Bar’s Lavish Hen Party

A picture of a couple of islands in the MaldivesIf you have never heard of Bar before then two questions will enter your mind, who the hell is Bar and why is she called Bar? Well, I can help you with the first question but unfortunately I cannot with the second, maybe it’s short for something?

OK well Bar Rafaeli is a famous underwear model for Victoria Secrets, and if you have never heard of Victoria Secrets, then I cannot help you anymore, now go away.

Anyway, Bar has been posting Instagram images of her hen party with 5 of her closest mates straight from the Club Med resort on the Maldives.

This idyllic holiday resort have these incredible villas which all have their very own pool, a dedicated villa host (butler, basically), steps which go straight into the sea, amazing facilities and are huge at 151 to 168 metres squared. The resort itself is an island measuring 5 hectares (50,000 square metres), with 52 villas, it has several bars and restaurants and on their website states couples only? So how did this hen party get onto the island?

Finolhu Island From The Sky

Back to Bar, following her Instagram images she is seen doing the usual Hen Party frolics which include wearing a bright pink ‘Bride to Be’ sash, a white veil, ‘Bride to Be’ sunglasses and obviously sipping the all inclusive cocktails this amazing resort provides. And once in the Maldives you’d be mad not to go snorkelling so there’s a picture with her all dressed up ready to take the plunge into the warm Indian Ocean to see some experience some incredible under water views.

The prize goes to Bar Rafaeli for the most Lavish hen party ‘so far’ this year.

Mark ‘n’ Miche Reveal Their Stag / Hen Destinations

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan, the UK’s most Beautiful couple (she is a real stunner and he is more ripped then a pair of jeans from Latvia) have revealed where they are going to celebrate their pre nuptials.

I know you cannot take the suspense anymore, so thanks to The Mirror for spilling the beans I can reveal that Michelle Keegan, former Coronation Street Star who now commands roles in her very own ITV dramas, I cannot name any as I dont really like the ITV dramas or Coronation Street for that matter. Sorry back to Michelle Keegan who always looks incredible every time she sets foot into the public eye…..

OK, Michelle Keegan is going to Dubai for her hen weekend whilst Mark Wright celebrates in Vegas, where else?

There, you heard it here first, unless you read the Mirror’s article then this is possibly the second place you have read this amazing bit of celebrity news or gossip, now back to your corn flakes.


Joint Stag and Hen Do Disastrous For Katona

According to the Irish Examiner Kerry Katona (from Atomic Kitten) had a huge bust up with her fiancé George Kay leaving all the members of their joint stag and hen do abandoned onboard a Thames luxury cruise liner.

Apparently the couple celebrated their pre nuptials together by having a spa day before having a disastrous argument in their hotel bedroom.

They planned to meet all the other stag and hen members onboard a luxury cruise member moored near the Hotel Verta in Battersea however Kerry refused to come down from her hotel bedroom.

45 minutes later the party was cancelled and everyone onboard was told to get off!

Apparently Liz McClarnon (another member from Atomic Kitten) valiantly tried to save the celebration and talk to both the stag and hen but apparently Kerry refused tom come down.

Joint hen and stag dos can go either way and unfortunately this celebration went the wrong way.

Find the full story here on the Irish Examiner.

Hen Party, Sausage Festival & The Haguemeister

You can’t write it, only in this country would you find a Hen Party at a Sausage Festival chatting with the Cabinet Minster William Hague.

According to the Manchester Evening News, the hen party was staying on a Glamping site in North Yorkshire where they were given free tickets to the local Sausage and Beer Festival.

The group spotted William Hague getting out of his car as he came to the Sausage and Beer Festival to judge the winner, he chatted with the hen party apparently complimenting them on their outfits and asking about the wedding and the hen do.

For this we are now calling William Hague the Haguemeister, most cabinet politicians would have shied away from these type of situations and wouldn’t want to be seen talking to a hen party however, he did quite the opposite, he even posed for a photograph with them – what a star.

We salute you The Haguemeister.

Michelle Keegan Plans Two Hen Parties

Michelle Keegan & Mark WrightAccording to the Belfast Telegraph, the former Coronation Street star is planning two hen parties but there’s no rush as she is not getting married to Mark Wright until next year.

The big hen party will be abroad however she doesn’t mention where, and then she is planning on going on a spa weekend.

So as she describes it “a really mad one and then a simple, nice girlie one”

I know quite a few hen parties (as you can imagine) and this is pretty much the norm. Where there’s a raucous weekend for mainly best friends and friends of friends and then a more sedate chilled affair for the mothers, aunties and bridesmaids.

However I am not tarring all hen parties with one brush, some brides will have loads of celebrations and others will just have just the one.

The full article and a link to where you can listen to the full interview 

Frankie Sandford’s Second Hen Party

Frankie Sandford from The SaturdaysWhen you’re a celebrity one hen party just isn’t enough, mind you most hens and stags these days like to celebrate in many different ways in the run up to their wedding and Frankie from the Sundays  I mean Saturdays is no different.

Earlier this year she was seen celebrating her hen weekend in Ibiza.

According to the Mail online, she was on her second hen party last weekend joined by 3 members of the group as they celebrated her second hen party in style at the Henley Regatta.

The Henley Regatta lasts for 5 days with the last day (Saturday) being the finalists day where all final events for each class takes place,  in an atmosphere so electric you could light your fag on it.

The hen party looked like as great success as they posted loads of pictures on their Instagram accounts, one very humorous one shows Vanessa White cuddling a man who is slumped in a chair asleep with the comments “Don’t fall asleep next to a hen party…..” if you want to view this and many other pics head over to Vanessa’s Instagram’s account.

Frankie is due to marry Wayne Bridge (football player) later this summer, we would like to wish them all the luck in the world.

Wayne celebrated his stag do to Las Vegas earlier this year.



The Kardashian’s Hen Party in Paris

Kim Kardashian and a load of her gal friends from the US of A hit the streets of Paris to celebrate Kim’s hen night in an extremely civilised manor, there wasn’t a L-Plate in sight.

According to an online article on the Mirror’s website, Kim and 19 of her friends and family glam’d up and went for what she has called the Last Supper.

The hen party then hit the streets of Paris for drinks and to PARTY!

Once the hen party is over it’s then time for the huge event, Kim marrying Kanye in Florence, a very European affair!

We would like to wish Kim and Kanye all the luck in the world for the future.

Joint Hen & Stag Do For Rihanna & Chris Brown

According to an online Sun article, Chris Brown and Rihanna are planning a joint hen and stag do this summer in the South of France.

However this is not an ordinary joint hen and stag do, this is going to be held on a 170ft Luxury Yacht!

The yacht Latitude based in the South of France is going to set sail around the coasts of France, Monaco and Corsica.

Apparently she has warned the staff of this amazing yacht “to get some sleep before July as they plan to party for 24 hours, oh and to install a stripper pole!”

The Yacht is 52 metres long, with 7 cabins which can sleep up to 12 guests, special features include; a Jacuzzi, Wifi, Elevator and stabilizers (which helps to fend off seasickness).

Now if you are looking to hold a joint hen and stag do, I suppose this is the ultimate, however don’t get your credit card out just yet as the charge to hire one of these beauties is €231,000 a week, that’s approximately £195,000 per week, OUCH!

Denise Welch’s Father Wants To Perform A Lap Dance At The Stag Do

According to an online publication, one of the presenters off Loose Women, Denise Welch is getting married this year and her father has offered to perform a Drag Act Lap Dance if he’s invited to the stag do.

Denise’s (54) husband to be, Lincoln (39) is apparently going to have a stag do to remember.

His soon to be father in law, Vin (75), has a drag queen alter ego and wants to perform on his stag do.

If the Pole Dance actually happens, I think Lincoln will have his stag do to remember, but for all the wrong reasons.

Good luck to them all, and DesignaVenture would like to wish a life time of happiness to Denise and Lincoln, and if they need any help arranging their hen party and stag do drop us a line.

Myleene Klass Requests Hen Night Ideas Via Twitter

Myleene Klass posted on Twitter that her mate’s getting married and wants some hen night ideas in London.

Well Myleene look no further, DesignaVenture has a humongous amount of packages / activities in London perfect for the hen party looking for a unique activity or two.

From Chocolate or fascinator making to a cocktail bar crawl in Rickshaws however, if you prefer a fleshier option they have the Adonis party nights

Prefer to keep things civilized? Take a look down DesignaVenture’s Petty Coat Lane of activities page, which includes plenty of Afternoon tea options to abate your thirst or spa breaks to rest your weary body.

Whatever tickles your fancy, London truly is an amazing destination to celebrate your hen night.