Cheap is not always cheapest

When it comes to buying cheap the old saying goes; “you get what you pay for!”

Stag dos are no different, that’s why you need to ask a few basic questions before booking. These questions should include how close is the hotel to the night life, ideally you don’t want to find that you are 4-5 miles out of town as this could inadvertently escalate the weekend costs with the additional travel fees by around £40 plus per taxi, lets face it, whose going to want to drive!

So spending a few more pounds and staying in the centre will save you in the long run.

How long does each activity last, and will there be much standing around before you have your go? Paying a cheap price for Rage Buggies for example and only having one rage buggy between all 20 of you would certainly be a shambles.

If you want to save your stag group money book your nightclubs up front, most clubs charge extra on the night.

Include breakfast at the hotel at time of booking as usually adding breakfast on when you are at the hotel costs more.

A top tip for your stag trip is to have a stag do kitty, this means everyone puts in the same, so not one is out of pocket.

So check out your stag do package thoroughly as what seems extremely good value on the outside may not be on the inside. Cheap might not be the your cheapest bet!