Danny Dyer’s 4 Letter Word Stag Night

A Picture Of Danny DyerDanny Dyer the Katie Hopkins basher, the hard man from the East End is getting married to his childhood sweatheart next summer. According to an article in the Mirror, his best mate Kirk Norcross has spilled the beans on what he will arrange for Danny’s Stag Do, which apparently will be a night in with a Scrabble tournament.

Why must I mentioned Katie Hopkins? If you didn’t know, when Jo Mas proposed to Danny, Katie Hopkins tweeted “No woman should ever propose to a man. Certainly not one with a naff bum-fluff beard and dodgy squint.” which is completely an unprovoked attack, thinking about it, maybe the Hopkins was using a cunning angle for publicity, to stay in the public eye, more cunning then a fox with binoculars!

Danny tweeted back “@KTHopkins No I agree…especially when you look like ya face should be on the side of a gothic building..have a nice day ya daft sexist ya” – hilarious!

Anyway back to the Stag Do, Kirk I think you have this Stag Weekend all wrong, what Danny needs is a country house hotel with a fantastic restaurant, a late well-stocked bar and a lounge area for board games. Daytime activities should be effortless such as  Clay Pigeon Shooting, Archery, Crossbows, Shooting Assault Rifles that sort of thing, something which involves shooting (well he is in Eastenders after all).

The evening should include a good meal, maybe some board games and then sitting up, all night, at the bar, putting the world to rights, the hotel also needs a sheltered smoking shed as apparently these boys smoke like tyres!

Kirk, if you any more advice just give us a call – 01432 830880.

Sin City For Ant & Dec’s Stag Do

Ant and Dec have been spotted in Las Vegas on a mate’s Stag Do just before they picked up their National Television awards.

They were spotted cruising the infamous Las Vegas strip before eating at Gordon Ramsay’s Burgr restaurant which is in the Planet Hollywood Casino.

The popular pair was also papped playing golf and where also joined by fellow celeb Jonathan Wilkes.

Some people are saying Dec is getting inspiration for his up and coming inevitable stag weekend, however if he’s in need of inspiration he needs to head over to the DesignaVenture website, stag do section, where he’ll find loads of inspiration, activities and ideas for the best stag do known to man, in fact what am I thinking it should be Ant heading over to our website as there’s no doubt who will be Dec’s best man!

The above details are courtesy of an article on the Daily Mail website, you also find loads of great pics of the lads having a great time.

Clooney’s Stag Do Plans Revealed

George Clooney (according to the Daily Star’s website) has been planned the ultimate stripper Stag Do venue, Spearmint Rhinos in Santa Barbara.

His mates have apparently organised the gold package in this exclusive strip club which includes complimentary booze, buffet food and loads of dollar coupons to stuff in the girls garter belts.

The Stag Do pose includes A-List buddies such as Brad Pitt (best man), Ben Afflick and Matt Damon, what a stag party invitation list!

Apparently, George Clooney is well known for his “red-blooded” male parties so one last BLAST is probably right up his street.

He is due to marry Amal Alamuddin this year and if he’s reading this Celebrity Stag Do News Bulletin (more than likely not!), DesignaVenture want to wish him and his new bride all the best for the future.

30 Year Old Stag Night Picture Revealed

The UKIP sacked MEP, Godfrey Bloom, has published his book showing pictures of his stag night in London 30 years ago.

The picture shows him with his face against the ‘compulsory stripper’s’ breasts with the stag party watching in the background.

The picture shows his stag group in black tie laughing at him frolicking around. Wow hasn’t stag parties changed since 1983. Most stag parties these day’s are either in fancy dress, stag t-shirts or dressed down and you would more likely see a lap dancer than a stripper on a Stag Do.

Godfrey Bloom was sacked last month for jokingly calling a room full of a women “sluts” at the annual party conference, that is hilarious, does he think he’s starring in Pulp Fiction?

England’s Winger Theo Walcott’s Stag Do in Vegas

According to the Sun’s website; Theo Walcott was on his crazy stag do to Vegas last week.

Theo arrived in Vegas on Tuesday wearing a stag t-shirt and having a flutter on low risk casino tables, he’s a sensible guy!

The next day the stag party were seen and in by their hotel pool drinking Coronas, cocktails and shots, which nearly came to a halt when the guys all had to go up to their rooms to get ID!

Theo didn’t make it out on the first night, as the rest of the stag party experienced sin city apparently Theo stayed in his room.

He is due to marry his child hood sweetheart Melanie Slade later this summer.

We at DesignaVenture would like to wish the happy couple all the best for the future.

Rio in Marbella For Pal’s Stag Do

Rio Ferdinand along with his brother Anton Rio Ferdinand + Stag Doand fellow football star Jody Morris have all been on a stag do to Marbella, celebrating their mates last days of the single life.

With posts all over twitter, from the famous footballers plus @boysiewise11, you can catch up on all their antics and pictures.

Apparently Rio has been pretty hardcore staying up all hours on this stag do which is incredible after a gruelling season he has just had, which saw his team celebrating as champions of the Premier League.

Stag dos in Marbella are becoming extremely popular these days, especially with celebrities including that infamous quote championed by the TOWIE* boys, no carbs before Marbs.

*TOWIE = The Only Way Is Essex

Denise Welch’s Father Wants To Perform A Lap Dance At The Stag Do

According to an online publication, one of the presenters off Loose Women, Denise Welch is getting married this year and her father has offered to perform a Drag Act Lap Dance if he’s invited to the stag do.

Denise’s (54) husband to be, Lincoln (39) is apparently going to have a stag do to remember.

His soon to be father in law, Vin (75), has a drag queen alter ego and wants to perform on his stag do.

If the Pole Dance actually happens, I think Lincoln will have his stag do to remember, but for all the wrong reasons.

Good luck to them all, and DesignaVenture would like to wish a life time of happiness to Denise and Lincoln, and if they need any help arranging their hen party and stag do drop us a line.

Peter Andre Hints of a Stag Do in Vegas

Peter Andre told reporters that for years he had been planning to celebrate his 40th birthday in Las Vegas.

However, his life has changed and he would rather spend his 40th birthday with his girlfriend Emily MacDonagh, 23, and who can blame him!

He also advised a tabloid newspaper “Why would I not want to spend my 40th with my beautiful girlfriend?”

“I’ll still do something amazing but Vegas in on hold. Maybe I’ll have my stag do there instead…” he added.

Well mate, Las Vegas is possibly the stag do mecca of the world, ask JLS and my mate Greg!


JLS Stag Do News Starting To Hot Up

The news and rumour mill of Marvin Hume’s (from the boy band JLS) stag do is starting to create loads of interest and headlines from the press and fans.

The Daily Star recently covered a story of his fellow band mates wanting to kidnap him and jet him off to a secret location blindfolded!

According to the star, Aston apprently told a reporter that Marvin will only know the dates, and everything else will be kept a secret in a military style operation.

There was also promise the stag do will be a Hangover 3!

Wow, if you have seen hangover 1 & 2, if this JLS stag do is going to be a sequel you better lock up all animals and close all local zoos!!

The press love a stag do, last year they went nuts for Prince William’s stag party, so I expect more of the same for Marvin, good luck mate.

Marvin From JLS Has Had his Stag Do Already Mapped Out

According to the Sun’s website Marvin Humes from the boy-band JLS got engaged to Rochelle Wiseman of The Saturdays on New Year’s Eve and already the other lads from JLS have mapped out his stag do.

I say mapped out, you will need an atlas for this stag do as the JLS boys intend to hire a private jet and fly Marvin around the US on a eight day stag do extravaganza, visiting their favourite clubs along the way.

Destinations include Las Vegas and Miami, with a ‘no expense spared cavalier attitude’ to their best mate’s last trip as a free man, and who can blame them!

Apparently they have already started competing to get the best beach body by jokingly saying ‘No Carbs before Marvs’ stag do.

This is taken from the BAFTA award winning show ‘The Only Way Is Essex’, when the most of the cast went on a stag do to Marbella in Spain and coined the saying no ‘Carbs before Marbs’.

We would like to wish Marvin and Rochelle all the luck in the world for the future.