Weddings go Las Vegas Style in the UK

Not only can you have a stag do for 24 hours non stop you can now get married at midnight if you choose to.

At present, the law, states you can only get married between the hours of 08.00hrs and 18.00hrs, this rule goes back to 1836 under the Marriage Act.

The new changes to England and Wales law under the Protection Of Freedom Bill means relaxing this law, allowing to Las Vegas style midnight weddings.

There is one fly in the ointment if you are planning to go out, get sloshed and marry the first girl to say yes, you need to give at least 15 days notice quashing the drunken misguided wedding.

Changes to this law will also mean a demand for evening weddings, especially in the summer time.

At stag do news, we think this is a great change to a very dated law which has served it‘s time.