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Bournemouth | Bournemouth Rocks
From £ 215pp
What's Included in this Bournemouth stag do package:
  • 2 Nights 2-3* Hotel Resort Centre
  • Breakfast
  • Spearmint Rhino Lap Dancing Club Entry
  • Rage Buggies
  • Blindfold Driving
  • Clay Pigeon Shooting
  • Quad Biking
  • Archery
  • Human Table Football
  • More Clay Pigeon Shooting
  • Le Chic Guest List Entry OR Cameo Club Guest List Entry
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Stag Weekend Bournemouth

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Lap Dancer BottomArcher and Archery TargetQuad Bike Racing
Arrive and Check In

2-3 Star Hotel Resort Centre
Simple, but importantly clean, our economy venues are ideal for a stag party group base to drop and go. They are situated in the centre of Bournemouth, perfectly located for exploring, pub crawling and dance flooring.
Extra Details

Spearmint Rhino Lap Dancing Club Entry
The act of watching beautiful women dance seductively is as old as time itself! So relax, enjoy a few drinks and the superb entertainment of the extremely talented topless, or all-out nude ladies ~ they simply make the world a nicer place.


Rage Buggies, Blindfold Driving, HT Football/Archery & Clay Pigeon Shooting
Rage Buggies
As Jeremy Clarkson mentioned on Top Gear recently, these race karts with 600cc v-twin Honda powered engines, are fast, fun and very safe, in fact they are the mutts nuts of race karting! Get caked in mud as you rip along a challenging off road dirt track in a low to the ground rough terrain kart. Fly around hairpin bends and speed through chicanes.

Blindfold Driving
Ideal for back seat drivers! Your skill will be tested as you take it in turns driving blindfolded around what appears to be an oh so simple course, navigated by your friends, they also have a disadvantage they can not use the instructions left or right. Even when shouted, instructions are not necessarily obeyed! This leads to frustrating but hilarious fun!

Human Table Football - March to End of October
You have played table football in the pub, now imagine the same thing super size and with you as a player! You must hold the bar and can only move side ways, your moves need to be coordinated with your team mates.

Exploding Archery - November to End of February
Try out a range of bows and arrows on a variety of exploding targets. With instruction and state-of-the-art bows we give first timers a real chance of hitting the apple above the stags head - only joking!

Clay Pigeon Shooting
Who has the eye of the tiger and who has the eye of a spud? Try your chances at this competitive sport. Shooting 14 clays per person from various traps so keep your eye on the clays and not on the gun!

What's included:
Extra Details
  • 14 Clays
  • Safety gear

Quad Biking, Archery & More Clays
Quad Biking
Rip through mud or eat dust as you rev, ride, skid and slide on four wheeled bikes over a challenging circuit with chicanes, cambers, ditches and straights, this is NOT a nature trial so get your Carl Fogerty helmet on!

Try out your bow and arrow skills on a variety of targets. With instruction and state-of-the-art bows we give first timers a real chance of hitting the apple above the stags head ~ only joking!

More Clay Pigeon Shooting
Lets see if you can do any better during your second chance at this fab sport. Includes 14 clays
Extra Details

Le Chic Guest List Club Entry
If you rank yourselves among the elite of fashion and trendiness, this is THE trademark venue for you to see and be seen in! With a policy of ‘No Effort, No Entry’ Le Chic in Bournemouth actively encourages open appreciation of style and luxury, with a glitz interior of colour changing furniture, 3D wallpaper, LED lighting and the most beautiful clientele to equal it. The personalised service is second nature. The hip funk, soul, disco and house sounds are naturally cool ambience creators and the aim is to ensure that you have an ultimately smooth, opulent and enjoyable experience in this atmospheric den of unadulterated high-end pleasure.
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Cameo Guest List Club Entry
Cameo is Bournemouth’s biggest boogie venue and you’re warned that queues may be very lengthy and sometimes people even get turned away! How uncool – don’t they know who you are? Make sure you save that embarrassment and guarantee entry by booking your guest list passes ahead of time, sailing in front of those John Smith’s in the freezing street and straight to dance rooms 1, 2, 3 or 4 all hosting a different music genre, and definitely fully equipped to make your weekend legendary.
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Breakfast and Check Out

Check out and travel back to reality

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