Euromillions Winner’s Stag Do in Amsterdam

Matt Topham, A Euromillions winner who won £45m in February took his family and close friends on a stag do to Amsterdam.

Sporting antlers and a pink stag do t-shirts stating Game Over on the front and tanked up on the back, Matt fitted in with all the other stag dos in Amsterdam!

According to a nationwide tabloid’s website the stag party hit all the bars in Amsterdam, starting with teasers on the main drag from the central station followed by lunch at Macdonald’s.

Apparently he paid for all his family and friends and told them all that “this stag do is on me”.

Matt Topham is marrying his childhood sweetheart Casey Carrington and we at DesignaVenture want to wish them, all the luck in the world.

Lap Dancing Vs Strippers

Its that age old question should the stag do involve a stripper or should the whole group make their way to a Lap dancing club, or should we just not bother at all?

First of all, this is stag party dependant, if you think that some of the party will turn their noses up at such an activity then it’s a good idea not to include it at all. However some best men say that lap dancing on a stag weekend go hand in hand.

Also your chosen stag destination may not have a lap dancing club, so your destination may decide for you.

If you are in the situation where you can either arrange a stripper for the stag do or a trip to a lap dancing club, then the choice is yours.

You may want to really embarrass the stag with a roly poly stripper or “have him arrested” by a Sexy Police Constable or get him a stripper older than his Nan!

Alternatively, the lap dancing club is stag do haven, where everyone in the group has a good time, and you can either spoil the stag or spoil yourself!!

I know which choice I would go for, having had a Roly Poly stripper for my stag do, I am still reliving the nightmare now, so a lap dancing club any day!!

At DesignaVenture we can organise a trip to a Lap Dancing Club for you however we do not arrange strip o grams.


The Stag Do has become something of a necessity, an integral part of a wedding. To most of the groom’s party (and maybe a couple of the grooms) it is the most important part of the whole wedding!

DesignaVenture understand that with all the stress of arranging a wedding, you simply want to turn up and have fantastically memorable time.

Whether you decide to go abroad or stay in the UK this is your chance to get away with the lads and have a stag weekend to remember without bumping into people you know. It is also your chance to have a private weekend with just you and your closest friends so make sure that you have a blast, remember what goes on tour, stays on tour.


To have a stag night or stag weekend away is certainly the best way to go out with a bang. Remember, your new life awaits for you on the other side of the wedding so say goodbye to your old life in style.

When possible, let your friends pull together and fund the stag do as you have enough to pay for with the up and coming wedding.

Once you and the best man have decided on what and where, turn to DesignaVenture who are extremely experience in arranging stress free stag dos.

They can organise everything from stag friendly hotels, popular stag activities and nightclubs to gentleman’s clubs, transport and even an evening meal before hitting the bars and clubs on your big night out. It is a one stop stag shop (try and say that after a few flaming Sambuca’s)!


From the moment you got the chance to be part of the wedding let’s be honest, all that was on your mind was arranging a kick-ass stag do.

Now this could bring a chill down your spine and a sweat on you brow but stop – there is no need to panic DesignaVenture is there to rescue you.

All you have to do is decide, communicate and enjoy. Round up the troops to see how many want in and then sit back and let DesignaVenture take the strain.

There are so many stag packages and top stag destinations to visit so pick wisely. You have to make sure your man, the stag, has the best weekend as a single fella, as it won’t be repeated.

Back To It People

January is known for being a down month, it is home to the most depressing day of the year and most people have to wait for over 40 days for their pay (as they where paid before Christmas).

But hey, it’s not all doom and gloom it is also the month we look forward, to holidays and to booking the next hen party or stag do.

With so many stag do ideas and pages and pages of bullet proof stag do packages, the DesignaVenture website is by far the best place to start.

If you are after a bargain or a full on stag weekend, there is a package to suit everyone and every budget.

From accommodation and nightclub only packages to stag weekends to Europe by private jet, DesignaVenture simply has it all.

Our fantastic customer service has a proven track record at being the best in the business, we know this is an important celebration, one like no other, so we make it count.

Twenty 12 is going to be an amazing year in the UK, more people these days are looking for adventure holidays and breaks and the UK is home to some of the finest activity sites in the world so explore them on your next stag do, it will be the best weekend of your life (so far).

MP Get’s Sacked For Stag Do Behaviour

The Conservative MP for Cannock Chase has been sacked from his Ministerial aide post for his stag do antics in the French ski resort of Val Thorens.

As reported in a daily newspaper’s website, he was pictured with the groom Mark Fournier who was dressed up in a Nazi SS style uniform making a Nazi salute (the groom not the MP).

This was not enough for Downing Street to take action.

However, further information coming from this stag weekend was reported that the MP Aidan Burley was actually responsible for hiring the uniforms.

This act not only lost him his ministerial aide post but also he may be up for charges in France where it is an offence to wear a Nazi uniform except in the certain circumstances, so a stag do wouldn’t be covered in this, I wonder what would?

Is This The End Of The Cheap European Stag Do?

If more and more European countries take on the Euro this may have a big effect on which destinations stag dos from the UK will party in.

The European countries that use the Euro tend to be more expensive than their counterparts that use their own currency such as Latvia, Poland and the Czech Republic.

One of the many reasons why stag parties go to Europe to celebrate is for the cheap beer, food and accommodation; however this has changed.

You may find long-haul stag do destinations becoming popular such as Thailand, America or even India. These countries are cheaper than Europe for accommodation, beer and food and a round of drinks won’t leave you needing to talk to your accountant.

However, as the UK looks like they will never join the European single currency this may mean the UK’s pubs, bars, restaurants and hotels will become better value for money compared to other European stag do destinations.

This is great news for our own economy as more and more hen and stag parties will stay in the UK.

This is just one way of looking at it, on the flip side if more countries join the Euro this may have a negative effect on the currency making the it cheaper to buy, which could mean cheaper European stag do destinations – it’s certainly a head scratcher – phew I need to sit down!

Keep Your Cash For Christmas

You have just had a meeting with the Groom and you have both decided on location and package for your 2012 stag weekend in the UK.

You want to get things sorted but funds are short, christmas is coming and the geese are getting fat and all that.

Well, DesignaVenture has come up with an ingenious way of getting your stag weekend booked without having to part with loads of dosh.

Book your 2012 UK stag do before Christmas and you will only have to secure it with a £50 per group deposit*.

Now you can sit back and relax by a roaring fire, eating mince pies and roasting your chestnuts knowing that already you have 2012 sorted.

*The Facts
You will need to pay a further £50 deposit by the 1st of February 2012, and the remaining balance 5 weeks before (unless your balance is due before the end of January 2012, obviously), this offer only applies to packages and activities booked in the UK.

Stag Do Shame For Fox

Liam Fox has recently been hitting the headlines all for the wrong reasons and the latest story according to the Guardian is he went to Dubai on tax payers money and combined it with a stag do, some of it no doubt funded by us, the tax payers.

Now I am all for going on a stag parties but one thing I am not for, is paying for it using tax payers money.

If this is true I am ashamed and angry not just with Liam Fox but with the whole of the governmental system.

Corruption should not be happening in the UK.

What is the difference between this and the looters of August, the principles are the same.

Sorry to get all political on your ass, but Government Ministers should not be spending our money on their stag dos, this is called stealing.

Rant over.

Try Something Different On Your Stag Do

Most stag dos tend to include one or two activities to keep the boys entertained.

Now these activities can be from stag drinking games to thrashing round a course on a rage buggy or quad bike.

Whatever your stag wants to do make sure he has a truely unique experience.

Something he hasn’t done before which he will remember for the rest of his days, so when his grand kids ask “what did you do on your stag do grandpa” he doesnt reply “just say went down the local boozer”.

What he should reply is “I had a fantastic stag weekend, we went white water rafting, paintballing and then went to see a comedy club and nightclub, I remember it well!”

Inbetweeners Plan A Stag Party Sequel

After the opening box office success of the Inbetweeners film, according to a daily tabloid, the makers are planning a sequel which will be a stag party.

The inbetweeners movie has so far raked in £25.8 million at the British Box Office with the makers rubbing their hands with glee and their heads on what to do for a sequel.

Well great news, according to this daily tabloid another a new film is on it’s way, and as the kids have grown up, done their A levels and had their A levels holiday, the next best thing to do is obvious, Neil will marry and have a hilarious stag do.

What better way to see the funny side of life then on a stag do with your mates, which inevitably will include plenty of Tom Foolery and misbehaviour.