Stag Dos in March

What should we do on a Stag Do in March?

Good questions Derrick, here are some amazing stag Do ideas for you and your geeky mates:

White water rafting which ever country you party in is a good call. Loads of frothing water from melting snow and spring showers, and White Water Rafting is the perfect hangover cure, forget alka seltzer.

Quad biking is great fun and when you throw in mud and water you got yourself an awesome activity. Thrash across fields, climb steep inclines and hope for the best through rivers, making quad biking a perfect Stag Do activity for March.

Don’t want to get muddy but still want fast, furious and competitive action? Then indoor karts is a great choice, the new breed of indoor karts are faster, sleeker and have the acceleration to bout. These circuits are all computerised, giving you up to the minute standings and who has done the fastest lap.

Man Canyoning Stag Do ActivityThere is one activity which has been created only for the hardiest of stag parties, Canyoning. Walking up a raging river which has cut through a rock creating a the perfect playground for exploring and activities for the daring. Jump into deep pools from ledges as high as 60 foot (the high ones totally optional), shoot down slides created by Mother Nature and climb rock faces with nothing below except a raging river.

If none of the above wet your whistle and you just want some full on madness, then you can’t go wrong with the Stag Do favourite of Rage Buggies, in my mind a perfect motorised activity for a group of speed hungry men.

So if you need some Stag Do Ideas for March, head over to the stag do section of the DesignaVenture website and get your fix.