Stop Your Stag Do From Being Hacked

If you are planning a Prince William style secret stag do there are many things you must do to keep things covert.

First of all prevent your mobile phone voice mail from being hacked by changing the remote access passcode from it’s default number, which a large percentage of the UK population haven’t done.

Secondly, keep away from Facebook, Twitter and Myspace with any details of the stag do, anyone can see these details if they need to, there is always a way.

Present the stag and fellow stag members with the date of the event and only the day before give them the meeting point.

Prevent anyone on the stag do from using their mobile phones, lap tops or tablets whilst on the weekend, giving them no access to the outside world.

Lastly pick a small village by the sea, with plenty of activities on offer and stay in a country house worth milliions of pounds.

If you budget is a little more tight than Prince William’s pick a nice hotel or rent a cottage. Make sure the owners don’t mind you getting a little rowdy after dinner, after all it is a stag do!