Dare to be Different on Your Stag Do!

Tired of the run of the mill stag do activities like paintball and karts? Look no further as we have compiled a short list of dare to be different activities.

Build a boat with cardboard, yes cardboard and get them on the lake without sinking, your main aim is to then get back to shore without sinking! Also on this wacky stag activity site near Reading is bathtub kart racing, which is another story.

It’s a Knockout, famous in the 80’s (even the Royals got involved) is now a classic stag and hen activity and includes plenty of foam, inflatable’s and getting dressed up in gentle giants costumes then racing. You can participate in this activity in Nottingham, Bristol and Bournemouth.

West Country Games includes tongue in cheek sports such as welly wanging, The cider run, handbags at dawn and pitchfork duel. This totally mad great fun unique stag do activity is located near Bristol of course.

Also situated in Bristol is the excellent cider tasting, less of a sport more of a relaxing competitive activity with eight ciders to blind taste with the winner winning yet more cider! You also get nibbles including local breads, cheeses, salad, finger food and dips.

These are just a few stag do activities on offer; If you have been on a dare to be different type stag event let’s us know!

Edinburgh a Capital Stag Do Destination

If you are looking for a great place to party, Edinburgh is possibly one of the best stag weekend destinations in the UK.

Countless stag parties have travelled to this amazing city to soak up the cosmopolitan party atmosphere at the buzzing bars, superb restaurants and excellent clubs on offer.

If you need to keep the boys out of the pubs in the day, Edinburgh has some great activities including a fantastic rage buggies and quad biking site.

Travel a little further and you will have some of the wildest activities available to stag parties including 6 km of white water rafting, cliff jumping and down hill mountain biking.

If the stag is a bit of a Whisky connoisseur then lets make no bones about it Scotland is the place to be with Edinburgh having some great distilleries within city centre limits.

So for a stag do with a distinctly Scottish flavour consider Edinburgh – you will have a bonny time, get it bonny…(don’t ask me what that means I’m half Greek).

Delights Of Being The Best Man

Everyone knows that there are two main tasks to do in the best man job description and that is the dreaded speech and arranging the stag do.

The speech is your chance to rake up some dirt on the groom as well as show the wedding party what a charming, funny and considerate friend you are to the man in question.

The stag party is simple; to make sure he has an unforgettable weekend.

Booking your stag do through a stag company such as DesignaVenture will help to ensure that you are on the right tracks.

After all, they have the right contacts; the best activities to make your life easy and practically guarantee you one hell of a weekend.

Now I say almost, as you do have some work to do and that’s to make sure that the groom get’s the people he wants to attend his stag weekend.

Which means you will have to mother them and become a mini travel agent making sure that everyone pays, knows all the ins and outs of this Viking adventure.

In this day and age, you have the technology in your smart phone and laptop to land someone on the Moon so getting people to the stag do should be a doddle.

Newquay Still A Stag Do Favourite

Many revelers have described a stag do in Newquay like partying weekend in Ibiza but with better activities.

Newquay is an exciting seaside resort with some of the best sandy beaches in Cornwall, surf almost 365 days of the year and the rugged coastline perfect for Coasteering.

At night Newquay comes alive with an abundance of bars and clubs bouncing to the latest and greatest tunes the atmosphere is electric.

If you don’t fancy the beach then Newquay has some of the finest activities money can buy including awesome quad biking racing on possibly the best quad bike racing track in the UK.

If you want to go local on your stag activities then I recommend the surfing lessons, taught to you by fully-fledged professional surf instructors including the English surfing champion.

You can also go body boarding; coasteering and even deep-sea fishing, just don’t come back with crabs.

So if you are looking for a stag do in the UK, Newquay is certainly a great place to start, but hurry August and September weekend dates are filling fast!

Rage Buggies Are The Mutts Nuts

This year, rage buggies have been a massive hit for groups wanting a full on petrol-fuelled activity on their stag do.

The top speed of these exhilarating karts are a heart pumping 60 mph and when you are so low to the ground, it feels extremely fast.

DesignaVenture offers rage buggies at the following popular stag do locations Bristol, Bournemouth, Edinburgh and Reading.

As they go so fast racing head to head is far too dangerous, so your aim is to rip along a specially designed off road dirt track pulling out all the stops to reach that crucial pole position!

Use the first couple of laps as practise, then get your head down and see if you can become the Stig of the group.

When they trialled these amazing rough terrain karts on Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson described them as the Mutts Nuts!

So if you are looking for a full on motorised activity on for your stag do, check these babies out.

Last Minute Stag Dos

As we move towards August there is always an influx of last minute stag do bookings.

Best men who haven’t got their act together find themselves in hot water with the groom or fellow stag do members wanting an unforgettable weekend.

Well look no further people, DesignaVenture are just the stag do company for you, who can sniff out last minute stag do like a hound dog searching for sausages.

“We have a huge knowledge bank with 1000’s of hotels and activity sites at our disposal” a spokesman from DesignaVenture advised me.

“This year especially, we have found many best men leaving the booking of their stag do to the very last minute and the relief in their voices has been quite funny but also satisfying for us”, she added.

So if you have left it to the last minute for your stag do, all is not lost, give DesignaVenture a call.

Stag Do Inflation ALERT!

Whenever I go onto a website and see a From Price, I know 9 times out of ten it will be more expensive than the price advertised.

However, if you are booking a UK stag weekend with the leading stag do organiser Designaventure, you can breathe a sigh of relief, as the UK package prices advertised on their website is the price you pay.

“We honour our prices advertised on our website, as we do not believe in from prices on UK packages or packages that don’t include flights” a spokesman from DesignaVenture advised me.

That’s great news, but what about all the other sites which advertise from prices, is the price different to what’s advertised when you go to book your stag do?

Well, that is something you must be aware of and if the price is more expensive, book elsewhere.

Stag Do inflation is something you should be aware of, and not just take on the chin.

The Wanted Stag Do

Max George band member from the boy band The Wanted has already had his stag do arranged for him by fellow band member Nathan Sykes.

Although Max has only been engaged for one month to the beautiful Michelle Keegan who plays Tina Mcintyre in Coronation Street, Nathan Sykes is extremely excited about arranging Max’s stag do.

He told a daily tabloid “If I have it my way we’ll all be going to Benidorn on a big lads trip”.

This sounds like a right ball, a stag do in Benidorm is extremely popular, especially when there are so many hen parties out there!

Despite popular belief Benidorm is not just strippers, bars and fish and chips (although there is a lot of that), the Costa Blanca is a haven to some great stag activities including cruising in a Catamaran, down hill mountain biking, Jeep safaris and an old favourite a massive water park.

Maybe a daytime activity whilst on his stag do will get him away from the public eye for a few hours so he can relax with the boys.

Paintball Is A Fantastic Stag Do Activity

There are many scare stories of grooms being pelted to smithereens on their stag do whilst paintballing, it happened to me and I was the best man!

However, it’s an activity where everyone gets involved, it’s a great ice breaker and it certainly gets the adrenalin pumping.

Paintball has really grown up in the last ten years with many established sites offering more and more facilities for stag parties.

And then there’s the arsenal on offer including stun and paint grenades, smoke bombs and the latest pin-point accurate paintball guns.

You are also given a protective suite, anti fog goggles and a face mask to stop you from getting bruised.

The games are now more sophisticated and some of the play zones include old military vehicles and bunkers to add to the atmosphere.

Paintball as a stag do activity is certainly up there as one of the best. So the next time you are stuck for something to do on your weekend, consider paintball; it’s cheap, everyone can get involved and it’s a great leveller, bring it on Rambo.

A Stag Do For Charity

Andy Browning who lives in Fife, Scotland who is set to marry later this year is celebrating his stag do by motorbiking from John O Groats to Lands End for Charity.

Andy who is marrying Helen Provan in September will motorbike this famous top to tail stretch of the UK with fellow members of his motorbike club the Flying Aardvark Motorcycle Club, and raise funds for Bliss the premature baby charity organisation.

Bliss are dedicated to improve the survival rate and long term quality of life of premature babies.

He intends to start this trip on the 06th August and then meet up with other members of his family who live in the south of England so they can join in on his epic stag do.

To help raise money for this stag do event go to; just giving

We would like to wish him all the best for his mammoth ride to Lands End, try not have a detour to Newquay, otherwise you’ll never make it!