Crazy Stag Do Viking Style

Findlater CastleNow, when “the Groom” James told his best man he wanted an unusual stag do, his best man Dave Hunter, took this request to another level and created a crazy viking style stag do.

According to an article on The Sun’s website, Dave Hunter, 32 (I love the way they always quote an age) an oil worker from Scotland, arranged a stag do for ten of the groom’s best mates to dress up like Norse Warriors (Vikings, basically) and walk along the Banffshire coastline carrying tables, chairs, 40kg keg of beer, whiskey, food* and other materials to an old ruined castle called Findlater Castler.

Passing dog walkers who couldn’t believe their eyes, these crazy Vikings trekked 3 miles to get to their derelict stag do venue.

Once they arrived they set up camp inside the castle and enjoyed a banquet of  Venison, Chicken, Sausages, potatoes, beer and whiskey a true Viking meal*!

Cold and ready for their beds, this wild stag do lit their flaming torches out of old clothes (probably soaked in kerosene) and stumbled back to their hostel in Cullen.

However, the fun didn’t stop there, this very thoughtful group returned the next day to Findlater Castle to clean up and take their kit home.

After the wedding the stag pictures went viral with more than a quarter of million views on social media sites.

If you would like to do something unusual for your stag do, head over to our stag do homepage for ideas, inspiration and some unusual packages.

*We are not sure if Vikings made sausages but pretty sure they could get their hands on the rest maybe except whiskey but most definitely mead or beer.

Fancy Dress Lands Stag Party In Hot Water

According to an article in the Daily Mail, just before Christmas a stag party in Chester where seen storming shops and restaurants dressed up like plastic figurine toy soldiers performing military style drills. The stag do fancy dress look was complete with plastic toy guns, green paint and green plastic helmets.

The police were called when the stag group stormed Nandos rolling around the floor and shouting ‘clear the area’. The party were then given a stern talking to by the police and all their plastic weaponry was confiscated.

This prank apparently split social media with some members of the public saying people just don’t have a good sense of humour whilst others saying it’s in bad taste especially when, at the time, the Sydney siege was going on.

In our option this stag prank should not be copied, especially after all that terrible business going on in France.

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Police Involved In a Stag Do Brawl

HandcuffedWe don’t usually write about the negative side of our industry but we couldn’t resist the irony of this news article.

In November, seven Metropolitan Police officers were arrested in Lithuania whilst on a stag do for brawling. They were seen being put into police cars handcuffed with bloody noses and stumbling around according to this article on the Mirror’s website.

This is outrageous, especially when 99% of our British stag dos happen with out incident, oh the IRONY.

Back to the story, the police stag do ended paying a 5,000 Lithuanian Lita bail, which is about £1,000 in our money and if the group are charged, they will have to return to Vilnius for trial.

A met office spokesman said that they are looking into the incident without the 7 stag do members being suspended, however if the group are charged this will be evaluated!

A Very Tanned Stag Do

Stag Do dressed up like Vincent TanParading around London on a Stag Do, was a group looking like no other, The Metro called it a great Stag Do Idea!

These guys all dressed up like the infamous Cardiff City owner Vincent Tan, was spotted by tweeter Will Sparks walking around London looking totally awesome! The look included the Cardiff City home football top tucked into jeans along with a moustache and sunglasses.

This is one of the best Stag Do fancy dress ideas we have seen in ages, we have a top 20 Stag Do fancy dress ideas blog, which can be found here.

These days fancy dress is now becoming compulsory with new ideas every weekend, trying to out do each other is part of the Stag Do policy.

Man Cliff Jumps In Newquay The Wrong Way!

Cliff Jumping / Coasteering in NewquayAccording to an article on the Get Surry website, Garrey Ashton whilst on a Stag Do to Newquay survived a 100 ft fall down a cliff, without serious injury.

Now we arrange Coasteering in Newquay in a safe environment as a popular Stag Do activity however he has taken it to a new level.

All jokes a-side, he was very lucky and this a warning to other stag parties celebrating in Newquay to only visit the cliffs whilst coasteering.

According to this article, Garry wasn’t messing around, he had just taken back to his hotel, a disabled member of the stag party and was walking back to the 20-strong stag group when he decided to take a slight detour and take a quick peek at the sea. He stepped over a 3ft fence and suddenly slipped on gravel and tumble 100 ft.

He woke up on the beach 4 hours later with the sea lapping at his feet and in total shock on what just happened. He managed to get to his feet and climb some old staircase leading out of the cove to find his mates, who put him straight into an ambulance for Truro hospital.

He told the Get Surrey reporter “It was only supposed to be a little trip to the beach, I just took a bit of a shortcut, anyone who knows me knows I’m a bit clumsy. I guess it was a typical Stag Do overall!”

If you are interested in Coasteering for your Stag Do, you can find stag packages in Newquay including coasteering, here.


Stag Do Prank Goes Golden

A life-long West Brom fan was made to don the golden football strip of Wolves by his joint best men and sing outside the Hawthorns as a Stag Do Prank.

According to the Mirror’s website Kieran Handley was made by his joint best men to sing about Steve Bull outside the Hawthorns stadium before going on his stag weekend – you can see the video here.

The cruel / crafty best men said he they thought he would hate it but secretly he enjoyed it, are you sure about that?

We have a fantastic list of Stag Do pranks which can be found on our blog.


Man Saved By His Own Stag Party

According to an article in the Independent website, Declan Bolger was celebrating a surprise Stag Do with his mates playing football in Dalymount Park, Ireland, when he collapsed and had a heart attack.

Luckily, 3 of his mates on the Stag Do were fully trained in CPR and took it in turns to minister this life saving procedure for 10 minutes before the ambulance arrived.

According to this article Declan (stag) who plays for various football teams was very fit and anyone would have him on their football team.

When he arrived at the hospital they found that one of his arteries was blocked, apparently it was a ticking time bomb and it was lucky it happened with so many people around him who were trained in first aid.

Declan get’s married in September and we want to wish him all the best for the future.

A Solicitor’s Sober Stag Do

In October a friend of a pint or two Paul Booty, a solicitor from Bury St Edmunds, will be having a very sober Stag Do.

According to the Bury Free Press, he has signed up for the Go Sober For October campaign, a month long charity event raising money for The Macmillan Cancer Trust.

Unfortunately as he has booked his stag do for October, he will have to stay sober for the whole stag event, maybe becoming the designated driver!

According to this article, there is temptation everywhere for Paul, as he has also won his own weight in Greene King Beer, which will arrive in October!

We salute this guy, the Go Sober for October campaign is a great cause and all the money raised goes towards something very worthwhile, the Macmillan Cancer Trust.

So we wish him all the luck in the world with his sober Stag Do mission and if you would like further details on this campaign go to the official website,

2011, What a Year, Stag Dos a Plenty

In 2011, DesignaVenture made tens of thousands of stag dos and hen parties extremely happy by arranging their hen party or stag weekend.

Popular UK stag do destinations for 2011 where Bournemouth, Bristol, Newquay, Nottingham, Cardiff, North Wales and Edinburgh.

Hen parties loved, London, Ascot / Reading, Bournemouth and Bristol enjoying weekends and nights away.

Popular stag do activities as always was Rage Buggies and Quads but also this year sees a shift in groups loving the outward bounds activities including Canyoning / Gorge Scrambling, Coasteering and abseiling.

White water rafting has also been a big hit for hen and stag parties alike, frothing around in a mosh pit of white water, it beats Glastonbury!

There is not let up for 2012, with many stag parties going for our full on packages, so if you are looking for busy weekends such as bank holiday weekends, book early to avoid disappointment.

Shag-Pile Stag Do

A stag do from Worcester are raising money for the County Air Ambulance by driving elaborate cars to Amsterdam via Brighton.

Neil Watts and his stag do crew have customised a Honda with a ginger shag-pile carpet similar to the car in Dumb and Dumber, covered another in Newspaper and another as a cheesy Wotsit-mobile.

All three teams had to buy and customise their cars for just £250 per car, smells like a Top Gear challenge to me!

If you would like to help them raise money for the Worcestershire County Air Ambulance, please go to their justgiving webpage where you can donate and comment on this madness. This page also shows pictures of their cars before their great stag do challenge.