JLS Stag Do Moves On To Miami

The JLS Stag Do as it’s named in the tabloids has now moved on from Las Vegas to Miami.

They have been pictured partying on a yacht with bikini clad women, drinking and generally having a fantastic time.

Marvin is also pictured having a message from one of the girls but I think Rochelle has nothing to worry about, as he actually looked quite awkward.

So to stop this stag do news blog sounding like a gossip magazine the boys look like they are having the mother of all stag dos.

Partying it up in Las Vegas, then moving on to a yacht in Miami, a stag do fit for a king.

We would like to wish Marvin and Rochelle all the luck in the world.

JLS Stag Do News Starting To Hot Up

The news and rumour mill of Marvin Hume’s (from the boy band JLS) stag do is starting to create loads of interest and headlines from the press and fans.

The Daily Star recently covered a story of his fellow band mates wanting to kidnap him and jet him off to a secret location blindfolded!

According to the star, Aston apprently told a reporter that Marvin will only know the dates, and everything else will be kept a secret in a military style operation.

There was also promise the stag do will be a Hangover 3!

Wow, if you have seen hangover 1 & 2, if this JLS stag do is going to be a sequel you better lock up all animals and close all local zoos!!

The press love a stag do, last year they went nuts for Prince William’s stag party, so I expect more of the same for Marvin, good luck mate.

Marvin From JLS Has Had his Stag Do Already Mapped Out

According to the Sun’s website Marvin Humes from the boy-band JLS got engaged to Rochelle Wiseman of The Saturdays on New Year’s Eve and already the other lads from JLS have mapped out his stag do.

I say mapped out, you will need an atlas for this stag do as the JLS boys intend to hire a private jet and fly Marvin around the US on a eight day stag do extravaganza, visiting their favourite clubs along the way.

Destinations include Las Vegas and Miami, with a ‘no expense spared cavalier attitude’ to their best mate’s last trip as a free man, and who can blame them!

Apparently they have already started competing to get the best beach body by jokingly saying ‘No Carbs before Marvs’ stag do.

This is taken from the BAFTA award winning show ‘The Only Way Is Essex’, when the most of the cast went on a stag do to Marbella in Spain and coined the saying no ‘Carbs before Marbs’.

We would like to wish Marvin and Rochelle all the luck in the world for the future.