Two Stag Dos Are Now Choice

Most grooms these days have a lot of friends and family to consider when arranging a stag do, so celebrating on more than one occasion is now becoming the norm.

Take Jamie Hince, the lead guitarist from The Kills who is getting married to Kate Moss tomorrow. He had a stag do in London with band members and friends, then on a seperate occasion took some of his other friends off by private helicopter to St Tropez.

If family members or close friends can’t make the luxury stag do to a distant city or country then, usually the groom will arrange a get together for them around their local boozer or city centre.

It shows that social circles are getting bigger and also grooms are wanting more than just the one stag do celebration.

Liam Missing From Noel’s Stag Do

Noel Gallagher is due to get married on the 18th June 2011 and was seen celebrating his stag do last Friday night in London, there was one person missing, his brother Liam.

Ever since the Brit Pop era of the 90’s Liam and Noel Gallagher have had a public turbulent relationship, with the band splitting up many times, sometime on stage!

Noel was interviewed well into his big night out and mumbled an open invitation for Liam to attend the big day, saying “he should be there”, according to an online newspaper.

According to sources Noel had a great stag do, encouraging all his mates to get as drunk as he is, he was then finally seen leaving a Soho private members club at 3am looking a little worse for wear.

Super-Injunction Your Stag Do

Have you done something while on a stag do you shouldn’t have?

I am not condoning misbehaviour on a stag do, however if you have got up to something you shouldn’t have and you don’t want anyone to know about it, then maybe a super injunction could be the answer for self preservation.

So what is a super-injunction? A super-injunction is a court order banning information from being reported in the press, you can’t even mention that there is even a super-injunction in place.

To get one of the these amazing things you’ll need to find yourself a good lawyer, a court date, a wedge of cash, and I mean a stacks and stacks of money.

Hang on a minute though, a super injunction does not completely protect you, you could still be mentioned in parliament, so to go one step further you’ll need to spend yet more money and take out a hyper-injunction which bans even members of parliament from mentioning what you’ve been up to!

What ever you did on the stag do to go to these extremes to stop it from getting out, it had better of been worth it!

The Secret of their Success

From the start of the Royal Wedding to the very end, the secret of their success was the plans kept away from the public and media including the stag do.

The tabloids and internet sites at the start of 2011 were buzzing with what will Prince Harry arrange for his brothers last nights of freedom, and they were all wrong.

The Prince, now the Duke of Cambridge, had a fantastic stag night away from the prying eye of the media; Surfing, Clay Pigeon Shooting and partying hard within the UK in the beautiful county of Devon.

There was also much speculation about the Wedding Dress, who designed it, the style, fabric, etc however this was also kept quiet until the very second she walked onto the red carpet at Westminster Abbey.

I applaud the Royals and their friends for the way they kept everything away from the media, including the much talked and written about stag do.

Early bird stag do savings, Beat the Vat Man

As we are all fully aware VAT is set to soar to 20% on January 01st 2011, and you are now wondering what has this got to do with stag dos or hen parties?

Well, all bookings made during 2010 for a stag do or hen party taking place in 2011 will be bought at 2010 prices, hence you will miss any price increase which usually appear around January and will also save an additional 2½% by missing out on the VAT increase, you will safeguard your booking by booking early and the money grabbing VAT man will not get dirty hands on your hard earned cash. Booking early definitely has it’s benefits.

“So how do we go about booking my 2011 stag break, when I only have a really vague idea of who might come on the stag do right now” I hear you ask, well this is where our clever terms and conditions come in, all you need to do is put down a measly £100 deposit and give us a rough idea of how many people will be attending your super slick stag do.

Then, 5 weeks before you go when your balance is due, you can amend your numbers up or down and pay your remaining balance (minus your deposit).

I mean come on, how easy peasy is that? Now, get going go to the desired location you have in mind and pick one of our fantabulous stag weekend packages and get it booked and don’t forget to stick up your two fingers to the venomous VAT man.