Stag Activities in Bristol

Bristol has all the makings for an awesome stag weekend, need more convincing? Lets take a closer look.

So why has Bristol become such a popular stag destination?

Just having a quick look at the stag activities on offer in Bristol which includes racing Rage Buggies, shooting clays, thrashing around on Quad Bikes, taking part in the West Country Games, flying Hovercrafts, Canyoning, the list is impressive and that is just skimming the surface.

Apart from the amazing stag activities on offer, Bristol is also a laid back city with gyrating nightlife and a city centre oozing with coolness.

Take a trip down to the waterside for bars and restaurants overlooking the docks, full to the brim with party goers and an atmosphere that picks you up and gives you a nice warm hug.

You then have the old cobbled centre of Bristol with great clubs, bars and restaurants giving your stag weekend a different taste to this great West Country city.

Whilst in Bristol go cider tasting (when in Rome and all that) or let your hair down at the infamous Bristol Bierkeller or learn the art of cocktail making.

Whatever happens on your Bristol Stag Do, I am absolutely positive you’ll return to this fantastic city for another go!