North Wales A Cracker Of A Stag Do Destination

If you can go to a nightclub any day of the week and you are bored of the same old stag dos, then a stag do in North Wales is your perfect choice.

When you arrive into North Wales you are not confronted by traffic jams, on the contrary, you will have open roads, amazing scenery, and the sense of freedom from your hectic stressful life.

Our popular stag friendly pub accommodation with big breakfasts, hearty meals and a late night bar cannot be beaten however, if you prefer a little luxury we also have hotels with leisure facilities and a great service.

North Wales has adventure in it’s blood, with outdoor activities such as Canyoning and White Water Rafting to popular Stag Do activities such as Quad Biking and racing Rage Buggies.

The canyoning is awesome and is one of the best sites in the UK, it’s a lot quieter than it’s South Wales counterpart and there some pretty amazing jumps.

If you prefer to shoot a gun, then shooting Clays out of the sky is also a very popular activity for stag dos. You get more bullets for your buck in North Wales so not only is North Wales a great place for a Stag Do, it’s also very cost effective.

At night after your mammoth adventure day you have 3 choices, stay in the pub and catch up with all your mates, go to a border town such as Welshpool or Oswestry for a pub crawl or head for the bright lights of Chester.

So head to North Wales for Adventure, Unique Stag Do Ideas and to just get away from it all.

A Stag Do In North Wales Discounted

ROLL UP, ROLL UP – Driving Ambition, a popular little stag do package on the DesignaVenture website have been slashed by £10 per person providing you book before the 21st December 2012.

For just £109.00 per person* you can stay for 2 nights in a rural country Inn (basically a pub with en-suite bedrooms up stairs), eat two hearty breakfasts, race Hovercrafts, get into an Archery competition and sit down to eat an evening meal on the Saturday or Friday night.

You will spend £109.00 in Sainsbury’s this weekend, so starve for a week and book yourself onto this amazingly good, value for money, stag do.

*Based on your £10 per person discount, providing you book before the 21st December 2012. Based on any 2013 weekend, subject to availability.

North Wales Boasts A Busy Stag Do Summer

We are finding more and more stag parties want adventure and there is no better place then North Wales.

Stag Parties are kicking out the clubs for Canyoning, White Water Rafting and Quad Biking.

North Wales has seen the benefit of this as it has some of the best stag do activities available within the UK.

Rage Buggies have also just arrived in to our North Wales popular packages attracting petrol heads wanting their stag do to include a bit of Rage!

You cannot beat these amazing machines; they are extremely fast, furious and tough enough to take on any stag party.

At night you have the choice of parting in Chester or any of the local towns surrounding your rural hotel. Alternatively, you can drink at one of our group hotels where the bar shuts when the last man drops, which can be all night in some cases!

North Wales is a fantastic place for a unique stag do away from the traffic jams, hassle and smog of a big city.

Stay In A Pub On Your Stag Do

Stag Parties are renown for the odd visit to the pub, actually most stag weekends are based around the pub, but why not go one better and actually stay in a pub.

DesignaVenture offer superb stag packages in North Wales / Shropshire borders all based on staying above a pub in en-suite accommodation fit for, well a stag do.

This stag friendly accommodation is very clean and comfortable and serves huge breakfasts every morning and hearty evening meals (most of the DesignaVenture stag packages include an evening meal).

The bar is open until the last man sinks, gauranteed, and the Ale is cheap and plentiful.

You are then well placed for fantastic stag activities which include White Water Rafting, Canyoning, Quad Biking, Dirt Buggies, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Hovercrafts there are too many to name.

Once your warn out bodies need to sit down and relax after the amazing stag activities on offer this very special stag friendly accommodation will open it’s arms and welcome you in for a well earned pint and some bed rest.

Stag Do to North Wales Is The Great Get Away

After last week when some of the large cities in England saw rare scenes of riots and looting, does it make a lot of sense to book your stag do to North Wales and get way from the big cities?

Well, if you are looking for full on stag do activities such as White Water Rafting, Gorge Walking, Rage Buggies, Quad Biking and Paintball, North Wales has the lot and more.

What your stag weekend in North Wales lacks in nightlife it makes up in a laid back atmosphere, fantastic daytime activities, stunning scenery and friendly locals.

If you want a bar and pub crawl there are plenty of market towns with enough pubs to cater for your needs and remember Chester is only 45 minutes away if you yearn for a big nightclub.

If I was to marry again, North Wales would be my stag do destination of choice, followed closely by Las Vegas, Thailand and then onto Sydney, Australia*.

*Providing money was no object and my future wife didn’t mind me taking a month to six weeks off for my stag do.

A Stag Do in North Wales, Why?

Why have a stag do in North Wales when you have Barcelona, Prague and Bournemouth all within easy reach?

Well first of all it may not have the weather but boy does it have the stag do activities.

The White Water Rafting sites are by far the busiest within the UK, and you can expect White Water all year round.

The quad biking sites take in fantastic scenery and give you some of the most exciting treks you will ever experience, with one climbing a mountain to views of seven Counties!

Gorge Scrambling also known as Canyoning is what an outdoor activity should be; exciting, hair raising, group bonding and all with stunning views.

On the North Wales / Shropshire borders you have Clay Pigeon Shooting, Hovercrafting, Karting, Paintball and archery to name but a few.

One thing I haven’t mentioned is that feeling of getting away from it all, one of the major North Wales stag selling points.