If you’re looking for an adventurous activity weekend, stag party or hen do over the next few months, you’re in luck, as the DesignaVenture website has tons of ideas and offers.

If you’re a hen or stag party looking to book a weekend in October or November check out some of these incredible packages all at £100pp or under:

Bournemouth Party One Night Deal from £66 per person

A totally brilliant stag night in Bournemouth with clubs, bars and accommodation for one night and it’s on £66 per person! Learn More

Riga Party On Weekend from £73 per person

Full weekend in Riga including accommodation, airport transfers plus bars and clubs, this is a real bargain – Learn More

Rage in Reading from £100 per person

Not only does this package include 1 night in a 4 star hotel, it also includes paintball, racing Rage Buggies and and bar and club entries – all for under £100 per person – WHAT A BARGAIN! – Learn More

Prague Basics Weekend from £99 per person

Prague is one of the cheapest stag and hen destinations in the world – not only is it cheap to stay there you can also party and a very reasonable rate, this package includes accommodation, airport transfers and a guided bar tour – Learn More

You can also get a free stag/hen/organiser place if you book 15 or more people – Oh c-mon we’re giving it away!

Stag Do Ideas Coming Out Of Our Ears

If you’re looking for inspiration and options for your stag do, DesignaVenture has more stag do ideas than Boots The Chemist has headache tablets.

From Racing Rage Buggies, Beer Bike Tours to Canyoning to Stag Do Pranks, Beer Tasting and even Spa days, we have a huge array of activities to choose from.

The DesignaVenture website is a great place for inspiration and exploration giving you ideas on what you can do on your stag weekend. Once you have decided on your chosen activity you can either see which packages include your chosen activity or Build Your Own Stag Do adding and subtracting activities and accommodation as you go along.

We have made the DesignaVenture website a simple but powerful tool to use, helping you create and arrange the best stag weekend known to man.

Did you know that you can get the guys to pay us directly?

Don’t mess around knocking on peoples doors and chasing them for money, let our simple to use website take the strain. Once booked we will provide you with a membership area where you can share your booking and invite people to pay, alternatively we will send you a link where you can socialise it, put it up on a WhatsApp group or email it so everyone can click on it and pay, now that’s a load off!

As always to discuss options simply call us on 01432 830000 – we are always happy to help.

Top 10 Stag Do Packages Released

Every month the DesignaVenture boffins plough through wads of data (basically bookings) and updates our stag do home page with what out stag groups are currently booking and this month is no exception.

So here are the top 10 packages our groups are currently booking:

  • A Wheel Party in Bristol
  • Beer, Boobs and Boogie in Birmingham
  • Bullets & Boobs in Cardiff
  • Rage Buggies, Bikes & Scenery in North Wales
  • Weekenders in Edinburgh
  • Bournemouth Offer Weekend
  • Bristol Bargain
  • Foreplay in Newquay
  • Horse Racing Newbury with partying in Reading
  • Notorious Rage Buggies & Bikes in Nottingham

For all the links head to our stag do homepage where you click away and gets some ideas, check availability and also book.

Alternatively why not build your own stag weekend and if more people build the same weekend we will make it into a package, where do you think these popular packages come from? Popular by name, popular by nature.

Remember, if you can’t see what you’re looking for give us a call on 01432 830000 as we love to help, it’s in the DesignaVenture DNA.

Bookings Go Through The Hoof

Horse Racing in Ascot

At the DesignaVenture towers this week I have managed to pull Dani out of the sales team for 2 minutes to find out exactly what’s going on in the land of stags and hens.

My Questions are in black, Dani’s answers are in red:

Hi Dani…

Look what do you want I’m busy?

Alright Dan, I just want to ask you a few questions and i’ll be on my way, what’s selling big this year?

Our Horse racing packages are selling like crazy, especially Ascot.

Wow, sounds amazing, why do you think that is?

Well, not only do our horse racing packages include a 4 star hotel, but we also include transfers to and from Ascot, an entry package, plus you are going to Ascot, what more do you want? Jam on it?

Any other Race courses selling well?

All our horse racing packages are selling well with Chepstow being extremely popular as it gives people the choice of  partying in Bristol or Cardiff, we are also selling lots of horse racing weekends to Nottingham, Newcastle and Chester.

 Now go away not only are you bugging me, but I have tons of work to do…

Fair point, bye Dani thanks for the umm… chat.

Well there you have it people straight from the Horses Mouth so to speak, this week, the DesignaVenture horse racing packages have been selling like hot cakes, you can find a huge list of Horse racing packages here.

Book Your 2015 Now At a 2014 Price

stag and hen group drinking beer

It’s official 2014 is coming to an end, never to be seen again, except for one thing that is, DesignaVenture are currently taking bookings for stag weekends and hen parties for 2015 and they area being snapped up at 2014 prices.

That’s right people, it’s time to grab a bargain before it’s too late.

There is a rumour that hotels in leading hen and stag destinations such as Bristol, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Newcastle and Bournemouth are steadily putting their prices up due to high demand for weekends, well I am here to put you straight, unfortunately it’s true, which ultimately means your stag and hen dos are going to cost more next year, whether you book it through a stag company like DesignaVenture or go DIY.

So my friends, DesignaVenture has come up with this incredible offer, a once in a lifetime, never to be repeated offer (well not until November next year that is), book your 2015 Stag Do or hen party now for just £60 and everyone in the group will pay a 2014 price, saving a whole load of money.

Booking early also means you will get the best hotels, the activity slots you want and 9 times out of 10 more availability then you can shake a stick at, I don’t know why you’ll want to shake a stick at it, but there you go.

Good luck, and if you need help on deciding what to do, where to go, how to put your trousers on properly, call us now on 01432 830880, incredibly stag do ideas can be found here, and here for hen party ideas.

Newquay is the UK Hot Spot For Hen and Stags

3 Ladies in bikinis holding up surfboards on Newquay BeachThe Daily Star has put out an article stating that Newquay is the top destination in the UK to celebrate your hen and Stag Do.

With loads of pictures and great stories of real stag and hens in fancy dress, this really is a must see article if you are thinking of heading to Newquay on your stag or hen do.

We think the Daily Star is right, Newquay is a fantastic destination and when the weather is really good, Newquay competes with any of the Balearic Islands such as Ibiza and Majorca.

You will also see that fancy dress is almost compulsory with great images of sexy ladies and gents looking to cool for school.

However just remember if Newquay is not your thing there are plenty of other stag and hen destinations all around Britain which should meet your requirements, head over to our homepage for more details.

For loads of Stag Do Ideas in Newquay head to our Newquay stag do section, we also have similar hen party ideas in Newquay here.


Cheapest Pint In The UK – Herefordshire!

4 pints of beerIf you are on a Stag Do this weekend and are paying over £4 a pint then you have obviously picked the wrong destination.

According to The Guardian, Herefordshire is the cheapest place to buy a pint on average  £3.03 per pint, in contrast, if you are partying hard and celebrating your Stag Do in London then you will be paying atleast £3.79 per pint.

The UK average for a pint of beer is £3.31, all prices are courtesy of the good pub guide.

Herefordshire is not only a county full of cheap pubs, there are loads of fantastic stag activities, and the nightlife in Hereford is pretty good for a small city, I should know, I live here!

So for a cheap pint and bags of top notch stag activities book your Stag Do to Herefordshire.

For loads of brilliant Stag Do Ideas in Herefordshire, go here.

Check Out Our Stag Do Blog

Image of the stag do blog homepageIt’s all very well being asked to be the Best Man however, this role comes with some responsibility and there is no bigger responsibility than arranging the Stag Do.

That’s where the DesignaVenture Stag Do Blog steps in, giving you more advice, tips, guidance and stag do ideas the you can shake a stick at.

You have more top 10’s then a Radio 1 DJ including Top 10 Stag Do Pranks, Top 10 Stag Do Games, Top 10 Stag Accessories… you get the picture.

You can also find a 101 guide to booking and going on a Stag Do, Stag Do Ideas for the older group and the incredibly popular post on “Should the Groom Pay for His Own Stag Do?” Take our poll, currently stag groups are saying no he shouldn’t.

And if that’s not enough how about Fancy Dress Ideas, Stag Do Challenges, Ideas for the Non-Drinker, the list goes on.

All this Stag Do Advice is free of charge and just a click away.

So, with out further delay get yourself over to our Stag Do Blog and become the BEST, Best Man, known to man (try and say that after a couple).

DesignaVenture, we are the Best Man’s Best Man.

Our Top 10 Adventure Stag Weekends UK

Adventure and Stag Weekends go together like Cannon & Ball (one for the 80’s), Brussels Sprouts and Christmas and Vodka Red ball.

So I have quickly compiled a top 10 (in no particular order) of DesignaVenture’s top 10 selling Adventure stag weekends all based in good old Blighty.

First of all there is no better place within the UK Stag Group White Water Raftingthan North Wales for Stag weekend Adventure, with loads of mountains, rivers and immense terrain for motorised activities such as Quad biking there is no wonder why our stag package White Water & Wheels is in our top 10.

Then you have Nottingham, situation right in the centre of Britain making it our most central stag location. Our Rage Buggies, Bikes & Boogie stag package not only has some brilliant motorised activities but also has fantastic accommodation and superb nightlife.

Down the M1 you’ll find Milton Keynes, not usually associated with adventure, but if you want snowboarding tobogganing or ski-ing all on real snow and then sky diving (both indoor) you will find adventure and some, with our most popular package in this American style town called Sledge & Dive Weekend.

Heading South to Bournemouth, there are two contenders both sitting at either end of the price spectrum however both extremely popular with our stag dos, they are Bournemouth Rocks which is full on and fantastic and The Bournemouth Offer Weekend, which is a cheap Stag Do as long as you can go out of season.

Heading even further South is the wild Cornish Stag Group Jumping Off Clifftown of Newquay, the contender which includes Coasteering, is our very popular Adrenaline Junkie weekend, first created in 2003!

Going up the M5 to Bristol there is one stag package that our stag parties looking for adventure loves and that’s the Bristol Gorge Weekend. This popular package includes Canyoning which is adventure with a capital A!

Going further up the M5/6 you have Chester and one adventure Stag Weekend which stands out a mile is the Non Stop stag package, with Rage Buggies, Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting and White Water Tubing this weekend sells by the bucket loads.

Moving up North again you have the crazy party capital of the North East, Newcastle. One stag adventure weekend which stands out a mile is the Guns, Karts & Dogs weekend. Paintball, karting dog racing and amazing nightlife will give you a Stag Weekend to remember.

Our furthest North stag destination where we offer full on adventure is Edinburgh and here you can find the extremely popular Absolute Splash Weekend. Not only does this stag package include white water rafting at one of the best sites in the UK but also cliff jumping which will get the heart pumping. You then have the nightlife of Edinburgh, which will then put hairs on your chest!

Stag Do Adventure Weekends For The Adrenaline Junkies


So the stag loves adventure and is addicted to adrenaline sports, so where do you start? What type of stag Do would interest him?

Well, luckily I have just put together a small list of stag Do ideas and activities to give an ideas on what’s on offer.

Let’s start with Newquay or Bournemouth and the fantastic activity of coasteering, throwing yourself off cliffs into a swollen sea may not be your cup of tea however it may make the stag more excited than a 5 year old in an all you can eat sweet shop.

It’s not just about throwing yourself off cliffs, you get to traverse sheer rock faces and explore sea caves, and with all your kit included you just have to turn up in your shorts and trainers.

Similar to Coasteering you have canyoning or gorge scrambling / walking. Walk behind waterfalls, dive into deep pools and explore a rural gorge you would never usually get to see.

This activity is available in North or South Wales, the highlands of Scotland and around the lake district.

Again all your specialised equipment is included (wet suit, helmets etc.) so all you need is trainers you don’t mind getting wet and something to wear under your wetsuit.

Abseil down 80ft of rock and put a smile on your stags face, or if you really want to punish your stag group take them bungee jumping off a bridge in Bratislava, Riga or Prague.

A bit of a curve ball, make your stag party make like hamsters and roll them down a hill inside a huge ball, this is better known as Zorbing and over the last few years has been extremely popular.

There are simply loads of activities and ideas for your Stag do available all over the stag section of our website.