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Organising Tips - Age of the Groomzilla

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The Age of the Groomzilla

The bridezilla, the one who becomes demanding, spoilt and downright evil who rages on to her 'husband to be' about her impending wedding, is a well-known stereotype. But now the newest witchy wedding whiners are not the brides, but the grooms. Enter The Groomzilla.

At what point does an otherwise normal man, with the typical dismissive male attitude towards his own wedding, suddenly become so infatuated with a trivial wedding decision, like the invitation font choice and colour, that he is willing to throttle his own mother rather than back down from his font of choice?

Most Groomzilla may not be so concerned about the flowers and favours, but he is obsessed with spreadsheeted budgets and cost cutting solutions. He doesn’t so much want to plan the wedding as to oversee its planning.

Whereas a decade ago many men limited their input to the choice of DJ for the reception, growing numbers are now getting involved with everything from seating plans and table decorations to wedding-cake design and keepsakes for guests.

One plausible reason for the rise in Groomzillas is many of them are paying large sums of money towards their special day, whereas previously it was traditional for the bride’s family to foot the bill.

To help prevent your fiancé turning in to a Groomzilla,  divert his attention away from the wedding organizing by asking him what dates he is thinking of having his stag night or even better stag weekend.  Invite the bestman round for supper and then point them in the direction of the DesignaVenture website.

Let them wile away the hours choosing where they fancy going for his stag party, then of course they’ll need to choose the type of stag do they’re after ~ a full on action packed stag weekend or a more chilled out stag do, with so many stag night ideas he should be occupied for weeks.

And then there’s which friends to invite, oh it just goes on and on, he should be well and truly out of your hair.

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