The Prince Surfing On A Stag Do

Stag Sat On Surf Board In The Sea

We have always barked on at how fantastic surfing is as an activity on a Stag do, now this amazing activity has the Royal approval!

There are pictures all over the Telegraph’s website showing Prince William having the time of his life on a Stag do in Devon.

According to this article, a sunbather told a reporter that “you could see that he (the Prince) was loving every minute”.

As previously reported, The Prince and 15 other members of the Stag do took a train from Paddington to Exeter for a boozy Stag weekend.

We have some great stag dos, which include surfing which can be found here.

We also have details on surfing along with a video.

The Prince On Another Stag Do

According to The Sun, Prince William has been seen on a train from London Paddington to Devon on another stag do.

Swigging from cans of beer and a table full of miniature gin bottles apparently the private carriage was rocking.

He is currently on paternity leave from the Royal Air Force and was given permission to go with 15 of his other mates on this stag do, the lucky boy.

I know my wife would have made me pay if we had just had a baby and I went on a stag do, mind you she wouldn’t have the help of the royal household!

Royal Brothers On Another Stag Do

According to the Mail Online website, Prince William and Harry have been seen dancing with inflatable toys on a Stag Do in London, last weekend.

The Royal Brothers were seen drinking cocktails, joking around with inflatable novelties and doing the Harlem Shake in the exclusive Tonteria nightclub, in Sloane Square.

The Stag Do started at Kew Pier on the Thames, they were celebrating Thomas Ven Straubenzee’s stag, he’s a close friend of Harry’s and went to their school at Eton.

The Stag Do ended up at Tonteria’s nightclub with the boys being papped on the way out looking a little worse for wear!

Even Royalty love a good Stag Do, and there is nothing better than celebrating with old school friends and dancing the night away.

Nice one boys. keeping the British Stag Do a tradition.


Best of British for the Royal Couple

Prince William’s stag do will now be held on this pleasant land, the UK. Kate Middleton’s hen party is also to be held in the UK due to security issues that we think is fair going.

We believe this is something to celebrate; the UK has some great cities to visit over a weekend.

A stag do in Bristol is very cosmopolitan with the waterside bars overlooking Bristol harbour you could be anywhere in mainland Europe.

A hen party in Bournemouth is a truly memorable one with 7 miles of golden sand and boutique style hotels all within easy walking distance of the fantastic nightlife.

Stag and hen nights in London needs no selling, with possibly some of the best nightlife in the world, London is always number one in any top ten-city travellers lists to visit.

And what about the awesome activities Great Britain has to offer, white water rafting and gorge scrambling in Scotland or North Wales, It’s a Knockout, rage buggies, quad biking, Hovercrafting, rickshaw bar tours and Zorbing to name but a few, the list is as long as your arm, if you arm is as long as Gulliver’s that is!

So we feel that the Royals haven’t plumped to have their hen and stag dos in the UK we think they know the UK is simply the best place to spend their celebratory weekend.

Harry must organise the Stag Do

I know this is the second article we have written on the up and coming Royal Stag Do in just two days but hey this is the UK, love or hate the Monarchy they are part of our lives.

We are almost 90% sure Prince William will ask Prince Harry to be his best man, and the most important best man duty is organising the Stag Do.

So in answer to many tweets requesting that Prince Harry must organise his stag do we think this is inevitable.

If Prince Harry wants great stag do ideas then look no further then DesignaVenture, they are the leading stag do organisers in the UK and customer care including data protection is top of their agenda, so keeping shtoom is second nature.

The Royal Stag Do

It’s now been 3 days since Prince William and Kate Middleton have announced their plans to get wed, what about his stag do I hear you ask?

Well if Prince Harry has anything to do with it I think it will be raucous, risqué and a riot, after all he was famed for dressing up as a Nazi at a previous do.

The last stag do Prince William was on included drinking lager through a hosepipe and doing the famous “Pedro’s Cowes Tour” on the Isle of Wight. There was also lots of grainy phone video going around the net.

The Royals are no strangers to the British institute of having a damn good stag do. Prince Andrew thought he escaped everyone’s attention and held his stag party at Lord Lascelles place in Notting Hill, the police finally caught up with him, I say the police it was more like Fergie’s hen party all dressed up like the old bill.

Then there was his Grandfather, Prince Philip, a couple of days before he wedded Her Majesty the Queen he entertained a few of his Naval colleagues at the Dorchester organised by Commander Mike Parker.

The stag party posed for a group photograph with the press and once the flash bulbs went off and on Parker’s command they were are all thrown at the wall so no more pictures could be taken*. He was then safe in his own privacy and able to get on it.

Whatever Prince William decides to do I wish him all the privacy in the world.

*Cameras in those days had huge flash bulbs separated from the camera with just a wire, in low light the cameras are useless.