Royal Brothers On Another Stag Do

According to the Mail Online website, Prince William and Harry have been seen dancing with inflatable toys on a Stag Do in London, last weekend.

The Royal Brothers were seen drinking cocktails, joking around with inflatable novelties and doing the Harlem Shake in the exclusive Tonteria nightclub, in Sloane Square.

The Stag Do started at Kew Pier on the Thames, they were celebrating Thomas Ven Straubenzee’s stag, he’s a close friend of Harry’s and went to their school at Eton.

The Stag Do ended up at Tonteria’s nightclub with the boys being papped on the way out looking a little worse for wear!

Even Royalty love a good Stag Do, and there is nothing better than celebrating with old school friends and dancing the night away.

Nice one boys. keeping the British Stag Do a tradition.