Man Cliff Jumps In Newquay The Wrong Way!

Cliff Jumping / Coasteering in NewquayAccording to an article on the Get Surry website, Garrey Ashton whilst on a Stag Do to Newquay survived a 100 ft fall down a cliff, without serious injury.

Now we arrange Coasteering in Newquay in a safe environment as a popular Stag Do activity however he has taken it to a new level.

All jokes a-side, he was very lucky and this a warning to other stag parties celebrating in Newquay to only visit the cliffs whilst coasteering.

According to this article, Garry wasn’t messing around, he had just taken back to his hotel, a disabled member of the stag party and was walking back to the 20-strong stag group when he decided to take a slight detour and take a quick peek at the sea. He stepped over a 3ft fence and suddenly slipped on gravel and tumble 100 ft.

He woke up on the beach 4 hours later with the sea lapping at his feet and in total shock on what just happened. He managed to get to his feet and climb some old staircase leading out of the cove to find his mates, who put him straight into an ambulance for Truro hospital.

He told the Get Surrey reporter “It was only supposed to be a little trip to the beach, I just took a bit of a shortcut, anyone who knows me knows I’m a bit clumsy. I guess it was a typical Stag Do overall!”

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Newquay is the UK Hot Spot For Hen and Stags

3 Ladies in bikinis holding up surfboards on Newquay BeachThe Daily Star has put out an article stating that Newquay is the top destination in the UK to celebrate your hen and Stag Do.

With loads of pictures and great stories of real stag and hens in fancy dress, this really is a must see article if you are thinking of heading to Newquay on your stag or hen do.

We think the Daily Star is right, Newquay is a fantastic destination and when the weather is really good, Newquay competes with any of the Balearic Islands such as Ibiza and Majorca.

You will also see that fancy dress is almost compulsory with great images of sexy ladies and gents looking to cool for school.

However just remember if Newquay is not your thing there are plenty of other stag and hen destinations all around Britain which should meet your requirements, head over to our homepage for more details.

For loads of Stag Do Ideas in Newquay head to our Newquay stag do section, we also have similar hen party ideas in Newquay here.


I’m A Celebrity Stag Do Style

Whilst we watch the last few episodes of I’m A Celebrity have you considered taking part in your very own trials on a Newquay Stag Weekend.

Taking part in several tasks including Zip Wire, clambering up cliff faces, assault courses and your very own beach tucker trial.

We can’t guarantee Jessica Jane Clement will be there but we can guarantee an unforgettable stag event.

Newquay will then be your Jungle to explore for a wild night or two, sinking shots and enjoying the unique Cornish atmosphere.

The Newquay stag do package in question is called I’m a Sea-lebrity, and it is awesome.

Newquay Stag Do in Lift Drama

A Stag Do in Newquay escaped with minor injuries after a lift plummeted 100 feet from the lobby of their stag friendly hotel to the small cove below.

Six friends on a joint stag do just returned from a clay pigeon shooting trip found themselves in a near death experience when their lift got stuck between the first floor and the ground floor of their hotel. Once they had called for assistance engineers tried to manually ease it back to the lobby. The lift then dropped with the doors open a 100 feet to the small cove below.

Neil McCracken, one of the Grooms from Weybridge, Surrey, said: “Stag dos are supposed to be a bit of an adventure and a crazy time but we weren’t expecting this”.

“We got in the lift but it got stuck and they told us to be patient and tolerant and they’d wind it down and have us out. Then all of a sudden, with the doors still open, the lift suddenly started dropping. It went past one of the floors and just started gaining speed. We could see the wall flashing past. We realised something was pretty wrong and then it just went crash when it hit the bottom. We could see the sea at the end of the lift shaft the tide was coming in. It was pretty scary, we did not know whether we would drown trapped in this lift shaft. We were extremely worried. We were lucky no one was seriously hurt or killed and five of us managed to get to the pub as planned”.

They then had to contend with an incoming tide and feared they may drown as the doors were jammed shut and they could not escape the lift.

Over 80 sea and air rescuers where called out to free the men from the mangled lift. A coastguard agency spokesman said “It’s everyone worst nightmare when they get in a lift. It’s a miracle no-one was seriously hurt or killed.”

Only one of the stag group had to go to hospital with a torn muscle, the rest of the group managed to hit Newquay’s bar and clubs as planned!