Christmas Opening Times

This year we have decided to close the office a little earlier than most years due to the government’s advice to work from home. We don’t like to work from home as our team work’s better when they’re a… well, team!

So we are closing at 4pm today and will reopen the day after the New Year’s bank holiday Monday.

So to confirm….

Tuesday 21st December 2021 – 9am to 4pm

Wednesday 22nd December 2021 – Closed

Thursday 23rd December 2021 – Closed

Friday 24th December 2021 – Closed

Saturday 25th December 2021 – Closed – Merry Christmas!

Sunday 26th December 2021 – Closed

Monday 27th December 2021 – Closed

Tuesday 28th December 2021 – Closed

Wednesday 29th December 2021 – Closed

Friday 30th December 2021 – Closed

Saturday 31st December 2021 – Closed

Sunday 01st January 2022 – Closed – Happy New Year!

Monday 02nd January 2022 – Closed

Tuesday 03rd January 2022 – Open – Back to normal 9am to 5pm


Why do we close over Christmas?

We find that that over the Christmas period not many people are looking to book any of our breaks, so it’s a great time to give our team some much needed time off, give them time to recharge their batteries ready for the onslaught of a new year, because in January, we get very busy!

Merry Christmas to you all and have a lucky new year!