Stag Friendly Hotels Dissected

A stag friendly hotel doesn’t have to be an old B&B stuck on the outskirts of town, these days a lot of stag dos want to get more for their money and stay in a better class of hotel.

The majority of hotels in prime city centre locations tend to be 3 and 4 star and have great facilities including parking, leisure facilities, room service and not forgetting a very late bar (for residents only that is).

This is why DesignaVenture strive to always offer 3 & 4 star hotels in their top stag destinations.

You are guaranteed a happy stag party, if your accommodation is to a high standard and is walking distance of the bars, clubs and pubs.

However, we haven’t forgotten about the stag party that doesn’t want to spend all their money on accommodation and that’s why we also offer stag friendly city centre economy hotels.

These economy hotels are again to a good standard clean, tidy with en-suite rooms but they just don’t have the extra facilities like the 3 and 4 star hotels such as, 24 hour room service, a trouser press, valet parking etc. however, we always make sure there’s a late bar! Don’t expect the Ritz, but definitely don’t expect the pits.

So when you book a stag do through DesignaVenture you are guaranteed a number of things including a fully vetted high standard of accommodation, now sit back and relax, your stag friendly hotel is sorted.

A Prediction For Stag Dos in 2012

As the Christmas and New Year celebrations draw to a close people will be looking forward to 2012 and what this Olympic year may bring.

Lots of people will have got engaged over the festivities with possibly 50% looking to get married in Twenty twelve (a guess and not an accurate prediction, so don’t hang me if I’m wrong).

So that’s a lot of stag dos and hen parties looking for a wicked weekend this year, but hey after a mammoth night last night, organising a celebration could be the last thing on your mind.

Well, the year will pass very fast and only the organised will win, so book your stag do in the UK as early as you can as my prediction will be for stag dos in the UK, “it’s going to be a busy one”.

Which is great for the UK economy and not so great for the popular stag do destinations in Europe.

More people this year will be watching their wallet so an expensive stag weekend to Europe may not be a popular choice.

Let’s face it people, the UK has some of the best activity sites in Europe if not the world and the nightlife well, it’s second to none.

So book early for the best activity slots and accommodation if a UK stag do is on your agenda, and don’t forget London is going to be full in July so other UK stag do destinations will get the extra footfall, you have been warned.

A Positive Financial News Story Amongst The Global Negativity

Are you just getting sick of the global money crises?

Will China bail Europe out?

Who will bail Greece out if they vote no to the referendum?

DesignaVenture has come forward and made a pledge: ‘We will bail out all best men when it comes to arranging the stag do.’

‘We won’t be taking referendums or having a revolt in the office, we will take care of all your stag do needs by keeping our prices low and our quality of products and service high, that’s our pledge to all best men.’

For starters, check out all our Winter stag do deals, these prices have been slashed and are not from prices, we haven’t and will not compromise on DesignaVenture quality.

For a stag do that is quality assured, look no further then DesignaVenture.

The Secret To A Successful Stag Do

If you are ever in the position of arranging a stag do then the next few paragraphs are going to hopefully help the cause.

Communication is key, in order to keep your stag house in order you need people to know how much, what they are doing, where they are going and what date and time.

Now, this may seem obvious but we did hear of one stag group turn up in Gloucestershire instead of Oxfordshire and this was down the the best man not giving out enough information.

We are living in the age of communication people, you can Tweet, write something on your facebook wall, text, email, fax and if you are still living in a 1990’s American sitcom, pager.

Most people these days have a smart phone, it’s big news, so use them to the best of their abilities. And if your mate is better in technology then you are let him help you out.

This will help you have the most fluid stag do ever.

The Art of Getting The Stag Do Right

Take 12 lads from Liverpool, a stag weekend in Prague with flights, transfers, accommodation and guides what could possibly go wrong.

Well, if you have all the essentials booked then things are looking up, you don’t have worry to much about logistics and not knowing where to go at night, the guides will take care of that.

However, take 12 lads from Hartlepool, flights and accommodation booked and every thing else is left to chance, “let’s play by ear” the best man said.

Everything starts well, get to the airport a few beers and board, once at Prague airport, “how come our cab cost eighty euros and every one else’s cost forty?” the best man asks.

“Right to the night life” the best man shouts, “where is it then?”

Moral of the story is, with a stag do, don’t leave anything to chance, get things booked and sorted, especially in a foreign city, also get a guide, you’ll be lost without one.

Yeovil Round Table Wants to Help Best Men

Yeovil Round Table is creating a guide to help all budding best men to perform their duties to the best of their abilities including the stag do.

They are asking people in the Somerset area for video clips of excellent best men speeches and stories.

These can be emailed to them at

“Our aim is to use the responses we receive from people in Somerset and those from Round Table’s network of more than 500 tables, to produce a simple, but authoritative guide to delivering the perfect best man’s speech, created by those who know best – the men who’ve been there” a spokesman from the Yeovil Round Table told the Yeovil Express.

The Yeovil Round Table has always looked to provide help 18 to 45 year olds since 1927, so they have plenty of experience.

As well as the best man’s speech, they also want to help the best man with his personal development skills, public speaking and of course the very important stag do!

Stop Your Stag Do From Being Hacked

If you are planning a Prince William style secret stag do there are many things you must do to keep things covert.

First of all prevent your mobile phone voice mail from being hacked by changing the remote access passcode from it’s default number, which a large percentage of the UK population haven’t done.

Secondly, keep away from Facebook, Twitter and Myspace with any details of the stag do, anyone can see these details if they need to, there is always a way.

Present the stag and fellow stag members with the date of the event and only the day before give them the meeting point.

Prevent anyone on the stag do from using their mobile phones, lap tops or tablets whilst on the weekend, giving them no access to the outside world.

Lastly pick a small village by the sea, with plenty of activities on offer and stay in a country house worth milliions of pounds.

If you budget is a little more tight than Prince William’s pick a nice hotel or rent a cottage. Make sure the owners don’t mind you getting a little rowdy after dinner, after all it is a stag do!

Super-Injunction Your Stag Do

Have you done something while on a stag do you shouldn’t have?

I am not condoning misbehaviour on a stag do, however if you have got up to something you shouldn’t have and you don’t want anyone to know about it, then maybe a super injunction could be the answer for self preservation.

So what is a super-injunction? A super-injunction is a court order banning information from being reported in the press, you can’t even mention that there is even a super-injunction in place.

To get one of the these amazing things you’ll need to find yourself a good lawyer, a court date, a wedge of cash, and I mean a stacks and stacks of money.

Hang on a minute though, a super injunction does not completely protect you, you could still be mentioned in parliament, so to go one step further you’ll need to spend yet more money and take out a hyper-injunction which bans even members of parliament from mentioning what you’ve been up to!

What ever you did on the stag do to go to these extremes to stop it from getting out, it had better of been worth it!

Is Eating Cheating On Your Stag Do?

We all know before you go on your big stag night out and fill your belly full of beer it’s best to have a good meal to keep you in a happy frame of mind rather then being too twitted to talk.

If you are in the process of looking to book a stag do and wandering what to do about meal times here are a few ideas on how to keep the boys from peaking before you get to the nightclubs and being refused entry.

Comedy clubs are a popular choice and if you have one booked, then include a meal at the club before the comedy commences, the food usually consists of fries, burgers, platters etc so is a great accompaniment to a lovely pint of lager.

If you have daytime stag activities booked and the activity site has a BBQ option, book it, as everyone loves a good barbi!

Keep the boys happy by booking a party meal at Hooters, now available in Cardiff, Nottingham and Bristol with plans of opening more restaurants in more British cities this meal option gives you lots of eye candy whilst tucking in to tasty chicken wings and sizzling burgers.

If you prefer a curry, most cities have great Indian restaurants and stag companies like DesignaVenture can add this spicy option to your chosen package.

If you are looking for great service, seasonal menus and locally produced ingredients then get the Michelin restaurant guide and book a table at your chosen location. These French guides really know a lot about the finest food and restaurants and when calling don’t mention you are on a stag do!

Keeping on the right side of the Ash Cloud

Who would of thought that we would be battling with an ash cloud to leave the UK, unfortunately these ash clouds could put the kibosh on all the weeks of planning and organising your friends ready for your stag do or hen party adventure so, if you are thinking of booking your stag do or hen party abroad in the near future just consider the hassle of that ash cloud, which will keep returning into our air space until the Eyjafjallajokull stops erupting, the last eruption in the 19th century lasted 14 months.

A confirmed stag weekend date with 20 of your closes friends is a momentous occasion. Getting your friends together all at the same time has been a logistical nightmare, so rebooking your weekend to another date at short notice before the wedding day due to the Icelandic volcanic cloud cancelling your flights will be virtually impossible.

So why not take the less risk option of staying on the right side of the ash cloud and consider going somewhere you do not have to fly to? The UK has plenty of brilliant stag do options and although you may not guaranteed the weather you are more likely to find the weekend will go ahead without a hitch or disruption eg cancelled or disrupted flight.

A spokesman from DesignaVenture said, “at the moment our biggest headache is this ash cloud which doesn’t seem to be disappearing any time soon! We know just how important it is that stag weekends go to plan, so booking your stag weekend without flights to a great stag do location within the UK probably is the best option at this difficult time.”