Towie Star Poisoned on Marbs Stag Do

It wasn’t a TV viewer who has a dislike of TOWIE, Mark Wright the so called King of Essex from the hit ITV2 TV reality show The Only Way Is Essex (Towie), had food poisoning and missed out on the biggest night of his mate’s stag week. Shut up!

It seems a week of hard partying around the clubs and bars of Marbella with his Essex posse for Timothy Langer’s stag do had caught up with Mark.

In the morning, Mark Wright was seen celebrating with a huge smile on his face strolling along the beach in Marbella with his mates all dressed in matching pink shorts.

However, by the evening Mark was back in his apartment throwing up and missing out on the biggest night of the week – the champagne spray party at the Ocean Club. Tweeting ‘been ill all day on the most important day in Marbs ruined.’

His best friend and co-star from the show James Argent affectionately known as ‘Arg also attended their mutual mates Marbella stag do.

It was quite an eventful week with James Argent revealing on twitter various antics of the week including one of his friends urinated in another mate’s suitcase and his brother Josh had to visit the hospital after stepping on broken glass.

I suppose it is difficult with a film crew and press watching your every move to follow the usual stag do code of conduct ‘What happens on tour, stays on tour.’

Last Minute stag Do

Everyone knows that trying to organise a stag do sometimes is like herding cats.

If you are currently in the predicament of trying to organise a last minute stag weekend with people not committing or returning your calls then may I chuck an idea your way.

Book the people which have confirmed and want to give you money and leave the rest to sort themselves out and when they are ready they will call, especially when they hear it’s booked and Dave is going!

Popular locations such as Bournemouth, Newquay, Brighton and Bristol all sell out quite quickly but then have late availability due to cancelations and group’s dropping their numbers late on.

DesignaVenture currently have availability for busy weekends in June, July and August so get your skates before the stag activity or accommodation you want sells out.

They can also advise you alternative activities if you find your chosen activities are fully booked. The DesignaVenture Team want to help you arrange a fantastic memorable stag weekend and will try their very best to get you availability.

Stag Dos Head to the Beach in June 2011

There is no denying that the UK is currently going through a small drought and the weather men are even predicting a boiling hot June and July.

So what do we Brits do when the sun is hot, we head to the beach.

Bournemouth has 7 miles of glorious white sandy beaches which have a European Blue flag awarded to them for clean water and beaches.

So a Bournemouth Stag Do makes sense, but the beach is not the only attraction to this fantastic seaside town.

Activity sites have popped up all around Dorset offering some of the best activities known to stags.

These activities include Rage Buggies, Quad Bikes, Paintball, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Surfing, Banana Boat Rides, Zorbing to name but a few.

After a heavy day of burning adrenalin, the Bournemouth nightlife is electric with most bars and clubs raving on until the early morning.

You then have Sunday to hit the beach, sunbathe and rest your sleep depraved bodies before going home to reality.

So if you haven’t already booked your stag party for June or July, Bournemouth is definitely a great choice for a last minute stag do.

Super-Injunction Your Stag Do

Have you done something while on a stag do you shouldn’t have?

I am not condoning misbehaviour on a stag do, however if you have got up to something you shouldn’t have and you don’t want anyone to know about it, then maybe a super injunction could be the answer for self preservation.

So what is a super-injunction? A super-injunction is a court order banning information from being reported in the press, you can’t even mention that there is even a super-injunction in place.

To get one of the these amazing things you’ll need to find yourself a good lawyer, a court date, a wedge of cash, and I mean a stacks and stacks of money.

Hang on a minute though, a super injunction does not completely protect you, you could still be mentioned in parliament, so to go one step further you’ll need to spend yet more money and take out a hyper-injunction which bans even members of parliament from mentioning what you’ve been up to!

What ever you did on the stag do to go to these extremes to stop it from getting out, it had better of been worth it!

Is Eating Cheating On Your Stag Do?

We all know before you go on your big stag night out and fill your belly full of beer it’s best to have a good meal to keep you in a happy frame of mind rather then being too twitted to talk.

If you are in the process of looking to book a stag do and wandering what to do about meal times here are a few ideas on how to keep the boys from peaking before you get to the nightclubs and being refused entry.

Comedy clubs are a popular choice and if you have one booked, then include a meal at the club before the comedy commences, the food usually consists of fries, burgers, platters etc so is a great accompaniment to a lovely pint of lager.

If you have daytime stag activities booked and the activity site has a BBQ option, book it, as everyone loves a good barbi!

Keep the boys happy by booking a party meal at Hooters, now available in Cardiff, Nottingham and Bristol with plans of opening more restaurants in more British cities this meal option gives you lots of eye candy whilst tucking in to tasty chicken wings and sizzling burgers.

If you prefer a curry, most cities have great Indian restaurants and stag companies like DesignaVenture can add this spicy option to your chosen package.

If you are looking for great service, seasonal menus and locally produced ingredients then get the Michelin restaurant guide and book a table at your chosen location. These French guides really know a lot about the finest food and restaurants and when calling don’t mention you are on a stag do!

Mili Bland Stag Do

Ed Miliband has declined his right to a good old fashion send off before entering married life by inviting his wife-to-be to his stag do!

He has also caused controversy by not asking his brother to be his best man, when he was best man for his brother, David Miliband in 1988. Last September Ed and David both went for the Labour leadership with Ed beating David quite considerably.

Rather than Ed and his long-term partner Justine Thornton having separate parties, it looks like they will be having a joint stag and hen do often referred to as sten night or hag party, up to 30 guests are expected to celebrate with them.

Friends of the stag, in particular tend to frown upon having a joint stag and hen do, however when you’re getting married in your 40’s, share the same friends and have children, sometimes it’s the easiest option.

We wish the couple all the best for their future.

Cheap is not always cheapest

When it comes to buying cheap the old saying goes; “you get what you pay for!”

Stag dos are no different, that’s why you need to ask a few basic questions before booking. These questions should include how close is the hotel to the night life, ideally you don’t want to find that you are 4-5 miles out of town as this could inadvertently escalate the weekend costs with the additional travel fees by around £40 plus per taxi, lets face it, whose going to want to drive!

So spending a few more pounds and staying in the centre will save you in the long run.

How long does each activity last, and will there be much standing around before you have your go? Paying a cheap price for Rage Buggies for example and only having one rage buggy between all 20 of you would certainly be a shambles.

If you want to save your stag group money book your nightclubs up front, most clubs charge extra on the night.

Include breakfast at the hotel at time of booking as usually adding breakfast on when you are at the hotel costs more.

A top tip for your stag trip is to have a stag do kitty, this means everyone puts in the same, so not one is out of pocket.

So check out your stag do package thoroughly as what seems extremely good value on the outside may not be on the inside. Cheap might not be the your cheapest bet!

Ouch! No Stag Do For Crouch

According to The Mirror Peter Crouch has been banned from having a stag do by his soon to be wife Abi Clancy.

If this is true, banning the lanky striker from having what is rightfully his last time to party with his friends as a free man, is just simply wrong.

I am no marriage councillor but if she doesn’t trust him now, when will she trust him?

All that business of what he got up to on a stag do last year in Spain surely must be water under the bridge by know and she must of agreed to that, other wise she wouldn’t be marrying the Spurs and England star in June.

There are plenty of stag dos he could go on which doesn’t involve loads of booze and drunken women.

He could go white water rafting in North Wales or on a canoeing and camping weekend in beautiful Herefordshire.

Having a wedding without a stag do is like going swimming in the desert, you just cannot do it.

The Secret of their Success

From the start of the Royal Wedding to the very end, the secret of their success was the plans kept away from the public and media including the stag do.

The tabloids and internet sites at the start of 2011 were buzzing with what will Prince Harry arrange for his brothers last nights of freedom, and they were all wrong.

The Prince, now the Duke of Cambridge, had a fantastic stag night away from the prying eye of the media; Surfing, Clay Pigeon Shooting and partying hard within the UK in the beautiful county of Devon.

There was also much speculation about the Wedding Dress, who designed it, the style, fabric, etc however this was also kept quiet until the very second she walked onto the red carpet at Westminster Abbey.

I applaud the Royals and their friends for the way they kept everything away from the media, including the much talked and written about stag do.