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Henpocalypse To Start On BBC2

henpocalypse cast

The BBC2 tale of Zara, our bridezilla-in-chief, whose hen-do takes an unexpected detour straight into the armageddon express! But fear not, for she’s not alone on this wild ride. With her trusty gang of down-to-earth pals from the West Midlands, they trade tiaras for survival gear in a remote cottage in Wales. Who needs spa treatments when you’ve got the end of the world as your backdrop.

As they finally emerge from their quarantine cocoon, the world’s gotten itself into a right pickle. It’s like a cosmic game of “Where’s Waldo?” but with dudes. Yep, the male population’s taken a vacation (permanently), leaving the ladies to navigate this new, man-scarce reality.  But fear not, for amidst the chaos, a lone male stripper miraculously survives the mayhem! 

As if surviving the apocalypse weren’t enough, our group of gals also need to figure out what to do with their newfound male company. Will they use their trusty sex toys for tactical advantage, fighting off foes with a combination of resourcefulness and a sense of humour? Watch as our friends go from fighting over the last piece of cake to fending off Pilates instructors gone rogue, armed with yoga mats and a thirst for chaos.

This merry band of misfits tackles societal breakdown with a healthy dose of sarcasm, sex toy spears, and a whole lot of heart, the question remains: will friendship, resourcefulness, and a bit of naughty creativity be enough to survive this wild ride?

Tune in from Tuesday – BBC 2 at 10pm