Stag and hen party night is child’s play

A primary school in Worcester staged a fake wedding, which included a hen and stag night with the idea that it would encourage their creative writing skills.

The pupils went bowling on their mock hen and stag party night, the bride got in to the spirit by wearing typical hen party apparel – L-plates!

The up and coming royal wedding apparently didn’t inspired this quirky wedding, the pupils voted for Callie age 5 to be the bride and Gethyn age 6 to play groom, the couple married in a moving ceremony at their church with a vicar, registrar and their parents watching as they pretended to tie the knot.

A Mercedes car was donated to take the bride and her father to church, the food and wedding cake for the reception were made for free by the parents and children

The children have been learning about everything from invitations to how to book a honeymoon.

They were given tasks from designing table decorations and the wedding dress to organising the stag and hen party to a wedding breakfast and reception. The wedding cake was lovely and the speeches went down a treat

They voted on what kind of honeymoon they would like a beach resort won because it was hot and to travel to church by car, as it was quick.

The school defended its choice to stage this mock wedding amongst a barrage of fury from Christian and education campaigners, advising that the pupil’s experiences were educational and would help them with their writing skills.

Ideal Cabin Crew for a stag do

With so many stag dos going abroad these days, low cost airlines might be cheap but they are no fun!

We have found two airlines, which have increased the fun factor to tempt people on board.

Unfortunately they do not fly from the UK, but if they did they would probably get bombarded with stag do bookings.

Below I have included two links so you can watch the stewardess doing their thing.

The first link is for Mexicana airline where the stewardesses have done a saucy naked calendar to create awareness of their company and get more bookings in.

The second is where the cabin crew dance the safety talk. Most people don’t watch the safety talk as they may have seen it before or they are rummaging around their bag looking for an Ipod or book to read.

This is an ingenious way of getting people’s attention, watch and enjoy.

Cabin Crew Calendar

Cabin Crew Safety Dance

Winter Stag Dos

As we hit a cold spell and winter firmly sets in whats the best thing to do if I want to book a late stag do?

Well, first of all don’t panic, as this would make you look a bit of a drama queen so get a grip.

If you don’t fancy venturing outside then there is always indoor karting, laser quest, indoor five a side football or indoor archery in London.

If you fancy a bit of a tipple, cider-tasting afternoon in Bristol will keep the stag group happy and jolly. You can then head out for the night around Bristol, with its abundance of bars and clubs you will be happier then a cat with free cream coupons.

If you just want to get stuck in mud and are not scared of the cold then there is nothing better then quad biking through streams and mud, clay pigeon shooting with steaming hot toddies or paintball in the snow.

Whatever you decide this winter, DesignaVenture have loads of offers to tempt you from your mundane day to day life.

Try Something Different on your Stag Do

Most stag do organisers want to do something different to what they did last year or last month depending on how popular you are!

So below I have collated a few packages from the DesignaVenture website to give you an idea of what’s our there.

Why not try a Stag Do on a Yacht? You can hire a yacht and skipper from Portsmouth and sail around the Solent before docking on the Isle of Wight for a night out.

If you have the sponds why not charter your very own Jet and fly to a fantastic European stag destination or somewhere in the UK from a local airport of your choice, just think the luxury of not going cattle class!!

If you have the need to take your stag party to Riga and want to do an activity impossible to do in the UK then Cool Running Riga is the package for you. Taken from the film the activity included in this fantastic package is Bobsleigh. In the winter this is done on Ice and in the summer on wheels.

Sledging and sky diving on the same weekend seems impossible, doing both of these activities in the UK sounds like DesignaVenture are going crazy, however take it from me this package called Sledge & Dive Weekend in Milton Keynes is real and ready to book.

I will be sharing more crazy and different stag weekends in a couple of posts time.

Prince William hits Blackpool on a stag do

Prince William seems to be always getting a mention in our stag do news, however this time it’s not all about him but one of his close mates Blackpool stag do trip.

The notoriously infamous hen party and stag do seaside resort of Blackpool on the northwest coast of the UK hosted Prince William and 15 of his friends

The Stag party in honour of Patrick Valentine a city financier, broke away from a shooting weekend in the Yorkshire dales to watch the football Premiership’s smallest club, Blackpool town beat Wolves 2 – 1.

After downing bottles of beers and sipping champagne they all tucked into sausage and mash before joining in with the home fans for chants of “Seaside Barmy Army” and “Glad All Over”.

The stag group then hit the bright lights of Blackpool and visiting the Pleasure Beach theme park, which remained open, an hour after the public had left especially for the stag party.

The stag group were planning to stay in Blackpool for a night of stag frivolity but their security had other ideas so the evening was cut short and it’s thought that the stag party headed back to the shooting lodge.

Harry must organise the Stag Do

I know this is the second article we have written on the up and coming Royal Stag Do in just two days but hey this is the UK, love or hate the Monarchy they are part of our lives.

We are almost 90% sure Prince William will ask Prince Harry to be his best man, and the most important best man duty is organising the Stag Do.

So in answer to many tweets requesting that Prince Harry must organise his stag do we think this is inevitable.

If Prince Harry wants great stag do ideas then look no further then DesignaVenture, they are the leading stag do organisers in the UK and customer care including data protection is top of their agenda, so keeping shtoom is second nature.

The Royal Stag Do

It’s now been 3 days since Prince William and Kate Middleton have announced their plans to get wed, what about his stag do I hear you ask?

Well if Prince Harry has anything to do with it I think it will be raucous, risqué and a riot, after all he was famed for dressing up as a Nazi at a previous do.

The last stag do Prince William was on included drinking lager through a hosepipe and doing the famous “Pedro’s Cowes Tour” on the Isle of Wight. There was also lots of grainy phone video going around the net.

The Royals are no strangers to the British institute of having a damn good stag do. Prince Andrew thought he escaped everyone’s attention and held his stag party at Lord Lascelles place in Notting Hill, the police finally caught up with him, I say the police it was more like Fergie’s hen party all dressed up like the old bill.

Then there was his Grandfather, Prince Philip, a couple of days before he wedded Her Majesty the Queen he entertained a few of his Naval colleagues at the Dorchester organised by Commander Mike Parker.

The stag party posed for a group photograph with the press and once the flash bulbs went off and on Parker’s command they were are all thrown at the wall so no more pictures could be taken*. He was then safe in his own privacy and able to get on it.

Whatever Prince William decides to do I wish him all the privacy in the world.

*Cameras in those days had huge flash bulbs separated from the camera with just a wire, in low light the cameras are useless.

Stag Parties absolutely love Riga

Where? I hear you ask, what’s so special about Riga then? Is it somewhere I should be holding my stag do?

Well let me enlighten you, Riga is the capital of Latvia 2 hours north east of the UK During the summer months it’s hot and in the winter it’s bloody freezing.

In answer to your second question, a pint of premium lager or beer is just £1.50. But that’s not all, stag dos love Riga because of what the city has to offer.

Fantastic activities, which include bobsleigh, quad biking, karting, firearms shooting – yes real guns including hand guns and pump action shot guns, chilling on yachts with some beers, snowmobile safari, guided bar crawls….the list goes on and on check out DesignaVenture’s stag activities in Riga page for a summary of what’s what in Riga.

Riga’s hospitality is also second to none, when you book a stag package through DesignaVenture you will be picked up from the airport by your groups personal female guide, who will escort you on all your activities and excursions that you book.

You guide will help you cover every inch of the amazing nightlife in Riga, ensuring that you do not miss out on the best bars, pubs and clubs. Like the London Cabbies ~ they have the knowledge.

In answer to your third question, YES – So book Riga for 2011, give DesignaVenture a call with any questions you may have they give great stag do advice, support and great customer care!

Mask up for your Christmas Party

Be bang on trend by causing a stir with a celebrity masks for this years Christmas party.

Turn up as an X Factor or Britain’s Got Talent judge or a Top Gear or Strictly Come Dancing presenter or even The Apprentice’s top dog Lord Sugar.

Whichever celebrities you fancy being DesignaVenture has the face mask to spice up your Christmas party.

Play a prank on the boss and if he’s a Liverpool supporter get him a Frank Lampard for his boat race or if he’s not to keen on the Tories get him a David Cameron mask.

If you “”don’t believe it!” why not turn up in a Victor Meldrew old gits face mask, maybe you are part of a double act at work, Ant & Dec masks should do the trick or if you have a spare Mankini get the Borat mask, you will certainly be cool on a cold winters evening!

DesignaVenture’s celebrity mask are available for purchase for just £3.75 each to find out more please telephone 01432 830880 or email

Stag dos abroad

Stag Dos abroad have gone mad, it’s that time of year when the Low Cost Airlines have brought out their prices for the great stag do destinations Europe and beyond have to offer.

DesignaVenture have put together some of the best abroad stag packages money can buy, using their expertise and knowledge to create outstanding stag weekends that Rock.

“We always advise our groups to book an escorted bar crawl for the first night as this helps the group get their bearings and introduces them to the best bars and clubs in town” a stag do organiser from DesignaVenture advised me.

DesignaVenture not only organises your accommodation, and activities they can also organise your flights and airport transfers which makes them unique in the stag organisers world.

They are also ATOL bonded which protects your money, keeping you contented that you have booked with the best company in town.