Stag Dos with Panache

Most stag dos these days aren’t just a night in the pub and then tying the stag to a lamppost feathered and tarred.

These days 3 and 4 star city centre hotels are the norm; with a trip to the races suited and booted then a night out in a casino a familiar site on a stag do itinerary.

Ascot is a very popular racecourse for both hen and stag weekends, where the ladies can wear their best hats or fascinators and the guys dress to impress.

These type of stag weekends are also becoming all the more affordable, so you don’t have to be a banker to book a stylish break.

Rage Buggies Rule Stag Dos

Stag dos love Rage Buggies, for a good reason.

There’s a good chance if you’re going on a stag do this year that rage buggies will be amongst the daytime activities on the weekend.

Without doubt they are one of the best activities you can book which don’t involve a pole.

Rages reach speeds of up to 60mph; the bad mother buggies acceleration will take the skin off your face!

Race prepared with stiffen suspension, fat tyres and a roll cage rage, these karts are the absolute “Mutts Nuts”, as described by “Top Gears” Jeremy Clarkson when he raced in one of these karts against other mad monster machines and said these where the best!

“Rage Buggies are certainly one of our top activity sellers,” a spokesman from DesignaVenture advised.

“Gone are the days when stag dos race grass karts around a easy oval track, stags love decent activities that get the adrenalin pumping, fortunately for everyone things have moved on an awfully long way” he added.

Wye Canoe on your Stag Do

Stag dos enjoy exploring the meandering river Wye as they paddle down it; they usually stop off along the way for a pub lunch. During the evening they tend to enjoy some traditionally brewed local beers before heading for a night under canvas in the tranquil Wye Valley.

Usually groups opt to hire two seater Canadian canoes so they can sit back and let the river take their canoe paddling occasionally, some competitive groups prefer to race there way down the river.

Herefordshire is extremely rural the Wye is full of wildlife so you can take in much needed fresh air and the amazing scenery as you enjoy this great outdoor experience.

Canoeing on the Wye is an extremely popular stag weekend”, a spokesman from Designaventure advised me.

“The boys can meet up at the pub which sits on the banks of the Wye, pitch their tents and Canoe down the river knowing they don’t have to drive for 2 days and there is plenty of beer on tap at the pub and they also do excellent food” he added.

If you are looking to get away from it all on your next stag do, a canoe trip down the river Wye should be a must.

Best of British for the Royal Couple

Prince William’s stag do will now be held on this pleasant land, the UK. Kate Middleton’s hen party is also to be held in the UK due to security issues that we think is fair going.

We believe this is something to celebrate; the UK has some great cities to visit over a weekend.

A stag do in Bristol is very cosmopolitan with the waterside bars overlooking Bristol harbour you could be anywhere in mainland Europe.

A hen party in Bournemouth is a truly memorable one with 7 miles of golden sand and boutique style hotels all within easy walking distance of the fantastic nightlife.

Stag and hen nights in London needs no selling, with possibly some of the best nightlife in the world, London is always number one in any top ten-city travellers lists to visit.

And what about the awesome activities Great Britain has to offer, white water rafting and gorge scrambling in Scotland or North Wales, It’s a Knockout, rage buggies, quad biking, Hovercrafting, rickshaw bar tours and Zorbing to name but a few, the list is as long as your arm, if you arm is as long as Gulliver’s that is!

So we feel that the Royals haven’t plumped to have their hen and stag dos in the UK we think they know the UK is simply the best place to spend their celebratory weekend.

Stag dos are keen for Milton Keynes

Stag dos in Milton Keynes have everything; uniquely fantastic activities, nightlife friendlier then a warm hug and stag do friendly accommodation.

Where in the country can you go skydiving in the morning and skiing in the afternoon, Milton Keynes that’s where!

Stag dos in Milton Keynes can also expect terrific water activities including Dragon boat racing, power boating, raft-building, wakeboarding and water skiing.

Milton Keynes is city built to party so if your stag do just want nightlife, then their thirst will be quenched for partying and letting go, with an eclectic mixture of bars and clubs playing everything from old favourites to the latest sounds there really is something for everyone.

It is also just off the M1 making it one of the most accessible cities in the UK to hold your stag do.

It’s a NO to 3D Royal Wedding

Stag Do News has just found out that Kate and Wills have put a stop to broadcasters wanting to film the Royal wedding in 3D at Westminster Abbey in fear of camera overload.

Broadcasters such as BskyB and the BBC are promoting the 3D technology however the royals have decided against the ceremony being filmed in 3D due to the amount of cameras needed.

3D audiences are also presently in the minority compared to the optimal 2D, radio and online coverage.

Other parts of the day will be filmed in 3D including Kate’s journey to Westminster Abbey plus Will’s and Kate’s return to Buckingham place by horse drawn carriage, lets hope the horses behave themselves.

No news on 3D coverage for the stag do or hen party as of yet, but I expect there will be no cameras allowed, which is good advice.

Weddings go Las Vegas Style in the UK

Not only can you have a stag do for 24 hours non stop you can now get married at midnight if you choose to.

At present, the law, states you can only get married between the hours of 08.00hrs and 18.00hrs, this rule goes back to 1836 under the Marriage Act.

The new changes to England and Wales law under the Protection Of Freedom Bill means relaxing this law, allowing to Las Vegas style midnight weddings.

There is one fly in the ointment if you are planning to go out, get sloshed and marry the first girl to say yes, you need to give at least 15 days notice quashing the drunken misguided wedding.

Changes to this law will also mean a demand for evening weddings, especially in the summer time.

At stag do news, we think this is a great change to a very dated law which has served it‘s time.

The Worlds Heaviest Limo

Stag dos and Hen parties will be quivering at the site of the latest Limo to come out of the United States.

It weighs in at 22 tonnes and has enough room to give 40 stags or hens a ride around their chosen stag do location.

Inside this monstrous Limo are three lounges, a bathroom, a full sized bar, five flat screen televisions, surround sound, laser guided satellite with access to the World Wide Web!

Californian, Pamela Bartholomew Machado, owner of this humongous truck advised reporters “it’s more like a travelling nightclub, even though it’s described as a limo”.

The good news is that the price is only £650 per hour; the bad news is that it is only licensed for US highways (great news for the Greens).

A 100% American “Breastaurant” arrives in Bristol

Stag dos in Bristol have even more reason to celebrate as Hooters Bristol finally opened its doors late last year at this hugely popular stag and hen party location.

What should have been called “Bristols”, Hooters is the American concept restaurant of beautiful women wearing sexy hot pants with crop tops serving great party food and cold beers, the restaurant shows sports on big screens and an atmosphere perfect for stag dos.

“This great brand makes another ideal restaurant for stag dos visiting Bristol to explore,” a spokesman from DesignaVenture told me.

“Bristol, is an amazing city which has masses of restaurants offering cuisines from around the world, Hooters just embraces this cities open minded fun loving nature and it is a perfect venue for our stag dos to grab a bit to eat before they hit the cities bars and clubs” she added.

Stag Dos Put Nottingham Back On The Map

Stag dos in Nottingham has recently seen a revival, a sudden rush of bookings not seen since the good old days when the hottest selling point was 5 women to 1 man.

Today stag do goers prefer a higher grade of hotel accommodation; fast and furious activities and super cool nightlife. Nottingham now has all this and much much more, they even have angels that go out on a Friday and Saturday night to rescue people who have had a little too much to drink, now that is not a good excuse to go out and get hammered, it just show this city has gone to another level in caring and sharing.

Situated right in the middle of Great Britain just off the M1, Nottingham is in an ideal location for stag groups scattered all over the UK to meet up and party.

So don’t forget with the apparent 5 women to 1 man, fantastic activities, nightlife and accommodation Nottingham is a great place to hold your stag do.