Yeovil Round Table is creating a guide to help all budding best men to perform their duties to the best of their abilities including the stag do.

They are asking people in the Somerset area for video clips of excellent best men speeches and stories.

These can be emailed to them at

“Our aim is to use the responses we receive from people in Somerset and those from Round Table’s network of more than 500 tables, to produce a simple, but authoritative guide to delivering the perfect best man’s speech, created by those who know best – the men who’ve been there” a spokesman from the Yeovil Round Table told the Yeovil Express.

The Yeovil Round Table has always looked to provide help 18 to 45 year olds since 1927, so they have plenty of experience.

As well as the best man’s speech, they also want to help the best man with his personal development skills, public speaking and of course the very important stag do!