Stag Do to North Wales Is The Great Get Away

After last week when some of the large cities in England saw rare scenes of riots and looting, does it make a lot of sense to book your stag do to North Wales and get way from the big cities?

Well, if you are looking for full on stag do activities such as White Water Rafting, Gorge Walking, Rage Buggies, Quad Biking and Paintball, North Wales has the lot and more.

What your stag weekend in North Wales lacks in nightlife it makes up in a laid back atmosphere, fantastic daytime activities, stunning scenery and friendly locals.

If you want a bar and pub crawl there are plenty of market towns with enough pubs to cater for your needs and remember Chester is only 45 minutes away if you yearn for a big nightclub.

If I was to marry again, North Wales would be my stag do destination of choice, followed closely by Las Vegas, Thailand and then onto Sydney, Australia*.

*Providing money was no object and my future wife didn’t mind me taking a month to six weeks off for my stag do.