Ideal Cabin Crew for a stag do

With so many stag dos going abroad these days, low cost airlines might be cheap but they are no fun!

We have found two airlines, which have increased the fun factor to tempt people on board.

Unfortunately they do not fly from the UK, but if they did they would probably get bombarded with stag do bookings.

Below I have included two links so you can watch the stewardess doing their thing.

The first link is for Mexicana airline where the stewardesses have done a saucy naked calendar to create awareness of their company and get more bookings in.

The second is where the cabin crew dance the safety talk. Most people don’t watch the safety talk as they may have seen it before or they are rummaging around their bag looking for an Ipod or book to read.

This is an ingenious way of getting people’s attention, watch and enjoy.

Cabin Crew Calendar

Cabin Crew Safety Dance