Paintball Is A Fantastic Stag Do Activity

There are many scare stories of grooms being pelted to smithereens on their stag do whilst paintballing, it happened to me and I was the best man!

However, it’s an activity where everyone gets involved, it’s a great ice breaker and it certainly gets the adrenalin pumping.

Paintball has really grown up in the last ten years with many established sites offering more and more facilities for stag parties.

And then there’s the arsenal on offer including stun and paint grenades, smoke bombs and the latest pin-point accurate paintball guns.

You are also given a protective suite, anti fog goggles and a face mask to stop you from getting bruised.

The games are now more sophisticated and some of the play zones include old military vehicles and bunkers to add to the atmosphere.

Paintball as a stag do activity is certainly up there as one of the best. So the next time you are stuck for something to do on your weekend, consider paintball; it’s cheap, everyone can get involved and it’s a great leveller, bring it on Rambo.