnet for hen and stag dos from the UK, but we really didn’t know it was reciprocal.

The real reason they travelled to Swansea via Manchester airport was to watch their beloved striker Michu play for Swansea as they beat Newcastle 1 – 0.

Mr Mintegui the Spanish stag told an evening newspaper reporter “It felt like I was in a dream and I’m very pleased with my friends and Swansea City for giving me the chance to meet Michu.”

“He was brilliant and gave me a present of a T-shirt and trousers. He spoke with us for a while and we took some pictures and all was brilliant.”

There is also nothing wrong with having your stag do in Swansea, it has fantastic nightlife and there are loads of stag activities on offer in the day.

Swansea is also attracting many foreign students who want to study at the University and may catch a premier league game or two.

We love Swansea, it really is a great place to hold your stag weekend with or without a trip to Liberty Stadium.

On Sale Cheap Direct Las Vegas Flights

Friday, November 9th, 2012

Bristish Airways has revealed a sale on flights to the US, in particular the stag do Mecca, Las Vegas.

I have checked the flights out and prices start from around the £644 per person, which is amazingly good value.

DesignaVenture has just recently added Las Vegas as a new stag destination, offering unique stag do activities, accommodation, clubs and much much more.

The only snag is you must stay for a week (is that really a snag), and the flights are non refundable.

So if you are looking to get away to Vegas next year, check the BA website out and give DesignaVenture a call to book the rest.

Stag Do Winter Sales Starts Today

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

This is not a reflection on the current weather conditions this is a genuine sale for stag dos looking to celebrate this winter (2012/13).

We currently have 5 stag destinations all offering fantastic activity weekends at amazing prices.

In Bournemouth you are saving a whopping £49 per person keeping your stag do well under £140 per person and includes loads of activities, 2 nights in a 3 star hotel with breakfast and guest list nightclub entry.

Reading is another stag do pleaser and includes 1 night in a 4 star hotel with breakfast, 3 amazing activities and nightclub entry all for £89 per person – it’s a deal, a steal, it’s a sale of the century!

If you prefer Bristol then we have a stag night £35 cheaper but with no loss of quality. Again staying in a city centre 4 star hotel with breakfast, 3 activities and guest list nightclub entry, lovely jubbly.

However, if you prefer to get away from it all, and don’t mind travelling down to Newquay, you can book a blinder for just £75 per person.

Fantastic stag do ideas by DesignaVenture.

Norwich Keepers Stag Do Went Off Without Him

Friday, May 25th, 2012

John Ruddy Norwich’s goal keeper who has had a call up for the English Football Team for this Year’s Euros has told a reporter that his stag do took place without him.

According to a famous tabloid the stag do was meant to take place in Portugal with a couple of games of golf arranged, flights the lot and he couldn’t make it!
They even had stag do t-shirts made up with ‘John’s Stag Do’ on them!

The reason why he ditched his stag do is he is getting married days before the Euros which will mean he will have to cancel his honeymoon, so to make it up to his future wife he took her to Dubai instead, leaving his mate jilted at the airport.

He must know that a happy wife is a happy life!

Breaking News; according to this tabloid he is now out of the Euros due to breaking a finger, how ironic.

Another Stag Do For Charity

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

We love good news stag do stories and love to spread the word on how amazing most of the British stags really are.

Andy Bond of High Green had no ordinary stag do, he drove with three of his pals in an old banger from Sheffield to Benidorm dressed as characters from Starsky and Hutch.

The amazing bit is they managed to raise more than £2k for the Macmillan and Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice in North Anston.

Andy, a production engineer married bride Kate Miller advised a local newspaper reporter “I do enjoy a good night out but I wanted to do something different”.

“It’s something I have always wanted to do and getting married is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so I thought this could be another” he added.

The three pals who accompanied him to Benidorm in a 16 year old Vauxhall Astra included his brother Richard Bond, Paul Haresign and David Neil.

We at DesignaVenture would like to wish Andy and Katie all the luck in the world and to the other three guys, we applaud you.

MP Get’s Sacked For Stag Do Behaviour

Monday, December 19th, 2011

The Conservative MP for Cannock Chase has been sacked from his Ministerial aide post for his stag do antics in the French ski resort of Val Thorens.

As reported in a daily newspaper’s website, he was pictured with the groom Mark Fournier who was dressed up in a Nazi SS style uniform making a Nazi salute (the groom not the MP).

This was not enough for Downing Street to take action.

However, further information coming from this stag weekend was reported that the MP Aidan Burley was actually responsible for hiring the uniforms.

This act not only lost him his ministerial aide post but also he may be up for charges in France where it is an offence to wear a Nazi uniform except in the certain circumstances, so a stag do wouldn’t be covered in this, I wonder what would?

2011, What a Year, Stag Dos a Plenty

Monday, December 5th, 2011

In 2011, DesignaVenture made tens of thousands of stag dos and hen parties extremely happy by arranging their hen party or stag weekend.

Popular UK stag do destinations for 2011 where Bournemouth, Bristol, Newquay, Nottingham, Cardiff, North Wales and Edinburgh.

Hen parties loved, London, Ascot / Reading, Bournemouth and Bristol enjoying weekends and nights away.

Popular stag do activities as always was Rage Buggies and Quads but also this year sees a shift in groups loving the outward bounds activities including Canyoning / Gorge Scrambling, Coasteering and abseiling.

White water rafting has also been a big hit for hen and stag parties alike, frothing around in a mosh pit of white water, it beats Glastonbury!

There is not let up for 2012, with many stag parties going for our full on packages, so if you are looking for busy weekends such as bank holiday weekends, book early to avoid disappointment.