Take 12 lads from Liverpool, a stag weekend in Prague with flights, transfers, accommodation and guides what could possibly go wrong.

Well, if you have all the essentials booked then things are looking up, you don’t have worry to much about logistics and not knowing where to go at night, the guides will take care of that.

However, take 12 lads from Hartlepool, flights and accommodation booked and every thing else is left to chance, “let’s play by ear” the best man said.

Everything starts well, get to the airport a few beers and board, once at Prague airport, “how come our cab cost eighty euros and every one else’s cost forty?” the best man asks.

“Right to the night life” the best man shouts, “where is it then?”

Moral of the story is, with a stag do, don’t leave anything to chance, get things booked and sorted, especially in a foreign city, also get a guide, you’ll be lost without one.