Fit the Best – Everest Stag Party

We are appealing to stag do parties that popped into the The Tan Hill Inn at the weekend who may of taken the famous Everest feather as a bit of fun or dare, to return it.

The Tan Hill Inn one of the highest pub some 1,732ft above sea level was the location of a piece of TV advertising history.

Let refresh your minds, if they go back that far; the late Ted Moult, a farmer and TV personality demonstrated how good Everest window products were by dropping a feather in front of a window in possibly the draughtiest pub in the UK as a gale raged outside. Viewers watched it fall vertically onto the sill

Owner of the Tan Hill Inn Tracey Daley told a reporter “I am gutted, I would say 85 per cent of our new customers at some point mention the advert, it’s a piece of TV history. People look at the picture and say, I remember that”.

Tracey has even offered a reward for the safe return if the plumage. So come on lads if you have taken it you’ve had your fun now show a bit of stag do Christmas spirit and return.