Ideas For A Bournemouth Stag Do

What can I expect from a Bournemouth stag do? Well if there is one destination in the UK fit for a Stag Do, Bournemouth is the chosen one. The unique climate (warmest micro climates in the UK), fantastic nightlife and full on daytime activities, you can see why Bournemouth is so popular for a Stag […]

Bournemouth Stag Do

A Bournemouth Stag Do if you ask me is a weekend well spent. Gone are the days of the blue rinse brigade hitting the beaches of Bournemouth and then playing bridge in the hotel lobby whilst getting excited about the hotel entertainment featuring Gordon Bennett in the evening. These days Bournemouth is a party town […]

Stag Dos Head to the Beach in June 2011

There is no denying that the UK is currently going through a small drought and the weather men are even predicting a boiling hot June and July. So what do we Brits do when the sun is hot, we head to the beach. Bournemouth has 7 miles of glorious white sandy beaches which have a […]