Stag Dos Put Nottingham Back On The Map

Stag dos in Nottingham has recently seen a revival, a sudden rush of bookings not seen since the good old days when the hottest selling point was 5 women to 1 man.

Today stag do goers prefer a higher grade of hotel accommodation; fast and furious activities and super cool nightlife. Nottingham now has all this and much much more, they even have angels that go out on a Friday and Saturday night to rescue people who have had a little too much to drink, now that is not a good excuse to go out and get hammered, it just show this city has gone to another level in caring and sharing.

Situated right in the middle of Great Britain just off the M1, Nottingham is in an ideal location for stag groups scattered all over the UK to meet up and party.

So don’t forget with the apparent 5 women to 1 man, fantastic activities, nightlife and accommodation Nottingham is a great place to hold your stag do.