A Prediction For Stag Dos in 2012

As the Christmas and New Year celebrations draw to a close people will be looking forward to 2012 and what this Olympic year may bring.

Lots of people will have got engaged over the festivities with possibly 50% looking to get married in Twenty twelve (a guess and not an accurate prediction, so don’t hang me if I’m wrong).

So that’s a lot of stag dos and hen parties looking for a wicked weekend this year, but hey after a mammoth night last night, organising a celebration could be the last thing on your mind.

Well, the year will pass very fast and only the organised will win, so book your stag do in the UK as early as you can as my prediction will be for stag dos in the UK, “it’s going to be a busy one”.

Which is great for the UK economy and not so great for the popular stag do destinations in Europe.

More people this year will be watching their wallet so an expensive stag weekend to Europe may not be a popular choice.

Let’s face it people, the UK has some of the best activity sites in Europe if not the world and the nightlife well, it’s second to none.

So book early for the best activity slots and accommodation if a UK stag do is on your agenda, and don’t forget London is going to be full in July so other UK stag do destinations will get the extra footfall, you have been warned.