Fancy Dress, a short history of dressing up

These days 50% of Stag dos from the UK like to dress up on one of the nights of their stag weekend.

When I say dress up, I don’t mean sticking on a smart suit or wearing black tie, I mean on one of their stag nights all the group dress up and go out as the 118 men, Olympic athletes or even go as far as Mankini’s, sported by infamous Borat.

So, why do so many stag parties like to get dressed up?

One of the main reasons I think stag groups dress up in Fancy Dress, is to stick out in the crowd and to be noticed. You will also be able to spot your stag group members in a busy bar or club.

I also think it’s a good leveller, a great talking point and gives everyone in the group a connection, as some stag group members maybe meeting for the first time.

Where did fancy dress come from?

It may have started in the 18th century at the mask balls, but the modern concept started by the Victorians and expanded upon by the Edwardians.

In the 1940’s costume parties were the rage until the 1970’s when fancy dress really took off but none of these really match up to what is going on in today’s standards, were everything and anything goes.

The 80’s look, Vicars and Tarts, 118 men, The flintstones and even going our dressed as Fruit and Veg, with more and more whacky ideas coming out of the woodwork each year this is the age of Fancy Dress, no matter what you are celebrating.