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An Amazing British Stag Do Story

Sometimes it amazes us of just how resourceful us Brits are especially stag dos. A cancelled flight (luckily not one of ours) meant a British stag do was abandoned in Amsterdam with no way of getting home (we could think of worse places to be stranded). But that’s no solace for Alex Sisan, he needed to get home back to Worthing.

The group had a meeting and decided to get the ferry which meant getting a train from Amsterdam to Calais then jumping on a ferry as foot passengers. However on route the stag group found out that the ferry company wasn’t taking any foot passenger but they were allowing passenger with bikes.

The group had to think fast they needed push bikes to get onto the ferry!

This meant they had to make two stops in Brussels and Lille to purchase bikes from second hand shops and Facebook market place spending in total €1,300 on 13 bikes.  

However they were a 14-strong stag do, which meant one of the group may not get onto the ferry, most stag groups from the UK are polite and friendly and a nice young couple allowed one of the group to travel with them in their car. 

They ended up arriving into Dover at 11.30pm, their original flight which was cancelled was due to depart Schipol at 1.25pm that afternoon, making their 230 mile motor less adventure 10 hours, which apparently, according to Alex (Groom) was the best weekend of his life!

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