White Water Rafting Stays on Track

A couple of months ago I was asked by a client booking his stag do “will there be enough water in July to have some decent white water rafting in North Wales?”.

I explained to him that usually June and July don’t have a huge amount of rainfall however, dam releases by Welsh Water keeps the river levels up keeping it perfect for white water rafting.

How wrong were we both, we have had one of the wettest summers since records began (why is everything since records began, when did they begin 2007?).

The good news is no DesignaVenture stag parties has had their white water rafting cancelled due to dangerously high water levels, in fact water levels are perfect for some fantastic white water.

You cannot beat Britain for adventure weekends, so if that’s your aim for your next stag do, book Britain.

Adventurous Stag Do Ideas

If your groom is a bit of an adrenalin junkie and likes to live on the edge, then below is a rough guide for adventurous stag do activity ideas I am sure he would like to get his teeth into.


Just Jump

First of all Coasteering, this is a wild activity with bells on, jumping into deep water pools obviously on the coast, hence the name. All the specialised equipment such as wetsuits, buoyancy aids and helmets are included, all you need to bring is an old pair of trainers and balls of steel as the jumps get higher and higher.

Staying with water based stag activities; get yourselves to Wales or Scotland for some Gorge Scrambling action. Also known as Canyoning, this adventurous stag do activity includes walking behind waterfalls, jumping into deep pools, traversing sheer rock faces and in some locations exploring a cave or two. Again all your specialised equipment is included.

White Water Rafting finishes off the water based activity list in style, frothing water and a thrashing river awaits your group’s raft so get your paddles ready and prepare for a dunking. Most of the white water river sites are grade 2 – 4 however; there are some man made sites, which are also popular with the newest in Cardiff Bay.

Abseiling may not be the first activity on the stag do essential list but the one in North Wales is pretty special. SAS style abseiling from 80ft bridges will certainly get the blood pumping and the adventurous hungry stag happy.

Talking of the SAS, try out the mega assault course in Hereford with a high ropes course that will curl your toes, fly down a zip line and walking the Jacobs ladder.

To finish off without a snifter of motorised stag do activities in sight why not try Mountain biking in the Scottish highlands near Edinburgh or in North Wales. Cycle along stunning mountain paths with some high narrow ledges and some great down hill action.

All these adventurous stag do ideas can be done by themselves or in a DesignaVenture bullet-proof stag package, call us for details.

Edinburgh Is a Top Stag Do Destination

Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland has to be one of the best stag do destinations within the 4 seas of this great island we call Britain.

Near the top, Edinburgh surprisingly has a good climate and less rain then many parts of the UK.

But I know you are not reading this for a geography lesson, you are saying that’s very well and good and that, but what can I do whilst on a stag do.

Well let me tell you, some of the best white water rafting Britain has to offer, some of the most dangerous Rage buggying known to man, some terrifying cliff jumping and if you just want to sit back and catch up with mates a thousand and one pubs (don’t quote me on that, but Edinburgh does have an unbelievable amount of pubs per head).

The fringe festival in August has to be one of the funniest comedy months of the year so if you plan on going in August, book early.

Loads of activities, fantastic late nightlife with a great atmosphere, Edinburgh really is a great stag do choice.

Stag Dos Just Love White Water Rafting

Now the summer is finally here and 2011 is set to be possibly the best summer for at least 4 years there is no better activity on a stag do then White Water Rafting.

If you are looking for grade 3 rapids and loads of laughs then North Wales has an exceptional white water rafting site. All safety equipment is included and a very thorough safety briefing, you are then set free with your instructor to tackle the rapids.

Expect plenty of banter and at least a couple of dunkings especially if the stag is in your raft!

In Scotland, about 1 – 1½ hours drive from Edinburgh you will find the longest and roughest stretches of white water within the UK.

Again, you will be provided with all the necessary equipment and a full safety briefing before tackling the six miles of frothing white water.

They have even named their rapids up which include the Zoom Flume and Washing Machine.

So if you are stuck on what to do this summer or even winter, white water rafting is one hell of an activity to do on your stag weekend.

Water Way to go in Wales

Stag Weekends in Wales and exhilarating activities go hand in hand like Charlie Sheen and cigarettes.

White water rafting weekends in Wales are a top stag activity option, all your specialised equipment is included so all you need to do is turn up and tune in.

Other popular adrenalin fuelled activities include gorge walking or canyoning, basically jumping into deep pools from 60 foot ledges and walking under waterfalls and traversing sheer rock faces it’s such great activity, stags come back year after year.

For a more chilled out water experience you can canoe down the river Wye starting in Wales and ending up in Beautiful Herefordshire on the welsh borders.

Water ever you go for on your stag do in Wales be sure to pack your sun cream as in the summer months a suntan is guaranteed even on cloudy days.

Stag do ideas for the adrenalin fuelled enthusiast

Most stag dos include enough booze to float a small ship however most stag parties want something memorable, competitive and exciting. So I have compiled a few of DesignaVentures most popular activities to help you out in creating your most memorable stag do.

On the competitive side of things there are loads of activities you can include in your stag weekend:

Indoor Karting seems to be the top competitive motorsport where the boys can race around a track head to head on several levels designed to get the best out of your racing skills. All karts have onboard computers which will not only tell you who has won but also your average speed and fastest lap. Most tracks will also give you a print out of all your stats, keeping the stat fans happy!!

Then there is Paintball, if you dreamt and played war when you were a kid then this is as close as it gets. Real paintballs will give away if you have been shot so a good plan with the boys before you set off will give you a good chance of winning and not getting shot! Despite what people say it doesn’t hurt that much and I am speaking from experience.

5 a side football may not be adrenaline fuelled but it is certainly energetic and competitive. Most stag groups will have many footballers in the group who will love nothing better then to have a kick around before a big night out. This is a great Friday afternoon activity and a bad Sunday morning idea!

Clay Pigeon Shooting is a sport for the country pursuit enthusiast however many stag dos love this activity for it’s competitive edge and the fact that you are using real guns that make a hell of a noise. Don’t worry all shooting grounds include earplugs, protective glasses and instruction.

If you are looking for something energetic and adrenalin fuelled then the following will not let you down:

Coasteering is done very well in Cornwall, with its rugged coastline and deep pools making it ideal for cliff jumping / tomb stoning done professionally. All specialised clothing is provided including wet suit, helmet and buoyancy aid. You are then taken by instructors who know the coastline like the back of their hands to start from small jumps into deep pools ending up with massive jumps as high as a Victorian house!

White Water Rafting will certainly get your blood rushing as you paddle down stream avoiding rock boulders and hitting the water where its frothing like an outraged dog. Again all specialised clothing and equipment is included and I feel the best location is in Scotland, but if you feel this is too far for you then North Wales is an excellent alternative.

Rage Buggies may not be very competitive although there is a competitive element to the session, but boy can they go fast and whilst you slide your buggy around a mud track at speeds of around 50mph, adrenalin will flow through your blood stream like lava out of a very angry volcano.

These are just some of the great activities DesignaVenture organise every day, for a full list go to http://www.designaventure.co.uk/stagandhenactivities_day_activities.php