Irish Stag Do Loose Their Groom

January 27th, 2016

Barcelona BeachAccording to The Daily Mail, an Irish stag do turned into a man hunt then escape and invasion before being rescues by the Spanish fire brigade in Barcelona, and we are not talking about stag activities here.

The stag group had been drinking in the Las Ramblas area of Barcelona (where all the stags and hens head to at night), on their way home they stumble across a tiny cocktail bar in the old town.

The revellers party for a couple more hours in this tiny bar before being turfed out, only to wake up the next morning groom-less!

They manage to trace their steps back to the bar where they had been drinking the night before to find the groom pocking his fingers through the hoes in the metal shutters . The groom had fallen asleep in the toilet when the bar owner kicked the group out. No one from the group realised the groom was missing (wow how drunk were they?) and the bar owner didn’t realised he had an unwanted guest in the toilet having a nap.

When the groom woke up he tried to get out only to find that he had been locked in with metal shutters between him and freedom, I could think of worst places to be locked into then a Catalan cocktail bar!

The stag group called the Spanish fire brigade who set the groom free so he could enjoy the remaining days of his holiday.

Did I mention he was dressed in a Tutu? What Else?

The lesson to be learnt from this funny mishap is – LOOK AFTER YOUR GROOM PEOPLE!

We offer lots of fantastic stag do packages to Barcelona, with or without flights we can help you organise a killer weekend to this amazing city.

Crazy Stag Do Viking Style

January 13th, 2016

Findlater CastleNow, when “the Groom” James told his best man he wanted an unusual stag do, his best man Dave Hunter, took this request to another level and created a crazy viking style stag do.

According to an article on The Sun’s website, Dave Hunter, 32 (I love the way they always quote an age) an oil worker from Scotland, arranged a stag do for ten of the groom’s best mates to dress up like Norse Warriors (Vikings, basically) and walk along the Banffshire coastline carrying tables, chairs, 40kg keg of beer, whiskey, food* and other materials to an old ruined castle called Findlater Castler.

Passing dog walkers who couldn’t believe their eyes, these crazy Vikings trekked 3 miles to get to their derelict stag do venue.

Once they arrived they set up camp inside the castle and enjoyed a banquet of  Venison, Chicken, Sausages, potatoes, beer and whiskey a true Viking meal*!

Cold and ready for their beds, this wild stag do lit their flaming torches out of old clothes (probably soaked in kerosene) and stumbled back to their hostel in Cullen.

However, the fun didn’t stop there, this very thoughtful group returned the next day to Findlater Castle to clean up and take their kit home.

After the wedding the stag pictures went viral with more than a quarter of million views on social media sites.

If you would like to do something unusual for your stag do, head over to our stag do homepage for ideas, inspiration and some unusual packages.

*We are not sure if Vikings made sausages but pretty sure they could get their hands on the rest maybe except whiskey but most definitely mead or beer.

Official Advice To All Hen and Stag Parties

January 8th, 2016

Hen Party in Fancy Dress

2016 is looking to be a crazy year in the world of hen and stag dos. Weekends especially in the UK hot spots such as Bristol, Newcastle, Cardiff and London are filling up fast. so booking early, is a must.

So our advice even if you don’t book through DesignaVenture, is to get your group booked in on your chosen weekend/destination as soon as you can and worry about confirming your numbers at a later stage.

Now if you did book with DesignaVenture, with our new website we have made things extremely easy, which also includes collecting the money in from the group.

Here’s an example:

Dave from Dagenham has been engaged since last August when he asked Debbie on a boat trip in Tenerife to marry him. They decided to get married at Easter as that’s when all their mates can get time off.

Debbie booked her hen party with DesignaVenture last year and is so organised it will bring tears to your eyes. Dave however is a little less organised…

Dave need’s to go on his stag do last weekend in February or first weekend in March. He has decided on the UK his stag as he’s already going on his mate Darren’s stag do to Magaluf in the summer.

A Rage BuggyAnyway, he doesn’t have much time to get something booked, so he has decided to go to Bournemouth and book DesignaVenture’s Bournemouth Offer Weekend for the last weekend in February, advised them that 18 people are coming and paid a £30 deposit.

Dave has then gone into his very own Login area of the DesignaVenture website and invited all his mates to his stag do.

They in turn, received an email with a link to pay and a date to pay it by.

At any time, Dave can go into his Login area and check who has paid and send his mates who haven’t paid a polite reminder.

In the end only 14 people paid, but that’s OK, Dave just emailed DesignaVenture and cancelled off the 4 people free of charge by his balance due date.

He told Debbie, if they wanted to add on later they can, subject to availability, but he isn’t sure if he’s going to invite them to the wedding!

Debbie said, “c-mon Dave, don’t take it personally I am sure they all have perfectly good reasons why they can’t attend, well except for ‘Wet Behind The Ears’ Eric, he still gets his Mum to choose his clothes”.

The morale of the story, is be a bit more like Debbie, but if you can’t, don’t worry DesignaVenture will sort it!


New Website Now Live

December 17th, 2015

Picture of DesignaVenture's new website on a mobile phoneDesignaVenture has been working hard on the perfect website to suit all devices. It hasn’t been easy, there’s been shouting, arguing and even a punch up and that’s just the boss in the stationary cupboard on his own, anyway we’ve finally got there and it’s certainly impressive (feedback received from some of our customers we interrogated I mean questioned).

So what’s new:

From our membership area  you can invite all your friends from your iPhone 6s, or Build Your Own stag do with your Galaxy S6, or even check to see who has paid with your Sony Xperia Z5, how many smart phones do you have?

What we are basically saying it’s extremely smart phone friendly, apparently if you stay on the website it’ll even charge your phone*.

Our new membership area has had a complete ‘new look’ making it a breeze to invite your mates to add on to the booking, send them payment reminders, share bookings and wish lists with them from any device.

We have also improved our very popular Build Your Own section, making it much more user friendly and easy to use again, with any device.

We have also introduced a new colourful top menu with finger friendly links to help you navigate around the website.

Whichever device you are on, you will find DesignaVenture’s new website extremely easy to navigate around, and more importantly easy to understand. However behind all this minimalist and simple design is a huge amount of information at your finger tips, where you can still book online, contact us in all manor of ways.

Any other business - please bear with us over the next few months, whilst we do our snagging, as there will always be issues which do not raise their ugly heads at the testing stages, only once live. We still have phase 2 to come, which means more improvements to the navigation of the website, so watch this space.

*Simply not true


Low Deposit Offer Extended

December 14th, 2015

Book For Just £30.00Christmas is here my friends and it’s that time of the year when you need your cash to flow, Auntie Sue needs an Iron, Grandma wants curlers and your partner is demanding an iPad, and on top of all this, your best mate is getting married and has seen the perfect DesignaVenture stag / hen weekend and wants it booked now!

Well, we have the answer to all your problems (well your Hen / Stag Do issue). Instead of the usual £60.00 group deposit required to get your hen or Stag Do booked all you need is a single £30.00 deposit* and then you can concentrate on getting Uncle Brian that B&Q voucher that he will lose by January.

Once booked, go to your membership area, invite all your mates to the celebration, then you can sit back, relax and enjoy the festivities, in the knowledge that you have one thing already ticked off for 2016 and that you’re a hero in your best mate’s eyes.

There is a snag, it’s only a small snag, this offer finishes on December the 24th so you must hurry and get it booked, for more details contact us on 01432 830880, or click on the live chat button below.

Good luck, and by Crikey “Merry Christmas”.

*Only available on all non flight inclusive packages

Best Time To Book Your 2016 Flights

November 25th, 2015

Stag group getting on an Easyjet flightThere’s a saying, ‘there’s no better time than the present’, and this is so apparent when it comes to booking your flights for your 2016 Stag Do or Hen Party. The earlier you book your flights the cheaper they will be and here’s why:

Ryanair have just released 100,000 seats for £5 per person each way, that’s an incredible saving.

Exactly 24 hours later, Easyjet have put on a similar sale with 250,000 seats for £29.99 each way, with Easyjet you must book to depart between the 14th December 2015 and the 30th June 2016. There is no book by date as once the seats have gone, they’ve gone.

I am pretty sure BA will have a similar sale soon as all these airlines are trying to get you to book before Christmas.

If you also want to get it booked as soon as possible, with big groups especially, give everyone a deadline to pay you, as it sometimes can drag on for months, and you’ll be watching that flight increase in price through gritted teeth!

Don’t forget DesignaVenture are ATOL bonded and we can book your flights for you and help you collect the money in, organise the hotels, airport transfers etc. we even have agents in each city just in case you need help whilst on your Stag Do.

For more information on how to book an abroad stag or hen weekend call us on 01432 830880, after all we are here to help.

Good luck.

Groom Ditches Bride On Wedding Day For Paintball

November 5th, 2015

A group of paintballersThis is a story of a couple who wed in secret with 15 of their friends and family in Hereford Town Hall before splitting for a couple of hours whilst the groom attended his stag do!

As the wedding was last minute and Miles (the groom) didn’t have time to arrange the stag, it was prearranged that the Groom would go and play paintball with his mates for his stag do between the ceremony and the evening party, apparently he was quoted saying that he has the best wife in the world!

So as Antoinette, “the ditched bride”, had been dieting for months and had nothing to do for a couple of hours, she decided to take her friends and family to a carb fest at McDonalds!

And this all happened in our very own City of Hereford!

This story has also been covered by the Daily Star and Yahoo with the header, Bride jilted on her wedding day however this is incorrect and just sensationalised the situated in order to get people to read the story.

They then went on honeymoon to Tenby in West Wales however soon got bored and decided to ditch their romantic break in Tenby to an Action Packed Weekend at Alton Towers.


Tattoo Stag Do Issue

November 4th, 2015

You know what they say; whatever you do, do not come back from a stag do with a tattoo or a STD, this man clearly didn’t listen!

This poor fella, in his fifties returned from a stag do in Blackpool with a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses however these were no ordinary sunglasses, they were permanent tattooed sunglasses. These glasses also had Ray Ban put on the arms to make them look a little more classy??

For some incredible pictures, The Mirror has also covered this story.

This all happened two years ago on a boozy stag do to Blackpool, where he wasn’t even the stag!

This unnamed man from Swansea got to the point where he didn’t want to embarrass his close family when he went out with them, so he decided to get this tattoo lasered off and the results are astonishing!

In 2014 we also reported on a guy who went on a Stag Do to Majorca and he got a tattoo “Bodge Loves Car Boots”!

The moral of the story is don’t bring anything back from a Stag Do other than presents and souvenirs, anything else especially of the permanent regrettable variety should not be considered no matter how drunk you get!

Hen Party Invites 18,000 People

October 28th, 2015

4 Girls on a hen nightA lady arranging a hen party in Newcastle, makes the grave error on a Facebook events page and invites 18,000 people and get this; 12,400 people say they can attend!

Reported on, the women in question (Ami Robertson) according to this article, only wanted to invite 20 – 30 girls but made the rookie error of not making her events page private, so the facebook pranksta’s got to work and shared this page and invites are sent all over the world.

12,400 people responded to say they were going, 281 were maybes and a total of 18,700 were invited before the page was taken down or made private.

Imagine the horror on the Hen’s face (Julie) when Ami breaks it to her, “umm Julie… you know your hen night you trusted me to arrange, I have a small confession….”!

It’s a shame they didn’t go ahead with the party to actually see how many people did turn up, I am pretty sure most people wouldn’t of however she’d make the record books with the ‘biggest hen party in the world’ category.

Would Newcastle have a venue big enough? I suppose an arena would be suffice however the budget may not have stretched that far.

Big lesson to be learnt here, set up your event’s page properly and don’t invite the population of a small island.

Book For 2016, Pay 2015 Prices

October 21st, 2015

Hotel Sign in Blue Neon LightsThere are a few rumblings around the UK and beyond that 2016 hotel prices will be going up in a lot of popular stag and hen destinations,  after a bumper year for stag and hen parties in 2015 most hotels will capitalise on this and hike their prices up.

Although at DesignaVenture we will try our best to keep the prices as low as possible we do not have much of choice with some of the bigger hotel chains such as Marriotts, Hiltons, Holiday Inn etc. They will put their prices up across the board and we will have to lump it.

So our advice is to book your hen or stag do now and get this year’s price for a next year’s date, “we won’t tell them if you don’t.”

We’ll book your group in and they will honour this year’s price, that’s how it works, however you’ve got to be quick as some of these hotels have already brought out their prices for 2016.

We are always pipping on about booking your hen or stag do early:

  • You’ll get the best hotels at a better price
  • The best times for your activities
  • Cheaper airline seats (if applicable)
  • More availability all round

For all non-flight bookings we are just asking for a single £30 group deposit and a rough idea of numbers and then you have nothing to pay until next year, unless you are going in January or early February when we will need full payment 5 weeks before you travel.

So to conclude, book your 2016 hen or stag do now before they go up and we will honour this year’s prices, and all of this for just a £30 deposit, what else do you want? Jam on it?