30 Year Old Stag Night Picture Revealed

The UKIP sacked MEP, Godfrey Bloom, has published his book showing pictures of his stag night in London 30 years ago.

The picture shows him with his face against the ‘compulsory stripper’s’ breasts with the stag party watching in the background.

The picture shows his stag group in black tie laughing at him frolicking around. Wow hasn’t stag parties changed since 1983. Most stag parties these day’s are either in fancy dress, stag t-shirts or dressed down and you would more likely see a lap dancer than a stripper on a Stag Do.

Godfrey Bloom was sacked last month for jokingly calling a room full of a women “sluts” at the annual party conference, that is hilarious, does he think he’s starring in Pulp Fiction?