Best Time To Book Your 2016 Flights

November 25th, 2015

Stag group getting on an Easyjet flightThere’s a saying, ‘there’s no better time than the present’, and this is so apparent when it comes to booking your flights for your 2016 Stag Do or Hen Party. The earlier you book your flights the cheaper they will be and here’s why:

Ryanair have just released 100,000 seats for £5 per person each way, that’s an incredible saving.

Exactly 24 hours later, Easyjet have put on a similar sale with 250,000 seats for £29.99 each way, with Easyjet you must book to depart between the 14th December 2015 and the 30th June 2016. There is no book by date as once the seats have gone, they’ve gone.

I am pretty sure BA will have a similar sale soon as all these airlines are trying to get you to book before Christmas.

If you also want to get it booked as soon as possible, with big groups especially, give everyone a deadline to pay you, as it sometimes can drag on for months, and you’ll be watching that flight increase in price through gritted teeth!

Don’t forget DesignaVenture are ATOL bonded and we can book your flights for you and help you collect the money in, organise the hotels, airport transfers etc. we even have agents in each city just in case you need help whilst on your Stag Do.

For more information on how to book an abroad stag or hen weekend call us on 01432 830880, after all we are here to help.

Good luck.

Groom Ditches Bride On Wedding Day For Paintball

November 5th, 2015

A group of paintballersThis is a story of a couple who wed in secret with 15 of their friends and family in Hereford Town Hall before splitting for a couple of hours whilst the groom attended his stag do!

As the wedding was last minute and Miles (the groom) didn’t have time to arrange the stag, it was prearranged that the Groom would go and play paintball with his mates for his stag do between the ceremony and the evening party, apparently he was quoted saying that he has the best wife in the world!

So as Antoinette, “the ditched bride”, had been dieting for months and had nothing to do for a couple of hours, she decided to take her friends and family to a carb fest at McDonalds!

And this all happened in our very own City of Hereford!

This story has also been covered by the Daily Star and Yahoo with the header, Bride jilted on her wedding day however this is incorrect and just sensationalised the situated in order to get people to read the story.

They then went on honeymoon to Tenby in West Wales however soon got bored and decided to ditch their romantic break in Tenby to an Action Packed Weekend at Alton Towers.


Tattoo Stag Do Issue

November 4th, 2015

You know what they say; whatever you do, do not come back from a stag do with a tattoo or a STD, this man clearly didn’t listen!

This poor fella, in his fifties returned from a stag do in Blackpool with a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses however these were no ordinary sunglasses, they were permanent tattooed sunglasses. These glasses also had Ray Ban put on the arms to make them look a little more classy??

For some incredible pictures, The Mirror has also covered this story.

This all happened two years ago on a boozy stag do to Blackpool, where he wasn’t even the stag!

This unnamed man from Swansea got to the point where he didn’t want to embarrass his close family when he went out with them, so he decided to get this tattoo lasered off and the results are astonishing!

In 2014 we also reported on a guy who went on a Stag Do to Majorca and he got a tattoo “Bodge Loves Car Boots”!

The moral of the story is don’t bring anything back from a Stag Do other than presents and souvenirs, anything else especially of the permanent regrettable variety should not be considered no matter how drunk you get!

Hen Party Invites 18,000 People

October 28th, 2015

4 Girls on a hen nightA lady arranging a hen party in Newcastle, makes the grave error on a Facebook events page and invites 18,000 people and get this; 12,400 people say they can attend!

Reported on, the women in question (Ami Robertson) according to this article, only wanted to invite 20 – 30 girls but made the rookie error of not making her events page private, so the facebook pranksta’s got to work and shared this page and invites are sent all over the world.

12,400 people responded to say they were going, 281 were maybes and a total of 18,700 were invited before the page was taken down or made private.

Imagine the horror on the Hen’s face (Julie) when Ami breaks it to her, “umm Julie… you know your hen night you trusted me to arrange, I have a small confession….”!

It’s a shame they didn’t go ahead with the party to actually see how many people did turn up, I am pretty sure most people wouldn’t of however she’d make the record books with the ‘biggest hen party in the world’ category.

Would Newcastle have a venue big enough? I suppose an arena would be suffice however the budget may not have stretched that far.

Big lesson to be learnt here, set up your event’s page properly and don’t invite the population of a small island.

Book For 2016, Pay 2015 Prices

October 21st, 2015

Hotel Sign in Blue Neon LightsThere are a few rumblings around the UK and beyond that 2016 hotel prices will be going up in a lot of popular stag and hen destinations,  after a bumper year for stag and hen parties in 2015 most hotels will capitalise on this and hike their prices up.

Although at DesignaVenture we will try our best to keep the prices as low as possible we do not have much of choice with some of the bigger hotel chains such as Marriotts, Hiltons, Holiday Inn etc. They will put their prices up across the board and we will have to lump it.

So our advice is to book your hen or stag do now and get this year’s price for a next year’s date, “we won’t tell them if you don’t.”

We’ll book your group in and they will honour this year’s price, that’s how it works, however you’ve got to be quick as some of these hotels have already brought out their prices for 2016.

We are always pipping on about booking your hen or stag do early:

  • You’ll get the best hotels at a better price
  • The best times for your activities
  • Cheaper airline seats (if applicable)
  • More availability all round

For all non-flight bookings we are just asking for a single £30 group deposit and a rough idea of numbers and then you have nothing to pay until next year, unless you are going in January or early February when we will need full payment 5 weeks before you travel.

So to conclude, book your 2016 hen or stag do now before they go up and we will honour this year’s prices, and all of this for just a £30 deposit, what else do you want? Jam on it?

The Stag Do Stand In

October 9th, 2015

Stag Do Story on the Daily StarWe have been chatting with Will Stevenson and his Badger Seth who are fast becoming a phenomenon around the world.

Will and Seth are basically Stag Do stand ins and we love them, if one of your mates drop out of your stag do, last minute, they will be your smart replacement, don’t worry the badger won’t need an airline ticket or an extra bed.

With a huge following on Twitter and Facebook, Will and Seth are now being following closely by daily national Radio shows and are also getting noticed by TV channels; these guys are becoming hot property, so we are extremely lucky and privileged to meet and ask them questions.

Before we go to the Q&A’s, let me just say that he has been on the Scott Mills Show (Radio 1) loads of times and also on his live tour, Heart FM, XFM (Now Radio X), Radio 2, Dave Fenning’s show on RTE2 (Ireland), Hit 107 (Australia), Radio New York (New York, USA obviously) and lots of other local stations – too many to mention.

Will and Seth have travelled well over 31,000 miles, attending over 16 stag dos, and have spent over an incredible £10,000 (mainly on booze – drinking responsibly, obviously), their full story can be found here.

OK, lets get on with the Q&A’s:

What’s your day job?

I’m an office manager for a same day courier company

How did you come about joining a stag group with complete strangers?

Seth & Will with Scott MillsI was looking at buying some festival tickets for that weekend. And in the recommended section on eBay it brought up a place on a stag do for sale . I clicked on it just to see what it was , don’t even know why I did. But it sounded great with all the activities they were doing . And it left locally from me so I thought I would bid. Never dreamed of winning it . I was actually outbid on it but later that day found out the guys from the stag do were actually out bidding me to try and get the money up . But after they confessed I paid them my maximum bid which was £400 and met up with them the next day .

How did the whole Seth thing start out? 

My email address has always randomly been willhasabadger so I decided to name My Twitter account the same as it sounded funny. I won a competition to meet Example from Pepsi and the guys at Pepsi asked me if I was taking my badger. So I got one and took it along. Unfortunately this badger was stolen at the Example gig. And so my son bought me another one as a present and we did a name deciding game on Facebook and Seth was the winner.

Did I see on your Facebook that you won him from one of those grab machines no one usually wins anything from?

Lol no. We were visiting an arcade and pretending that Seth was born there. Although i don’t know for sure where he was born

I know you’re 35, how old is Seth?

Seth was 1 earlier this year. But in badger years that makes him about 19

Is Seth a boob man?

Seth with ladies on a stag doSeth is a definately a boob badger. And girls just love the feel of his fur on their cleavage ;)

Who is yours and Seth most famous follower?

We’ve had lots over the last year , with Scott mills and Chris stark being there through the journey. Also George Ezra , catfish and the bottle men , and axwell and ingrosso regularly tweet us .

Is your boss cool with you taking so much time off?

Yeah I always make sure work is sorted before I leave and do sometimes work a bit from which ever bar I’m in

If I wanted to book you and seth for a stag do how much would it cost me?

It wouldn’t cost you to book me. I generally take the place of someone that drops out. I cover there costs of transferring my name , and will always help out with other costs such as the hotel room. I am also very generous when it comes to buying rounds. Seth however has the ability to get freebies ;)

Seth with a cigarette and a pintDo you and Seth only attend stag do’s or does he go to the wedding as well?

We’ve been to two weddings which is always an honour . For the guys to think I’m worth inviting after only knowing me a few days means that I must be doing something right

Have you got a Vegas stag do to go to yet?

Yeah I have Vegas to look forward to. Really can’t wait it’s going to be guys from all over the globe meeting up so it should be one long party

Do you only go to stags abroad or do you hit the uk hard as well?

Weirdly I’ve only been invited to one in the uk. Which was Blackpool . But I’m happy to go anywhere wether it’s the uk or abroad

Did you ever think it would spiral like it has? 

Never imagined any of this . I was hoping to just have a good weekend away and maybe make a couple of new local friends . But to be on numerous worldwide radio stations and news channels and nearly every newspaper and Internet blog is surreal.

 Seth the badger in Ibiza, Gran Canaria & Budapest

It was great chatting with Will and Seth and if you need to book them for your Stag Do then we suggest you contact Will via Twitter #willhasabadger .

1 Man, 16 Stag Dos, 3 Months

September 30th, 2015

Seth WilliamsonWill Stevenson is plastered all over the tabloids at the moment for attending 16 stag dos, travelling 31,000 miles in three months.

According to this article on the Daily Star, Will Stevenson first started in June by bidding and winning to go on a Stag Do to Budapest putting him back £460 all in.

This story was then picked up by Radio 1′s DJ Scott Mills who covered the whole Stag Do event.

Will then became the man for the job to fill spare vacancies on stag dos. Grooms from around the country got in touch with him via his twitter feed (@Willhasabadger) requesting him to fill any space vacancies they may have on their Stag Do.

£10,000 later, and having visited Budapest, Ibiza 3 times, Barcelona twice, Munich, Blackpool, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Magaluf, Madrid, Rome and Amsterdam and apparently, he is even scared of flying.

He also had a companion who didn’t need a passport however at the start made some fellas on the stag dos feel uncomfortable, a stuffed toy Badger called Seth.

Seth features in many of the photographs and can be seen being held up by loads of sexy ladies, chilling out by the pool and even driving himself to Ibiza airport.

What’s the future for this “The Wedding Ringer” type of guy?

Well according to his tweets, he looks to be starting a blog and is looking for more offers of stag trips in October.

So if you know any spare seats going on a Stag Do within the next few weeks you can contact him on his Twitter handle, @Willhasabadger.

£30 Single Group Deposit Is All We Need

September 28th, 2015

Group Jumping Up in the air at sunsetHere at DesignaVenture towers we understand that getting your Hen Party, Stag Do or Activity Break booked for 2016 is of high importance, however getting round to doing it can be a drag, so we have just made it easy.

For just £30*, you can kiss goodbye to being disorganised and say hello to being “The Bestest Best Man in the World” or even “The Chiefiest Chief Bridesmaid in the World”, you could even get one of those mugs made with the slogan on!

What are the advantages to booking early:

  • Get the best choice of hotels
  • Almost Guaranteed availability
  • Get the best choice of activities and times
  • Book the date so people can get it into their diaries
  • No need for definite numbers at this stage*
  • Don’t pay anything else until 2016**

Once booked you can go straight to your membership area invite everyone to the Stag Do or Hen Party and then sit back and watch people book on from the comfort of your armchair (you’ll obviously need a device which links to the internet like a tablet, smart phone or lap top an armchair simply won’t do it).

So whether you’re booking a package, activity only, or a break to Europe*, £30 is all you need to get the date and break booked. Phew, that’s a lot off your mind, now go grab yourself a beer or bottle of wine and celebrate with true smugness.

* Will not apply to flight inclusive packages

** Payment will be due 5 weeks before you travel, if you are travelling after the end of February we will need a £30 per person deposit by the end of January 2016, so you get commitment from the lads and/or ladies.

The Original Bournemouth Stag Do Guide

August 21st, 2015

Details on local Beers to Bournemouth

We at DesignaVenture towers have been working our bottoms off creating a killer guide for stag parties wanting to celebrate their Stag Do  in the amazing seaside (now in the Premier League) town of Bournemouth.

We pulled up our sleeves, dug deep, went and knocked on some doors and created this invincible stag do guide.

We have tackled issues that stags face when they go to Bournemouth for the first time, such as; what to do, where to go, what to wear, which local beers are the best, is there a casino, are there lap dancing clubs, where can we eat, how can I get there, I could go on but I won’t, there is simply just too much to cover.

Ultimate Stag Do GuideThere is a lot of detail on the Bournemouth nightlife, giving you details on current cocktail bars, lively clubs, great eateries; whatever floats your boat we reckon we’ve covered it.

But hey, what can we do in the day?

Alright Eddie, keep your Bermuda shorts on, no I mean that, keep your Bermuda shorts on, this is Bournemouth not Brighton! In the day you have nearly every activity under the sun and much more (if that is all possible), from playing out on the beach, in the sea, Quading in the New Forest, shooting guns at some crazy activity site to Coasteering the Jurassic coast which include caves and breathtaking cliffs.

We also include a shopping list, what to pack and if you don’t mind us patronising you more where Bournemouth is and how to get there, well you’ll need to know.

We even cover festivals. Talking of festivals there’s the air festival this weekend (20th to the 23rd August 2015) featuring on Friday and Saturday an airshow by the Red Arrows.

So if you are on your way to Bournemouth or you are considering having a Stag Do there, click on our Epic Survival Guide and become more knowledgable than a Bournemouth tour guide.

If you just want to book a bournemouth stag do package and want me shut up you can check them out here.

Danny Dyer’s 4 Letter Word Stag Night

August 14th, 2015

A Picture Of Danny DyerDanny Dyer the Katie Hopkins basher, the hard man from the East End is getting married to his childhood sweatheart next summer. According to an article in the Mirror, his best mate Kirk Norcross has spilled the beans on what he will arrange for Danny’s Stag Do, which apparently will be a night in with a Scrabble tournament.

Why must I mentioned Katie Hopkins? If you didn’t know, when Jo Mas proposed to Danny, Katie Hopkins tweeted “No woman should ever propose to a man. Certainly not one with a naff bum-fluff beard and dodgy squint.” which is completely an unprovoked attack, thinking about it, maybe the Hopkins was using a cunning angle for publicity, to stay in the public eye, more cunning then a fox with binoculars!

Danny tweeted back “@KTHopkins No I agree…especially when you look like ya face should be on the side of a gothic building..have a nice day ya daft sexist ya” – hilarious!

Anyway back to the Stag Do, Kirk I think you have this Stag Weekend all wrong, what Danny needs is a country house hotel with a fantastic restaurant, a late well-stocked bar and a lounge area for board games. Daytime activities should be effortless such as  Clay Pigeon Shooting, Archery, Crossbows, Shooting Assault Rifles that sort of thing, something which involves shooting (well he is in Eastenders after all).

The evening should include a good meal, maybe some board games and then sitting up, all night, at the bar, putting the world to rights, the hotel also needs a sheltered smoking shed as apparently these boys smoke like tyres!

Kirk, if you any more advice just give us a call – 01432 830880.