If you are looking for a fantastic stag do destination, which has everything you want and more, get yourselves to Edinburgh.

The nightlife in Edinburgh is simply awesome, there are more bars then you can get around and if you need more time, the closing times in some pubs are somewhat relaxed to say the least.

If you need something to keep the boys from all day drinking on the Saturday then you will be over the moon on what’s on offer.

From usual stag activities such as Rage Buggies, Quad Biking and paintball to the best white water rafting in the UK to cliff jumping and the ever popular highland games.

If you came to sample a wee dram then the numerous Distillery Tours on offer will keep even the hardened Whisky drinker happy.

What’s that about keeping the stag party from drinking all day?

Well, you are in Scotland!

Popular Stag Destinations, This Time Edinburgh

No matter how you get up or down to Edinburgh you are assured of a fantastic stag weekend.

The nightlife in Edinburgh is certainly a massive attraction. Explore the Grassmarkets for great bars and restaurants, the West End for amazing clubs and around The Royal Mile for fantastic pubs.

Head to the highlands for the best white water rafting in the UK, or try out Cliff Jumping to get a true adrenalin rush.

Also available in and around Edinburgh are Whisky Distillery Tours, Honda Pilots, Rage Buggies, Paintball, Quad Biking and the unique Highland Games.

In my opinion Edinburgh is an amazing stag destination and whilst you and your mates are all getting married make sure one stag weekend is in Edinburgh.

An Edinburgh Stag Do

A stag do in Edinburgh has so much going for it, this why this fantastic Capital is the most popular stag destination in Scotland.

The Highlands are nearby, giving you massive stag activity choices, from the best white water rafting in the UK to quad biking and pistol shooting.

And if the adrenalin style stag activities don’t tickle your snifter, then how about a whisky tasting tour or cocktail making in one of Edinburgh’s best cocktail bars, well you are in Scotland!

The nightlife is good, the nightlife is very good, judging from the DesignaVenture customer comments, hens and stags love this city’s clubs and bars.

From the Royal Mile, down to the Grassmarkets and then taking in the West End, you’ll need 3 nights at least.

So if you are pondering on a top stag destination, Edinburgh should be at the top of your list.

Stag Do Ideas For The Braveheart

Edinburgh is one of the top stag do destinations in the UK, with so much going on day and night you will wonder why you haven’t been before.

Full on adrenaline fuelled stag do activities await you when you get there including the best white water rafting site in the UK, a Rage Buggies and quad biking site which will knock your socks off and some of the best paintballing money can buy.

But hey, if you would prefer something a bit more chilled then a brewery tour around some of Scotland’s finest distilleries should be on your itinerary, learn how to taste whisky, I have and haven’t looked back (that’s because I can’t remember too much).

At night, this capital stag party city comes into it’s own with great clubs, fantastic lap dancing venues and pubs that close at 6am and then reopen and 7am, what do they do for that hour?

Whatever floats your boat I am pretty sure a stag do in Edinburgh will keep you from capsizing.

Edinburgh Is a Top Stag Do Destination

Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland has to be one of the best stag do destinations within the 4 seas of this great island we call Britain.

Near the top, Edinburgh surprisingly has a good climate and less rain then many parts of the UK.

But I know you are not reading this for a geography lesson, you are saying that’s very well and good and that, but what can I do whilst on a stag do.

Well let me tell you, some of the best white water rafting Britain has to offer, some of the most dangerous Rage buggying known to man, some terrifying cliff jumping and if you just want to sit back and catch up with mates a thousand and one pubs (don’t quote me on that, but Edinburgh does have an unbelievable amount of pubs per head).

The fringe festival in August has to be one of the funniest comedy months of the year so if you plan on going in August, book early.

Loads of activities, fantastic late nightlife with a great atmosphere, Edinburgh really is a great stag do choice.