Keeping on the right side of the Ash Cloud

Who would of thought that we would be battling with an ash cloud to leave the UK, unfortunately these ash clouds could put the kibosh on all the weeks of planning and organising your friends ready for your stag do or hen party adventure so, if you are thinking of booking your stag do or hen party abroad in the near future just consider the hassle of that ash cloud, which will keep returning into our air space until the Eyjafjallajokull stops erupting, the last eruption in the 19th century lasted 14 months.

A confirmed stag weekend date with 20 of your closes friends is a momentous occasion. Getting your friends together all at the same time has been a logistical nightmare, so rebooking your weekend to another date at short notice before the wedding day due to the Icelandic volcanic cloud cancelling your flights will be virtually impossible.

So why not take the less risk option of staying on the right side of the ash cloud and consider going somewhere you do not have to fly to? The UK has plenty of brilliant stag do options and although you may not guaranteed the weather you are more likely to find the weekend will go ahead without a hitch or disruption eg cancelled or disrupted flight.

A spokesman from DesignaVenture said, “at the moment our biggest headache is this ash cloud which doesn’t seem to be disappearing any time soon! We know just how important it is that stag weekends go to plan, so booking your stag weekend without flights to a great stag do location within the UK probably is the best option at this difficult time.”