Super-Injunction Your Stag Do

Have you done something while on a stag do you shouldn’t have?

I am not condoning misbehaviour on a stag do, however if you have got up to something you shouldn’t have and you don’t want anyone to know about it, then maybe a super injunction could be the answer for self preservation.

So what is a super-injunction? A super-injunction is a court order banning information from being reported in the press, you can’t even mention that there is even a super-injunction in place.

To get one of the these amazing things you’ll need to find yourself a good lawyer, a court date, a wedge of cash, and I mean a stacks and stacks of money.

Hang on a minute though, a super injunction does not completely protect you, you could still be mentioned in parliament, so to go one step further you’ll need to spend yet more money and take out a hyper-injunction which bans even members of parliament from mentioning what you’ve been up to!

What ever you did on the stag do to go to these extremes to stop it from getting out, it had better of been worth it!