Cheap is not always cheapest

When it comes to buying cheap the old saying goes; “you get what you pay for!”

Stag dos are no different, that’s why you need to ask a few basic questions before booking. These questions should include how close is the hotel to the night life, ideally you don’t want to find that you are 4-5 miles out of town as this could inadvertently escalate the weekend costs with the additional travel fees by around £40 plus per taxi, lets face it, whose going to want to drive!

So spending a few more pounds and staying in the centre will save you in the long run.

How long does each activity last, and will there be much standing around before you have your go? Paying a cheap price for Rage Buggies for example and only having one rage buggy between all 20 of you would certainly be a shambles.

If you want to save your stag group money book your nightclubs up front, most clubs charge extra on the night.

Include breakfast at the hotel at time of booking as usually adding breakfast on when you are at the hotel costs more.

A top tip for your stag trip is to have a stag do kitty, this means everyone puts in the same, so not one is out of pocket.

So check out your stag do package thoroughly as what seems extremely good value on the outside may not be on the inside. Cheap might not be the your cheapest bet!

Sunshine for our UK Stag Dos

It’s only March and the press are already talking about a warm summer in the UK, which is great news for stag dos celebrating their weekend on this fantastic island.

No one has mentioned BBQ summer to date but I am sure that will be the next big headline in the Mail or Express!

If you fancy a stag do by the beach you cannot go far wrong with booking either Bournemouth, which has 7 miles of beautiful white sandy beach or Newquay which is a surfer paradise.

Activities in both these locations are unique offering Coasteering or surfing for stags in Newquay or Rage Buggies and Blindfold driving in Bournemouth, not forgetting a stag favourite Human table football.

So what ever you want to do at your top UK stag do location we are hoping the press are right with the weather for summer of twenty eleven.

Joint Hen and Stag Dos Donkey Derby for Charity

Tom Walshe a solicitor from St Helens and Kate Humphreys from Abermorddu held a Donkey Derby for their hen and stag do which helped raised £775 for cancer research.

The sun shone and hundreds of people including family and friends turned up to enjoy the Derby which included a bar, hog roast, bouncy castle and bucking bronco.

The couple are due to get married in May in Pulford before they head off to the States for their honeymoon.

We wish the happy couple the best of luck with their forthcoming wedding and their honeymoon.

A stag do should be a memorable occasion, and this joint hen and stag certainly will be an unforgettable experience.

Secret Stag Party held for the Prince

The well-known tabloids are reporting that Prince William has already had one of his stag dos on a country estate in Norfolk.

The plucky Princes’ Stag Do was attended by 20 of his closest friends including Kate Middleton’s Brother, James Meade.

A source from St James’s Palace told reporters “I can confirm the Prince William’s stag party happened this weekend”.

This stag do certainly didn’t live up to all the hype that went along with this Royal celebration, unlike Peter Phillip’s stag do where Prince William downed pints and reportedly dropped his trousers!

Good job to as the Prince is due back at work today in Anglesey and Prince Harry is due to join a trek to the North Pole in aid of disabled servicemen.

So that’s the Princes stag do done and dusted, or is it?

A short history of Stag Dos

Stag Dos believe to go all the way back to 5th Century of Ancient Greek Times.

A stag night dinner was arranged for the stag by Spartan Soldiers on the night before his wedding.

Everyone knows King Henry VIII loved weddings and was possible addicted to his stag nights, he got married enough times.

Late 1800s stags / grooms used their stag night to say goodbye to their mates they didn’t want to invite into their marital home, nice.

These days lavish bashes are all the rage, with nights, weekends and even weeks booked to celebrate the stag do, and why not?

Flights Abandoned by Stag Dos

With the current fuel prices rocketing airlines have been forced to up their prices turning off tens of thousands of stag dos from the usual European stag weekend jaunts.

However, we only like to deliver good news on this news channel, so the good news is UK stag do organisers are seeing UK stag and hen weekend bookings soar (excuse the pun).

“Our stag activity weekends in the UK are up by a massive 25%” a spokesman from DesignaVenture advised.

“The low cost airlines are currently not living up to their name, on weekends their prices to most popular European destinations are double what they were a year ago add to that all the additional extras they charge these days and it just gets too expensive” he added.

So my advice to you is book Britain, and book it soon as the UK will be full to bursting in peak season this year.

Shockingly, Stag Parties are booking up walking weekends

Stag dos in North Wales and South Wales are becoming walkers, however, we are not talking about rambling, luckily, we are talking about Gorge scrambling, canyoning or better known as Gorge Walking.

This is not for the faint hearted, you need buoyancy aids, helmets, rope and balls of steel as you jump into deep pools, walk behind waterfalls and traverse across sheer rock faces.

Gorge Walking is becoming a very popular stag activity and is very similar to Coasteering in Newquay, which is also a very popular activity to do on your stag weekend.

“Canyoning (another name for Gorge Walking / Scrambling) is a unique and fantastic activity to do on your stag do, it keeps the boys together all day, giving them danger, excitement and a bit of team bonding to boot”, a spokesman from leading stag do organisers DesignaVenture advised me.

Fancy Dress, a short history of dressing up

These days 50% of Stag dos from the UK like to dress up on one of the nights of their stag weekend.

When I say dress up, I don’t mean sticking on a smart suit or wearing black tie, I mean on one of their stag nights all the group dress up and go out as the 118 men, Olympic athletes or even go as far as Mankini’s, sported by infamous Borat.

So, why do so many stag parties like to get dressed up?

One of the main reasons I think stag groups dress up in Fancy Dress, is to stick out in the crowd and to be noticed. You will also be able to spot your stag group members in a busy bar or club.

I also think it’s a good leveller, a great talking point and gives everyone in the group a connection, as some stag group members maybe meeting for the first time.

Where did fancy dress come from?

It may have started in the 18th century at the mask balls, but the modern concept started by the Victorians and expanded upon by the Edwardians.

In the 1940’s costume parties were the rage until the 1970’s when fancy dress really took off but none of these really match up to what is going on in today’s standards, were everything and anything goes.

The 80’s look, Vicars and Tarts, 118 men, The flintstones and even going our dressed as Fruit and Veg, with more and more whacky ideas coming out of the woodwork each year this is the age of Fancy Dress, no matter what you are celebrating.

Could it be a tale of 2 cities for Prince Williams Stag Dos?

The tabloids are speculating that Prince William will be having two stag dos before he marries Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey on April 29.

The first stag do is expected to be held in London and will be for all his old university chums, friends of the family, old acquaintances and school friends.

The Mirror reports that for his second stag do, William and a select hand full of guests will head off to Cape Town, South Africa, for an evening party organised by Williams best friends, Guy Pelly and Tom Inskip, is believed to be happening at the end of March at the raunchy Vaudeville Burlesque Club, known to all as The V Spot, the place to go to and to be seen when in Cape Town!

This 300-seater burlesque supper club is meant to be scintillating thrill from start to finish, delighting patrons nightly with a fantastic combination of 16 act cirque show including singers, hula-hoop fire dancers, tap dancers, acrobatic, drag acts etc, enjoyed over a 3-course supper lovingly created by DISH Food & Social

The V Spot is opulently decked Like a gaudy world of fantasy is entered through plush velvet curtains and has white fluffy clouds and birdcages hanging from the ceiling, and a dance floor boasting a number of strategically placed poles. Entry is only £3.80 however the drinks served by busty corset-wearing chorus girls are unbelievably expensive with a bottle of Moet rose champagne setting you back a mere £480!

The Mirror goes on to report Susanna Warren saying. “The boys, and Prince Harry, have been busy plotting a couple of wild nights out for Wills for weeks now.

Beat the Vat Man (not with a club, thats illegal)

On January the 04th 2011, VAT goes up to 20% on almost everything you buy including stag dos.

Whilst every body talks about big ticket purchases such as Ipads, Ipods and everything else that starts with an I, holidays and breaks are one of the only purchases you can have deep into 2011 whilst only paying the VAT for 2010.

So get the boys together, figure out your stag destination and what stag do activities you want to include and get your stag do booked before Christmas, saving you and your friends that all important dough you need to spend whilst on your stag weekend.

Most companies if booking your break within the UK will allow you to change your numbers up until 4 weeks prior to departure, so you don’t even need a firm yes from all the boys, just the main players!