A Stag Do For Charity

Lots of stags happen throughout the year, they mainly consist of lots of activities, drinks and fun and why not, this is your last days of being a free-man, however some grooms have other things on their mind.

Bridegroom Rob Cocker recently found out that one of his oldest mates (David Deakin) had been diagnosed with Sarcoma, which is a rare form of Cancer, just to let you know that people with this horrible disease are given 1 – 3 years.

So he turned his stag do into a fundraising event collecting more than £3,000 for Sarcoma UK and also raising awareness for this horrible disease.

The stag group walked for 4 days averaging about 17 miles a day, even though there was a serious message to this stag do, they still managed to have a few beers and a right laugh.

They finished their walk at The Riverside in Ilkley, there to greet them was David and 40 of his family and friends giving them a rapturous welcome.

If you would like to donate please go to the Justgiving website.

This is just another great Charity stag do story, we have many of them on this news feed collected over the years from mainly local press stories. It’s a shame that the national papers don’t pick up on this side of the stag do instead focusing on the badly behaved stag do stories.

Unfortunately, according to the just giving website David Deakin has now passed.

Take Care

Crazy Stag Do Viking Style

Findlater CastleNow, when “the Groom” James told his best man he wanted an unusual stag do, his best man Dave Hunter, took this request to another level and created a crazy viking style stag do.

According to an article on The Sun’s website, Dave Hunter, 32 (I love the way they always quote an age) an oil worker from Scotland, arranged a stag do for ten of the groom’s best mates to dress up like Norse Warriors (Vikings, basically) and walk along the Banffshire coastline carrying tables, chairs, 40kg keg of beer, whiskey, food* and other materials to an old ruined castle called Findlater Castler.

Passing dog walkers who couldn’t believe their eyes, these crazy Vikings trekked 3 miles to get to their derelict stag do venue.

Once they arrived they set up camp inside the castle and enjoyed a banquet of  Venison, Chicken, Sausages, potatoes, beer and whiskey a true Viking meal*!

Cold and ready for their beds, this wild stag do lit their flaming torches out of old clothes (probably soaked in kerosene) and stumbled back to their hostel in Cullen.

However, the fun didn’t stop there, this very thoughtful group returned the next day to Findlater Castle to clean up and take their kit home.

After the wedding the stag pictures went viral with more than a quarter of million views on social media sites.

If you would like to do something unusual for your stag do, head over to our stag do homepage for ideas, inspiration and some unusual packages.

*We are not sure if Vikings made sausages but pretty sure they could get their hands on the rest maybe except whiskey but most definitely mead or beer.

Groom Ditches Bride On Wedding Day For Paintball

A group of paintballersThis is a story of a couple who wed in secret with 15 of their friends and family in Hereford Town Hall before splitting for a couple of hours whilst the groom attended his stag do!

As the wedding was last minute and Miles (the groom) didn’t have time to arrange the stag, it was prearranged that the Groom would go and play paintball with his mates for his stag do between the ceremony and the evening party, apparently he was quoted saying that he has the best wife in the world!

So as Antoinette, “the ditched bride”, had been dieting for months and had nothing to do for a couple of hours, she decided to take her friends and family to a carb fest at McDonalds!

And this all happened in our very own City of Hereford!

This story has also been covered by the Daily Star and Yahoo with the header, Bride jilted on her wedding day however this is incorrect and just sensationalised the situated in order to get people to read the story.

They then went on honeymoon to Tenby in West Wales however soon got bored and decided to ditch their romantic break in Tenby to an Action Packed Weekend at Alton Towers.


The Stag Do Stand In

Stag Do Story on the Daily StarWe have been chatting with Will Stevenson and his Badger Seth who are fast becoming a phenomenon around the world.

Will and Seth are basically Stag Do stand ins and we love them, if one of your mates drop out of your stag do, last minute, they will be your smart replacement, don’t worry the badger won’t need an airline ticket or an extra bed.

With a huge following on Twitter and Facebook, Will and Seth are now being following closely by daily national Radio shows and are also getting noticed by TV channels; these guys are becoming hot property, so we are extremely lucky and privileged to meet and ask them questions.

Before we go to the Q&A’s, let me just say that he has been on the Scott Mills Show (Radio 1) loads of times and also on his live tour, Heart FM, XFM (Now Radio X), Radio 2, Dave Fenning’s show on RTE2 (Ireland), Hit 107 (Australia), Radio New York (New York, USA obviously) and lots of other local stations – too many to mention.

Will and Seth have travelled well over 31,000 miles, attending over 16 stag dos, and have spent over an incredible £10,000 (mainly on booze – drinking responsibly, obviously), their full story can be found here.

OK, lets get on with the Q&A’s:

What’s your day job?

I’m an office manager for a same day courier company

How did you come about joining a stag group with complete strangers?

Seth & Will with Scott MillsI was looking at buying some festival tickets for that weekend. And in the recommended section on eBay it brought up a place on a stag do for sale . I clicked on it just to see what it was , don’t even know why I did. But it sounded great with all the activities they were doing . And it left locally from me so I thought I would bid. Never dreamed of winning it . I was actually outbid on it but later that day found out the guys from the stag do were actually out bidding me to try and get the money up . But after they confessed I paid them my maximum bid which was £400 and met up with them the next day .

How did the whole Seth thing start out? 

My email address has always randomly been willhasabadger so I decided to name My Twitter account the same as it sounded funny. I won a competition to meet Example from Pepsi and the guys at Pepsi asked me if I was taking my badger. So I got one and took it along. Unfortunately this badger was stolen at the Example gig. And so my son bought me another one as a present and we did a name deciding game on Facebook and Seth was the winner.

Did I see on your Facebook that you won him from one of those grab machines no one usually wins anything from?

Lol no. We were visiting an arcade and pretending that Seth was born there. Although i don’t know for sure where he was born

I know you’re 35, how old is Seth?

Seth was 1 earlier this year. But in badger years that makes him about 19

Is Seth a boob man?

Seth with ladies on a stag doSeth is a definately a boob badger. And girls just love the feel of his fur on their cleavage 😉

Who is yours and Seth most famous follower?

We’ve had lots over the last year , with Scott mills and Chris stark being there through the journey. Also George Ezra , catfish and the bottle men , and axwell and ingrosso regularly tweet us .

Is your boss cool with you taking so much time off?

Yeah I always make sure work is sorted before I leave and do sometimes work a bit from which ever bar I’m in

If I wanted to book you and seth for a stag do how much would it cost me?

It wouldn’t cost you to book me. I generally take the place of someone that drops out. I cover there costs of transferring my name , and will always help out with other costs such as the hotel room. I am also very generous when it comes to buying rounds. Seth however has the ability to get freebies 😉

Seth with a cigarette and a pintDo you and Seth only attend stag do’s or does he go to the wedding as well?

We’ve been to two weddings which is always an honour . For the guys to think I’m worth inviting after only knowing me a few days means that I must be doing something right

Have you got a Vegas stag do to go to yet?

Yeah I have Vegas to look forward to. Really can’t wait it’s going to be guys from all over the globe meeting up so it should be one long party

Do you only go to stags abroad or do you hit the uk hard as well?

Weirdly I’ve only been invited to one in the uk. Which was Blackpool . But I’m happy to go anywhere wether it’s the uk or abroad

Did you ever think it would spiral like it has? 

Never imagined any of this . I was hoping to just have a good weekend away and maybe make a couple of new local friends . But to be on numerous worldwide radio stations and news channels and nearly every newspaper and Internet blog is surreal.

 Seth the badger in Ibiza, Gran Canaria & Budapest

It was great chatting with Will and Seth and if you need to book them for your Stag Do then we suggest you contact Will via Twitter #willhasabadger .


Picture of the Groom and the oldest best man in the worldAt 102, Dan Clement thought his days of partying and being a best man was well and truly over, well actually you couldn’t be more wrong.

Not only did this plucky retired farmer become the oldest Best Man in the world (at 102 years of age), he also arranged the Stag Do and cracked the crowd up with his killer best man’s speech about being a Ploughman and jokes about cows!

Dan’s lifelong friend, Alex Sandy who is a spring chicken at 73 years old said that Dan’s age was not even a consideration when it came to asking him to be best-man and didn’t even know that it would break the world record.

The previous World Record for being the oldest best man was held by Ronald Hornby in Northern Ireland who was 96.

They also didn’t duck out on a Stag Do, this consisted of sitting up most of the night drinking shots of whisky and bottles of wine around a  house in Cornwall, I would love to have been a fly on the wall on that night and heard all the old stories and jokes, totally awesome.

Alex Sandy who got married to Sue in Scotland (who met online) thought they were going to have a quiet wedding but the Guinness Book of World Records caught the media’s attention and before they knew it there was TV camera’s and paparazzi at the church!

The last and only other time Dan was a best man was in the 1940’s, how mad is that?

All the above details was taken from an article on the Falmouth Packet website which you can find here.

We at DesignaVenture would like to wish Alex and Sue from St Austell all the luck in the world for their marriage and here’s to Dan being asked again.


Stag Do With A Big Heart

We have always tried to cover the ‘good news’ Stag Do Stories and this story which featured on the evening express website is right up our street.

A stag party will be driving 3,000 miles to raise cash for Cancer Research.

They have decided to take part in the Barcelona Bangers Car Rally which takes place from Calais to Barcelona. Graham Henderson has chosen this epic journey with 4 of his mates in a car which must cost less than £400 (Barcelona Bangers Rules).

They will be starting in Laurencekirk, Scotland and will driving 572 miles to Dover before getting on a ferry and arriving into Calais for the 22nd May, ready to take part in the Barcelona Bangers Rally.

You can sponsor this amazing voyage by donating here.

We would like yo take this opportunity to wish Graham and his mates all the luck in the world.

Stag Prank Goes Viral

Another Stag Do prank goes viral, this time the crime scene is at Budapest airport and the prank weapon, a dildo!

The poor unsuspecting stag was on his way home from a Stag Do in Budapest when his bag was searched by Hungarian airport security.

The airport security spotted a bottle of water by the x-ray machine in the stag’s bag which was planted by the ‘Stag Do Prankster’ (he did this so the stag would be stopped). However, also strapped to the bottle of water was a giant Didldo!

The whole event was filmed by the prankster to an eruption of laughter from the stag party watching on.

The stag himself took it in all good faith – you can watch the video by clicking on the link below:

Stag Do Prank Plants Sex Toy in Man’s Luggage as he Passes Through Airport Security!!

We have a fantastic top 10 stag pranks list here:

Top 10 Stag Do Pranks


Fancy Dress Lands Stag Party In Hot Water

According to an article in the Daily Mail, just before Christmas a stag party in Chester where seen storming shops and restaurants dressed up like plastic figurine toy soldiers performing military style drills. The stag do fancy dress look was complete with plastic toy guns, green paint and green plastic helmets.

The police were called when the stag group stormed Nandos rolling around the floor and shouting ‘clear the area’. The party were then given a stern talking to by the police and all their plastic weaponry was confiscated.

This prank apparently split social media with some members of the public saying people just don’t have a good sense of humour whilst others saying it’s in bad taste especially when, at the time, the Sydney siege was going on.

In our option this stag prank should not be copied, especially after all that terrible business going on in France.

For other fantastic stag do fancy dress ideas go on to the DesignaVenture blog, we also have a top 10 on stag pranks.

Police Involved In a Stag Do Brawl

HandcuffedWe don’t usually write about the negative side of our industry but we couldn’t resist the irony of this news article.

In November, seven Metropolitan Police officers were arrested in Lithuania whilst on a stag do for brawling. They were seen being put into police cars handcuffed with bloody noses and stumbling around according to this article on the Mirror’s website.

This is outrageous, especially when 99% of our British stag dos happen with out incident, oh the IRONY.

Back to the story, the police stag do ended paying a 5,000 Lithuanian Lita bail, which is about £1,000 in our money and if the group are charged, they will have to return to Vilnius for trial.

A met office spokesman said that they are looking into the incident without the 7 stag do members being suspended, however if the group are charged this will be evaluated!

Mankini Now Banned in Blackpool

Stag Dressed in a MankiniBlackpool is (surprisingly) the second Stag Do seaside destination to put in a total ban on the men in Mankinis pointing specifically at stag parties. This ban which is also known as Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) can also be applied to any inappropriate dress worn by stag or hen parties.

2 Years ago the Newquay police got fed up with stags turning up in Mankinis so they were the first seaside town to put in a total ban on Mankinis and now Blackpool has followed suit.

Blackpool has always been (in my eyes) a little risqué, with the Kiss Me Quick hats in the 80’s and the hedonistic reputation of the 90’s and 00’s however the town council has decided to exercise their anti-lout powers to ban inappropriate dress.

Opponents fear such a move would be similar to criminalising women for wearing shorts skirts or showing off to much cleavage.

Other people think it’s a great idea and would be a positive move to cleaning up Blackpool’s image, making it a more family friendly British seaside town.

If you do find yourself in a Mankini or inappropriately dressed in Blackpool whilst on a Stag Do or hen weekend or if that’s just what you like to wear, there is a big chance you can be fined on the spot. Just so you know these fines range from £70 to £100.