1 Man, 16 Stag Dos, 3 Months

Will Stevenson is plastered all over the tabloids at the moment for attending 16 stag dos, travelling 31,000 miles in three months. According to this article on the Daily Star, Will Stevenson first started in June by bidding and winning to go on a Stag Do to Budapest putting him back £460 all in. This […]


At 102, Dan Clement thought his days of partying and being a best man was well and truly over, well actually you couldn’t be more wrong. Not only did this plucky retired farmer become the oldest Best Man in the world (at 102 years of age), he also arranged the Stag Do and cracked the […]

Stag Do Hold Up In Switzerland

According to a hilarious article in the Evening Standard, a drunken Londoner swapped a Stag Do in Munich for a day out in Switzerland courtesy of lackadaisical driver. Jordan Adams a 33 year old from London, stumbles out of a Munich club looking for a cab to take him back to his hotel, somehow manages […]

Manchester Evening News Saves Stag Do

Imagine going on a Stag Do to Benidorm without the stag! That nearly happened to poor old Rob Outram, who’s passport hadn’t arrived back from the passport office and feared the worse however, in stepped the Manchester Evening News. The Manchester Evening News not only featured the story on their website which got loads of […]

A Bodged Stag Do Tattoo

According to an article in the Gazette Live website, Mark Bythway had a tattoo done on a Stag Do in Majorca, which seems pretty normal, a nice souvenir from a Stag Weekend he is suppose to remember for the rest of his life, but not when the tattoo up his arm states: “Bodge Loves Car […]

A Historic Stag Do

A group of mates on a Stag Do in New Mexico discovered whilst walking along a beach, a 3 million year old skull of a Stegomastodon, a relative of a woolly mammoth to you and I! According to an article on the Telegraph’s website, the American bachelor party were hiking in Elephant Butte Lake State […]

Swedish Stag Do Prank Results IN FIRE!

If you think our Stag Do Games and Pranks are mad over here in the UK, take a trip up north to Scandinavia where the Scandies are just as crazy. An article on The Telegraph’s website today, shows a stag dressed up as a Panda picking up a chicken and running through a camp fire […]

Craziest Stag Dos Known To Man

The Mirror has come up trumps with a great stag do article about the craziest stag dos of all time. From running with the Bulls in Pamplona, dumping a stag naked on the side of the road in Bournemouth to dying the groom’s penis green in Miami – who is now suing his pals (only […]

Kissed By A Cheeky Beggar

In a recent article published on the Mirror’s website reports on a Chinese stag partygoer asleep in the park and getting kissed by a homeless man! This story and images have gone viral all over the world, and the poor stag party member was named as Yong Mai, by people who knew him. According to […]

THe Worst Hangover Ever

Daniel Clavin a software developer from Co Roscommon, Ireland woke up after a stag night with a bout of the hiccups, nothing new there really, except it’s now 14 month’s on and he still has them!! According to an article in the Express, he has hiccupped on average every 7 seconds for 14 months, estimating […]