Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland has to be one of the best stag do destinations within the 4 seas of this great island we call Britain.

Near the top, Edinburgh surprisingly has a good climate and less rain then many parts of the UK.

But I know you are not reading this for a geography lesson, you are saying that’s very well and good and that, but what can I do whilst on a stag do.

Well let me tell you, some of the best white water rafting Britain has to offer, some of the most dangerous Rage buggying known to man, some terrifying cliff jumping and if you just want to sit back and catch up with mates a thousand and one pubs (don’t quote me on that, but Edinburgh does have an unbelievable amount of pubs per head).

The fringe festival in August has to be one of the funniest comedy months of the year so if you plan on going in August, book early.

Loads of activities, fantastic late nightlife with a great atmosphere, Edinburgh really is a great stag do choice.