Dare to be Different on Your Stag Do!

Tired of the run of the mill stag do activities like paintball and karts? Look no further as we have compiled a short list of dare to be different activities.

Build a boat with cardboard, yes cardboard and get them on the lake without sinking, your main aim is to then get back to shore without sinking! Also on this wacky stag activity site near Reading is bathtub kart racing, which is another story.

It’s a Knockout, famous in the 80’s (even the Royals got involved) is now a classic stag and hen activity and includes plenty of foam, inflatable’s and getting dressed up in gentle giants costumes then racing. You can participate in this activity in Nottingham, Bristol and Bournemouth.

West Country Games includes tongue in cheek sports such as welly wanging, The cider run, handbags at dawn and pitchfork duel. This totally mad great fun unique stag do activity is located near Bristol of course.

Also situated in Bristol is the excellent cider tasting, less of a sport more of a relaxing competitive activity with eight ciders to blind taste with the winner winning yet more cider! You also get nibbles including local breads, cheeses, salad, finger food and dips.

These are just a few stag do activities on offer; If you have been on a dare to be different type stag event let’s us know!