Official Advice To All Hen and Stag Parties

Hen Party in Fancy Dress

2016 is looking to be a crazy year in the world of hen and stag dos. Weekends especially in the UK hot spots such as Bristol, Newcastle, Cardiff and London are filling up fast. so booking early, is a must.

So our advice even if you don’t book through DesignaVenture, is to get your group booked in on your chosen weekend/destination as soon as you can and worry about confirming your numbers at a later stage.

Now if you did book with DesignaVenture, with our new website we have made things extremely easy, which also includes collecting the money in from the group.

Here’s an example:

Dave from Dagenham has been engaged since last August when he asked Debbie on a boat trip in Tenerife to marry him. They decided to get married at Easter as that’s when all their mates can get time off.

Debbie booked her hen party with DesignaVenture last year and is so organised it will bring tears to your eyes. Dave however is a little less organised…

Dave need’s to go on his stag do last weekend in February or first weekend in March. He has decided on the UK his stag as he’s already going on his mate Darren’s stag do to Magaluf in the summer.

A Rage BuggyAnyway, he doesn’t have much time to get something booked, so he has decided to go to Bournemouth and book DesignaVenture’s Bournemouth Offer Weekend for the last weekend in February, advised them that 18 people are coming and paid a £30 deposit.

Dave has then gone into his very own Login area of the DesignaVenture website and invited all his mates to his stag do.

They in turn, received an email with a link to pay and a date to pay it by.

At any time, Dave can go into his Login area and check who has paid and send his mates who haven’t paid a polite reminder.

In the end only 14 people paid, but that’s OK, Dave just emailed DesignaVenture and cancelled off the 4 people free of charge by his balance due date.

He told Debbie, if they wanted to add on later they can, subject to availability, but he isn’t sure if he’s going to invite them to the wedding!

Debbie said, “c-mon Dave, don’t take it personally I am sure they all have perfectly good reasons why they can’t attend, well except for ‘Wet Behind The Ears’ Eric, he still gets his Mum to choose his clothes”.

The morale of the story, is be a bit more like Debbie, but if you can’t, don’t worry DesignaVenture will sort it!


The Original Bournemouth Stag Do Guide

Details on local Beers to Bournemouth

We at DesignaVenture towers have been working our bottoms off creating a killer guide for stag parties wanting to celebrate their Stag Do  in the amazing seaside (now in the Premier League) town of Bournemouth.

We pulled up our sleeves, dug deep, went and knocked on some doors and created this invincible stag do guide.

We have tackled issues that stags face when they go to Bournemouth for the first time, such as; what to do, where to go, what to wear, which local beers are the best, is there a casino, are there lap dancing clubs, where can we eat, how can I get there, I could go on but I won’t, there is simply just too much to cover.

Ultimate Stag Do GuideThere is a lot of detail on the Bournemouth nightlife, giving you details on current cocktail bars, lively clubs, great eateries; whatever floats your boat we reckon we’ve covered it.

But hey, what can we do in the day?

Alright Eddie, keep your Bermuda shorts on, no I mean that, keep your Bermuda shorts on, this is Bournemouth not Brighton! In the day you have nearly every activity under the sun and much more (if that is all possible), from playing out on the beach, in the sea, Quading in the New Forest, shooting guns at some crazy activity site to Coasteering the Jurassic coast which include caves and breathtaking cliffs.

We also include a shopping list, what to pack and if you don’t mind us patronising you more where Bournemouth is and how to get there, well you’ll need to know.

We even cover festivals. Talking of festivals there’s the air festival this weekend (20th to the 23rd August 2015) featuring on Friday and Saturday an airshow by the Red Arrows.

So if you are on your way to Bournemouth or you are considering having a Stag Do there, click on our Epic Survival Guide and become more knowledgable than a Bournemouth tour guide.

If you just want to book a bournemouth stag do package and want me shut up you can check them out here.

Stag Do Offers November To February 2015

I know the summer is still here, however the Stag Do train still rolls on and organised best men are looking for stag weekends for the end of this year and onwards. DesignaVenture has an early present to such well organised Stag Do organisers and that is; some really juicy Stag Do offers.

Let’s delve a little deeper and find out what these offers are all about:

Clay PIgeon ShootinhBournemouth Offer Weekend
Our most popular offer last year was the Bournemouth Offer Weekend, this includes 2 nights in a city centre 3 star hotel with breakfast, Quad Biking, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Human Table Football, Blindfold Driving and nightclub entry all for £135 per person*. The most popular month for this amazing stag package is February, in order to take advantage of this incredible Stag Do Offer, we recommend you book early.

Reading Deal
If you only have one night and don’t want to travel too far, then this Reading Stag Do is possibly your best solution. For £95 per person* you get 1 night in a city centre 4 Star Hotel with breakfast, Hovercraft Racing, Paintball, Clay Pigeon Shooting and entry into Reading’s biggest nightclubs. All for under £100, this certainly is an incredible Stag Do deal.

Indoor KartingThe Nottingham Steal Weekend
This Stag Weekend is truly epic and includes 2 nights in a city centre 3 – 4 Star hotel with breakfast, Paintball with 100 rounds, indoor karting and entry into Oceana nightclub all for under £150 per person, £149*  to be precise.

Riga Party On
For £59 per person* you get 2 nights in a 3 Star hotel with breakfast, airport transfers, bar crawl, lap dancing club entry and nightclub entry, just add flights. We can add the flights on for you or you can book your own and just pay £59 per person, an eye popping, stupendous offer!

Bristol Bargain
This cleverly apt named stag package is such a Bargain, the pound shop ‘are well gel’. 1 night in a 4 Star city centre hotel with breakfast, Quads Biking, Paintball with 100 rounds, clay pigeon shooting and nightclub entry for just £110 per person*.

*Prices are correct at time of this post being published, and are date dependant (most are based on arrivals between November and the end of February).

Predicted Top 5 UK Stag Destinations For 2014

North Wales - Bournemouth - Bristol

In 2013, we saw thousands of stags flock to many of our popular UK destinations, however 5 destinations really stood out with popularity and positive feedback.

Bournemouth saw a huge rise in interest from our stag parties, mind you, every year since we started (established in 2003 btw), Bournemouth has been an extremely popular stag and hen destination. Fantastic nightlife, choice daytime activities and a holiday atmosphere every weekend is guaranteed.

In 2013 we found Nottingham see a revival, as more stags picked Nottingham as their number one destination.

Bristol is another Stag Do destination hitting sixes with our customers, great activities, amazing nightlife and an almost 100% 5 star rating from our clients.

If you are looking for adventure stag weekends, North Wales will not let you down, This stag destination features high again in popularity with our stags. Year on year North Wales is hugely popular with stag parties wanting full on activities and the option for a chilled out time.

Lastly but not beastly is Reading, with fantastic hotels, activity ideas good enough to rival any respecting stag destinations and nightlife easy to navigate and celebrate, Reading is a sneaky pleasure.

The above top 5 stag destinations have been compiled not only from sheer volumes of stag dos, but also from the positive feedback we have received from our stags on their return.

Bournemouth Stag Do At An Amazing Price

An incredible saving can be had on the DesignaVenture’s Stag Do aptly named ‘Bournemouth Offer Weekend‘.

“So tell me, what am I saving and what’s included?”

Alright, alright keep your trousers on, first of all you are saving a massive £45.00 per person*!

This package in the summer usually sells for £180.00 per person however, if you travel between the months of November and February you only have to pay a meagre £135.00 per person.

Included in this amazing package is 2 nights in a 2 – 3 star hotel with breakfast located in the centre of Bournemouth, Quad Biking, Blindfold Driving, Human Table Football, Clay Pigeon Shooting and entry into one of Bournemouth’s best nightclubs.

All that for just £135.00 per person is an incredible price how does DesignaVenture do it?

Well, throughout the summer DesignaVenture has been making many friends down in Bournemouth, keeping hotels and activity sites busy with lots of stag dos and have managed to negotiate some better rates for the winter, and this saving is being passed on to all their lovely stag parties.

That’s incredibly generous of DesignaVenture, how do I get myself booked on to one of these sic stag dos?

OK, enough of the street talk!

All you have to do is rustle up a £60 deposit** to book this Bournemouth Stag package and then get your friends to either pay online, pay you or call us and pay their deposit of £30.00 per person. You then pay the balance 5 weeks prior to your travel date.

So for a no nonsense incredible Stag Do to Bournemouth at a price that will keep your bank manager in Ferraris you cannot go wrong with the Bournemouth Offer Weekend.

*Based on today’s price (16/09/2013)
**Based on bookings made at least 6 weeks before your travel date

Stag Do Adventure Weekends For Petrol Heads

Stag Do and adventure goes together like strawberries and cream, Ant and Dec and Spain and Sangria.

So I have quickly compiled a list of fantastically mad stag dos with crazy petrol driven activities to keep the petrol heads amongst you happy.

First of all we have the Petrol Heads and Calamity Clays stag Do in Bristol, an awesome array of full on motorised activities including the amazing Rage Buggies and the versatile Quad Bikes. You then get to finish off with a bash at clay pigeon shooting – this is one of our most popular packages and for under £200 for 2 nights 4 star accommodation and entry into some great clubs this great value for money.

If that Stag do sounds amazing we offer a similar package in Nottingham called the Rage Buggies, Bikes & Boogie, and for under £150 per person this is a real bargain.

Fancy a bit of Mini Racing (old style supped up rally prepared Minis with roll cages), Quad biking and Hovercraft racing? This Mini Madness package in Bournemouth will totally satisfy your petrol fumes craving!

Our Berlin Bangers package is not for the speed freaks but for the stag groups wanting to drive around the streets of Berlin in old 2 stroke, communist style Trabants. You will love the adventure and the funny looks!

Other petrol driven stag activities include motorized Beer Kegs, indoor karting, SuperCats, Tanks, Honda Pilots the world is your Oyster.

There are simply loads of Stag do ideas all over our website, but if you need that personal touch, pick up the telephone and give us a call, we are here to help.

Looking For A Quick Getaway?

When the sun is shining in the UK there is no better place to be, and one of the best places to have your last minute celebration whether you’re on a hen or stag do is Bournemouth.

The beach in Bournemouth is clean, the water is clear and the weather on this south coast is usually the hottest in the UK, recent temperatures have hit 30 degrees Celsius.

So you just need to pack your bucket and spade, frisbee, bat and ball and head to the south coast.

But hold on, all the hotels are fully booked, how can I get my hen or stag party down there?

Well luckily that’s where DesignaVenture come’s in, we have a list of hotels as long as both your arms and both your dangly legs. All we need to know is when you want to go, how many people and for how long we can then find you a hotel quicker then then you can say “I DON’T LIKE SALT ON MY CHIPS”.

At night once you have creamed your sunburnt bodies Bournemouth has some fantastic restaurants, bars and clubs with an atmosphere good enough to cuddle making it one of the best destination for your hen or Stag do, especially when the weather is so fine.

Ideas For A Bournemouth Stag Do

Stag Group IN Swimwear On Bournemouth BeachWhat can I expect from a Bournemouth stag do?

Well if there is one destination in the UK fit for a Stag Do, Bournemouth is the chosen one.

The unique climate (warmest micro climates in the UK), fantastic nightlife and full on daytime activities, you can see why Bournemouth is so popular for a Stag Weekend.

Then you have the beach, 7 miles of glorious sand, clean waters and a great atmosphere to boot.

In the summer months the beach is full with people enjoying the weather, Frisbee, football or swimming in the sea you can’t beat it.

As mentioned previously Bournemouth is home to some of the finest Stag Do activities known to man. Activities include water, motors, guns and balls – from Rage Buggies to Coasteering, Quad Biking to Shooting Assault Rifles and from Racing Karts to stalking in Paintball.

Then you have the epic nightlife. A whole street or two of pubs, bars and clubs. Your night outs can be as lively as you like, head to Poole or Boscombe for a more quieter night out or stay in Bournemouth for a night out that will put hairs on your chest.

So for some excellent Bournemouth packages activities and ideas, head over to our Bournemouth Stag Do section of our website for ideas, activities and inspiration.

Stag Weekends in Bournemouth

If you are looking for a UK destination next year for your stag weekend then look no further then the Dorset gem of Bournemouth.

“So what can I expect from a stag weekend in Bournemouth”?

Well, I am glad you asked, in the day the list of activities are as long as your arm and will keep the boys, well happy.

Coasteering for the stag groups wanting full on adrenalin infused activities or Rage Buggies for the petrol heads.

Paintball for the trigger-happy or Zorbing for hamster fanatics!

Other daytime stag activities include RIB adventures to the Isle of Wight, Surfing, Mini Racing, Deep Sea Fishing and it’s a knockout.

At night you have dog racing, casino nights, fantastic nightclubs, bar crawls, gentleman’s clubs, great restaurants, there is simply loads to do.

With Bournemouth sitting on a 7 mile sandy beach in the summer when the sun is shinning, mid afternoon, there is no better place to hang out.

So if you are looking for some fantastic stag weekends in Bournemouth head to the Bournemouth stag do part of the DesignaVenture website for inspiration and ideas.

The Bournemouth Offer Weekend For Stag Dos

If you are looking for a stag weekend action packed and full to the brim with fantastic activities for less than £130 per person* then the Bournemouth Offer Weekend stag do is perfect for you.

The full on activities included in this immense package is Quad Biking, Blindfold Driving, Clay Pigeon Shooting and Human Table Football.

You also get 2 nights in a 3 star hotel with breakfast, which is situated right in the centre of this very lively popular stag destination.

Also included is entry into either Chilli Whites or Lava & Ignite nightclub.

So for an amazing stag weekend in Bournemouth, the Bournemouth Offer Weekend is a perfect choice.

*Based on arriving on any weekend between the months of November 2012 to February 2013.